Outsource Back-office Automation for Insurance Companies

Back-office Automation for Insurance Companies

Outsource insurance back-office automation to Flatworld Solutions. Streamline repetitive tasks, scale-up complex processes, and improve your bottom line with our customized services. Prices start at just $8/hour!

Struggling with tedious back-office tasks, outdated legacy systems, and manual methods? Are deep time sinks, reduced customer satisfaction, and increased overhead costs hindering your growth in the insurance industry? Automate your back-office with our advanced RPA solutions. Flatworld Solutions offers customized back-office automation using AI to global clients. We have the technical expertise to build customized AI and RPA-based solutions for large agencies and insurance carriers.

Our insurance back-office process automation enables you to streamline your data from multiple systems, process it quickly, eliminate human errors, and minimize operational risks. Our initiative to implement RPA for insurance company involves leveraging advanced tools and platforms to facilitate the implementation of artificial intelligence for insurance processes. If you are considering back-office automation using AI, your search ends here. We offer highly efficient robotic process automation for insurance companies at reasonable rates.

Insurance Back-office Process Automation Services We Offer

At Flatworld Solutions, we strive to offer quick and accurate services of intelligent process automation for insurance companies. Some of the intelligent insurance automation solutions we offer include -

  1. Claims Processing Automation

    Claims Processing Automation

    We process large volumes of claims data swiftly and accurately using RPA bots. It helps you to respond to your customers instantly when they file their claims.

  2. RPA Bots for Underwriting

    RPA Bots for Underwriting

    Our RPA bots collect data from multiple sources and present it on underwriting dashboards. Underwriters can use this data to evaluate the medical history of the applicants and suggest appropriate healthcare policies to them.

  3. Automated Data and Form Processing

    Automated Data and Form Processing

    We use RPA and OCR technologies to quickly and accurately process numerous insurance back-office forms related to policy issuance, customer onboarding, claims processing, medical information, and more.

  4. Compliance Automation

    Compliance Automation

    We automate tasks such as generating regulatory reports, dispersing account closure notifications and validating customer information to help you improve your regulatory compliance.

  5. Policy Management Automation

    Policy Management Automation

    Our intelligent automation for insurance company solutions includes policy management. We provide easy-to-use platforms that enable you to streamline and speed up data collection across various customer touchpoints.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Back-office Automation for Insurance to Flatworld Solutions?

We use cutting-edge back-office automation tools and software to provide back-office automation for insurance companies. When you outsource back-office automation for insurance to us, you get the following paybacks -

  • Flexible Pricing Model

    We provide quick and accurate insurance back-office automation at reasonable rates. With us, you will only pay for what you use.

  • Global Delivery Centers

    We have a well-established network of global delivery centers to provide intelligent insurance automation solutions, , which assures accurate and compliant services for insurance companies across the world.

  • Cutting-edge Tools and Platforms

    We leverage highly advanced RPA and AI-based intelligent platforms to automate routine insurance tasks with great accuracy to provide complete back-office transformation for insurance company.

  • Skilled and Experienced Team

    Our skilled technical experts are adept in insurance back-office tasks and deliver intelligent insurance back-office solutions that precisely cater to your requirements.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Policy Checking Services for a US-based Insurance Service Provider

FWS Provided Policy Checking Services for a US-based Insurance Service Provider

Flatworld Solutions fully scrutinized policies for a US client because the client was overwhelmed by policy backlog as soon as they expanded.

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FWS Streamlined Back-office Solutions for a California-based Client

FWS Streamlined Back-office Solutions for a California-based Client

A based out of US client suffered from an unforeseen bottleneck triggered by business growth. Flatworld optimized the back-office functions by becoming cognizant of their concerns.

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We enjoy working with Flatworld and find the entire team to be very responsive and detail-oriented when it comes to following our policy checking instructions and also identifying new policy forms.

Risk Management and Property & Casualty Insurance Brokerage, PA, USA
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Outsource Insurance Back-office Automation to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has been serving clients in the insurance sector for over 20 years now. Our all-inclusive suite of insurance services has helped numerous clients across the globe to streamline their processes and improve the bottom line. We have automation experts who deliver comprehensive RPA and AI-powered automation solutions to cater to your insurance back-office needs.

If you want to leverage intelligent solutions to automate your insurance back-office management, connect with us now.

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