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BPM Analytics Services

Visualize, analyze, and integrate the power of big data into your business processes for higher growth and favorable returns

Today's challenging marketplace and competitive business conditions require predictive metrics to gauge the success and efficiency of business processes. Relying on historical measures to gauge business success is a thing of the past. For undeterred business growth, it has become imperative to focus on the right KPIs to drive business success.

At Flatworld Solutions, we leverage the power of big data and metric-driven methodology to help you understand the exact functioning and performance of different business processes within the organization. Our customized business process management (BPM) tools and deep domain expertise help to improve your key business metrics, strengthening your organization's bottom line and profitability.

BPM Analytics Services We Offer

We offer end-to-end data analytics solutions and consultancy services to help you transform your process operations, optimize the organization's workflow, and increase business agility for unmatched performance and results. Our BPM experts use advanced data analytics tools and techniques to design, build, and modify your business processes and operations for maximum growth and profitability.

Our range of BPM analytics services include -

  1. Sales and Market Analytics

    Sales and Market Analytics

    We help you gain exact insights into the performance of your products and services to increase your market share. By tracking your campaigns, analyzing their click-through rate, and understanding your customer behavior and new KPIs, we help you enhance your product pricing and specifications, to let you effectively meet your customers' unique needs and demands and capitalize on all cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

  2. Supply Chain Analytics

    Supply Chain Analytics

    We use your existing supply chain data to analyze risks and chalk out a corrective action plan. This helps you to manage your inventory, reduce uncertainty in supply chains, bring down operating costs, and enhance customer loyalty through unique customer service capabilities.

  3. Procurement Analytics

    Procurement Analytics

    Our BPM specialists use the power of big data to provide your procurement team with useful insights in regards to both sourcing as well as spend to save procurement costs and improve the bottom line. We not only help you simplify the buying process but also give you a holistic view of your procurement unit for best performance.

  4. Services Analytics

    Services Analytics

    We help your customer service team gain a deep insight into customer behavior, their needs, and preferences to improve your service, revenue, and performance.

  5. Human Resource Analytics

    Human Resource Analytics

    We help you improve your recruitment process. By providing deep industry insight into the hire-to-retire cycle, we help you accurately understand your employee requirements, bring down your employee hiring costs, improve employee satisfaction, and incorporate the right tools and processes to improve the functioning of your HRMS system.

  6. Analytics and Reporting

    Analytics and Reporting

    Make data-based decisions through our power-packed analytics and reporting tools. Our expert BPM specialists can help you set a powerful reporting and analytics infrastructure to monitor consumption, spend, and profits for effective decision making.

  7. Finance and Accounting Analytics

    Finance and Accounting Analytics

    We provide expert finance and accounting analytics services to help you effectively regulate your company's financial needs. By providing you complete information about cash flow, we can help you assess your profit margins, strengthen your company's financial position, improve returns on investment, and help meet all kinds of regulatory and compliance requirements.

Benefits of BPM Analytics Services

Our BPM analytics services focus on improving the business outcomes of different units within an organization to unlock the true potential of a business. Our team of in-house experts uses data extraction and advanced statistics to analyze and forecast trends, enhance business processes and drive improvements where needed. Our BPM analytics services can help you -

 Gain deep business insights to improve and enhance the performance and functioning of various departments, and organization as a whole
 Reduce the processing cost by eliminating redundancies, optimizing workflow, and streamlining business operations
 Understand and respond to your customers' unique needs and demands
 Create efficient, solution-based solutions and approach
 Re-engineer products and services to improve customer experience
 Transform your organization's internal processes and systems
 Add value to the supply chain

Our BPM Analytics Process

Flatworld Solutions is India's leading BPM analytics services providing company. Over the years, we have helped numerous companies improve their business processes by providing them end-to-end business process management solutions and services. We use world-renowned technologies to reduce both inter and intra-department chaos and bring about a holistic business process improvement.

Our BPM analytics process has the following key steps -


01. Analyzing

We analyze your current business models to understand their functioning and evaluate changes and/or modifications required


02. Designing

Our BPM experts then use the power of data analytics to build a cohesive business process model that should ideally exist


03. Model

Our team then tests the new models under different scenarios to list down changes required, if any


04. Implement

We then implement our models into your processes and include standardization and process automation for the best results


05. Optimization

We continue to work with your team to regularly monitor and optimize your business processes for best performance and seamless functioning

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource BPM Analytics Services to Flatworld Solutions?

We, at Flatworld Solutions, are a leading BPM analytics service provider in India with a global footprint. With more than 20 years of rich experience in the industry, we have all the knowledge and required skillsets to help companies streamline their business processes, improve their service efficiencies, and enhance their core competencies. We are backed by an ardent and knowledgeable team of expert analysts and business process management professionals who are well versed with all business optimization and automation tools and technologies and can help you scale up your operations, expand your business capacities, and improve your bottom lines.

Outsource BPM analytics services to us and enjoy -

  • Pocket-friendly Prices and Plans

    Our BPM analytics services are highly affordable. We help you streamline, transform, and expand your business operations and their capacities at a price that suits your pocket.

  • Comprehensive Use of Advanced Technologies

    Our team is powered by next-gen technologies and industry-leading tools and techniques that help them extract, visualize, analyze, and generate advanced statistics to streamline business processes and forecast future trends and patterns.

  • Instant Access to Thousands of Certified Business Analysts

    We are proud of having some of the best minds in the industry. Our in-house business analysts are experts in their trade and have years of experience and deep domain expertise. By utilizing their expertise in data extraction, visualization and modeling, they can help you anticipate industry trends and bring every business context to life.

  • Comprehensive Use of Metric-Driven Methodology

    We follow a comprehensive metric-driven approach to understand various business processes and drive improvements and enhance their functioning for your organization's success and growth.

  • Customized Service Approach

    We customize all our products and services as per your organization's needs and requirements. So, whether you want to leverage our expert BPM analytics services for a single process or the successful functioning of your entire organization, we tailor our services as per your requirements.

  • Complete Data Security

    Your business data is crucial and highly confidential, and we respect your privacy. That's why we follow stringent data encryption norms while processing your data and ensure that it stays protected and fully encrypted at all times. We never share your data with anyone without your prior consent.

  • 24/7 Support and Assistance

    Our global delivery centers operate 24/7, 365 days a year. This helps us provide quick and hassle-free services to all our customers. Our round-the-clock available customer service executives ensure timely resolution of all your queries and concerns.

Client Success Stories

FWS Designed Plugin to Convert NoSQL to SQL Built Predictive Algorithm for a US Restaurant Chain

Flatworld Designed a Plugin to Convert NoSQL to SQL and Developed a Predictive Algorithm for a US Restaurant Chain

We helped a US restaurant chain by optimizing the management of its unstructured data from SQL to the NoSQL data system. We also developed a generic predictive analysis model to deal with unstructured data held in the database.

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FWS Provided Data Integration and Advanced Analytics to a Top Indian Bank

Flatworld Provided Data Integration and Advanced Analytics Services to a Top Indian Bank

We provided data integration and advanced analytics to a leading Indian Bank. The client had a large amount of structured data that was slowing down the system and increasing the operating expense. Our team established an analytics workbench and integrated the streaming of unstructured data.

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Outsource BPM Analytics Services to Flatworld Solutions

Improve your service efficiencies and enhance your core competencies with Flatworld Solutions' BPM analytics services. Our end-to-end data analytics and process optimization solutions can help you scale up your existing processes, achieve operational excellence, fasten your delivery cycles, and improve your customers' experience and reach. So, whether you want to identify new product ideas or streamline your existing operations or service delivery cycles, BPM experts at Flatworld Solutions can help you bridge the gap between data and reality so that you can enhance your customer experience and boost your sales.

So let's automate and transform your business processes! Simply let us know your area of interest and we'll get in touch with you to help you unleash the true potential of data and analytics for unmatched success.

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