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When it comes to an insurance carrier receiving new business setup information directly from the client, the problems in obtaining this information accurately can be endless in the beginning. From not receiving accurate exposure information such as payroll and employee counts for worker's compensation policies, to blank building information and inaccurate figures for total business personal property; things can quickly begin to consume large amounts of time for the carrier.

Trying to reach back out to the client and get the correct or additional information and at the same time, provide the client with an accurate and competitive quote, can seem overbearing. Some of the difficulties may not stop there. When a carrier has a busy client sending in pieces of additional information, there could be a lot of waiting around.

Insurance Back-office Support

Who Will Benefit from Flatworlds Insurance Back-office Support - Flatworld Solutions

We here at Flatworld Solutions have come up with a resolution to these very common carrier-client issues. We can streamline this process for an insurance carrier and handle the information collection from the client and prepare an insurance quote on the carrier's behalf; including entering in client data into the quoting software. This will assist a carrier in setting up new business much more efficiently.

New Business Setup Services We Offer

  • Receiving quote request from the clients
  • Data entry to the quoting tool
  • Sending the quote or no quote to the clients
  • Setting up new customers in the system
  • Receiving and indexing documents for easy retrieval, when required

Insurance Software we use

Vertafore Nexsure Aspire InsurancePro HawkSoft Agency Matrix Applied Agency Management Newton Agency Solution Agency Systems Insly SEMCAT A1 Tracker Jenesis Agent & Broker Software (ABS) SIBRO 1app - C2MS Insurance Software AgencyIntel QQCatalyst Intuit QuickBooks LoanAssistant Sage BytePro CheckMark MultiLedger Lending Pro Software Calyx Software Encompass360 Mortgage Lens EverString Infer RADIUS Board Statistica Decisioning Platform SAS Advanced Analytics IBM SPSS HALO Analytics

Streamlined Process for Setting up a New Business

If any insurance business setup company has served diverse client requirements for a decade or so, it signifies that the business is doing something profoundly correct. We have been in the business for 20 years and are seasoned office solutions experts specializing in business setup for insurance carriers and insurance agencies, and tote a proven track record of streamlining the sometimes mundane insurance business startup process. To date, Flatworld Solutions has setup offices around 20 cities around the globe and are constantly growing into new cities.

Our infrastructure allows us to set up new business accounts for the carriers efficiently, allowing them to save much needed time. No matter how many request the carrier has for starting a new business, our methods are designed to handle large amounts of data entry and quoting with great accuracy. With our state of the art business model, our company ethics and the value we put on cyber security, we are fully equipped to handle and process any new business sensitive insurance data.

Benefits of Outsourcing New Business Setup to Us

Flatworld Solutions networks with insurance carriers from all over the world in places such as Spain, Brazil, US, Canada, Australia, UK and Ireland just to name a few. We help them become more efficient in the handling of new business setups. The amount of time we save for carriers to get back, can be refocused to other "next step processes" such as getting the client welcome packs out the door and on the client's doorstep.

We understand how important it is to get these packages to the carrier's clients with a quick and efficient turnaround. Helping our carriers focus on other needed tasks, helps them leave an amazing first impression with a new client as the two embark on a promising and long-term relationship together.

Outsourcing Benefits Recapped

  • Save time by not having to track down missing information from clients
  • Enjoy a smooth running, cost efficient system that allows you to use it often
  • Get new business processed and in the system much faster
  • Help clients' get their welcome packages out to their clients faster
  • Make a huge first impression on a new client

Hire Us for New Business

It is never fun for a carrier to receive a new business package from a client, only to page through it for processing, as in most cases there will be some vital information missing. The application could say four locations, but only two addresses would be provided. The 'year the primary building was built' would say 9999, and the VIN numbers for each vehicle would miss entirely.

It is items like these that will need someone like Flatworld Solutions to go and collect. This will mean less incomplete new business folders piling up on the underwriter's desk. When a carrier hires Flatworld Solutions, we handle all the backend processes and will deliver complete information each time, the first time!

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