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Data Modeling Services

If you want to create a data model suitable for your information system, outsource data modeling services to Flatworld at cost-effective rates starting at just $6/hour

Data modeling is a very useful operation that helps in conceptualizing data, resulting in improved data quality. When you build or use a data model, it helps in leveraging many of the database features that increase the efficiency of data management. Pretty much like having a blueprint of a house helps in better construction, data modeling is a kind of blueprint that helps build software, apps, and manage database with higher efficiency. Another reason why so many companies outsource data modeling services is that it helps in reducing the costs involved in projects. While data modeling is a cost-saving step, when you outsource data modeling services instead of hiring a full-time employee, you're cutting costs further.

Flatworld Solutions is an experienced data modeling service providing company that has helped hundreds of clients in organizing their data so that it can be used readily and more methodically as a result of being well-ordered. Poorly designed data can waste your time, cost you millions, and may also result in business failure in the worst-case scenario. We help you avoid all these red flags, thus accelerating your growth with our data modeling services.

Data Modeling Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions offers a range of data modeling services that can help you organize your data and figure out the relationships between different sets of data. Whether you have to handle vast amounts of data or a limited amount of data, we provide customized data analysis and modeling solutions that are perfectly tailored for your business.

Here are the several data modeling services that we provide -

  1. Development Services

    Development Services

    We work with a team of specialized data modeling experts who understand your business, data, and other details to develop a data model as per your requirements. While we develop the right kind of data model for your business, we also help your team in understanding and gaining the needed knowledge about the data model. Here are some of the data models that we build -

    • Entity Relationship Modeling
    • Data Vault Modeling
    • Business Modeling
    • Dimensional Modeling
  2. Mentoring and Consultancy Services

    Mentoring and Consultancy Services

    We also provide data modeling consulting and mentoring services so that our clients who plan to build or create their data model and utilize it can be provided required help, guidance, advice, and support.

  3. Multiple Level Data Modeling

    Multiple Level Data Modeling

    We offer multiple level data modeling services to clients who want to form data hierarchy and distribute or break data into various levels for a clearer understanding of data whenever required.

  4. Quality Assurance Services

    Quality Assurance Services

    If you have a data model created by your in-house team, we can also help by providing quality assurance services that aim at reviewing data models. With this analysis, we give you the best advice and recommendations to make your data models better.

Verticals That We Have Worked With

There are several verticals that handle a large number of data, and any such industry requires data modeling services. Data modeling services are useful to a range of verticals and industries, and companies have been making use of data modeling services for a long time to handle their data in a strategic way. While we have worked time and again with the below-given verticals which have enriched us with experience and expertise, we are open to working with other verticals as well. Please contact us for advanced data modeling services for your business.

We have the capability to provide data modeling services to all possible industries. Here are some of the most popular verticals we have worked with -



















Software and IT

Software and IT

Travel and Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Data Modeling Services?

Flatworld Solutions is a data modeling service provider that works with a variety of specialists and professionals who are exceptional performers with an impressive track record. This allows us to offer high-quality data modeling services and a range of other benefits so that businesses that collaborate with us are completely satisfied with our services.

Here are a few reasons why you should outsource data modeling services to Flatworld Solutions -

  • Affordability

    Data modeling services at Flatworld Solutions are offered at a very affordable price. We understand your requirements and come up with a customized plan and offer you data modeling services at flexible rates based on your plan so that you don't have to pay any additional costs.

  • Data Security

    We deal with large amounts of data and understand that our work comes with the responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality and offering complete data security. We comply with international data security standards. We are an ISO certified company, which adds more trust and authenticity to our services. When you opt for our data modeling services, you can be completely confident about the security of your data.

  • State-of-Art Infrastructure

    We deploy the best tools and work with the latest systems to offer you professional-grade data modeling services. We have been a part of this industry for decades and have built an impressive infrastructure that we keep updating regularly so that we can provide you high-quality data modeling services.

  • Single Point of Contact for High-Quality Services

    It can get very confusing if you have queries and you're connected with a different consultant every time. This is why, as we begin our planning and implementation, we assign a project manager for your project. If you have queries, confusions, or want to receive regular updates about the status of the project, you can contact the project manager for access to the required info.

  • Round-the-Clock Assistance

    If you need any information related to our data modeling services or other lines of services, you can always contact our customer help service assistants. You can reach us any time from different time-zones and different places from all over the world. We promise to reach back within a short while.

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We successfully converted a large volume of PDF files into the MS Excel format very quickly.

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We are very satisfied with FWS's quality of service. They have met our requests with great professionalism, efficiency, and reliability.

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Outsource Data Modeling Services to Flatworld Solutions

An efficient data model that suits your business can help serve as a map that explains the data and what it means to each stakeholder in your business. Handling data can be painstaking and complicated, and for business owners who have so many other operations to handle, it is best to outsource data modeling services to a professional data modeling company. Data modeling services require absolute attention and specific knowledge about data models and how they are built. Flatworld Solutions helps businesses in designing as well as mentoring data modeling processes.

We understand how important it is for you to have a well-designed data model. Our team of professional data modeling service providers gains a complete understanding of your business to make sure that our data modeling services benefit you in every way and help you grow exponentially. With our reasonable data modeling services, big and small-scale businesses can collaborate with us and be benefitted from our services.

Contact us now and give your business the kind of data model that has the potential to make data management easy and convenient for you.


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