Outsource ACORD Forms Processing Services

ACORD Forms Processing Services

Choose Flatworld Solutions for your ACORD Forms Processing Services and get reliable, trustworthy and high-quality services at prices starting from as low as $8/hour

Do you, as an organization, deal with a high quantity of ACORD forms? Since ACORD forms processing usually requires enormous manpower and other resources, businesses can face issues related to costs, accuracy, and time. To overcome these issues, it's beneficial to outsource ACORD forms processing to a competent and professional third-party service provider. If you are interested in such an outsourcing model, then you should definitely choose Flatworld Solutions, which is possibly the best ACORD forms processing service provider in the market.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is a top ACORD forms processing service providing company offers a complete buffet of ACORD forms processing services to its customers. We have industry-specific professional experts to appropriately deal with ACORD forms processing right from assignment to final delivery. We also pay close attention to accuracy and provide superior quality outcomes at affordable prices and quick turnaround times, making us the most favorable and best provider of ACORD forms processing services in the market.

ACORD Forms Processing Services We Offer

ACORD stands for Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development. ACORD forms are offered by ACORD, an international organization providing standardized forms to insurance companies, to improve their data efficiency and accuracy. They basically work on development, specification and also the distribution of insurance-related documents that can be used by the insurance companies in a standardized manner.

ACORD mainly provides and develops hundreds of such standardized insurance documents. All these documents are used by various insurance carriers to gather information and data. ACORD has its own significance, the documents that are published by ACORD have a stamp on the top left side corner "ACORD" and the information of the insurance agency will be written below.

The services that are provided by Flatworld Solutions, one of the leading ACORD forms processing service providers are as follows -

  1. ACORD Forms Processing Service Done Manually

    ACORD Forms Processing Service Done Manually

    Manual processing of ACORD forms requires a huge number of employees, which can be provided by Flatworld Solutions. ACORD forms processing is a lengthy process and we can provide those contractual agents to work on behalf of our customers in a cost-effective process.

    Our team members are experienced and skilled in form processing and can do the work with full attention and dedication so that nothing is left missing and all the details are obtained accurately. Meanwhile, customers can engage their in-house FTEs for performing better value-added tasks. Therefore, outsource the ACORD form processing service to Flatworld Solutions and get the work done accurately within reasonable rates.

  2. Automated ACORD Forms Processing

    Automated ACORD Forms Processing

    There are various software which are available nowadays to process ACORD forms automatically. Though there are software put in the workflow, this might still lead to erroneous results. Hence we put our dedicated resources to perform a thorough check up on the automatic software procedure to nullify the possibility of errors that may occur. Our specialist confirms the output before further processing. This enables team members to spend less time on manual stuff and instead more on high-end ventures.

Our ACORD Forms Processing Process

We, at Flatworld Solutions, provide services to our clients through a stringent process flow, the steps of which are -


01. Requirement Analysis

The first step is recognizing the requirement of clients. Our analysts have conversations with customers to obtain the details about the ACORD forms processing and whether it will be done manually or automatically. After obtaining the details we move on to the next step.


02. Data Gathering

In this step, we start gathering the data. We perform surveys or leverage ACORD databases to pull all the relevant information and facts. Once we gather enough confidence regarding the requirements and goals, we actually go on to the next step.


03. Data Preparation

After the above forms are filled and the data about the customers are gathered, now as per the requirement, the data are sorted and separated for the next step and forwarded to the specific department which will use processing tools like OCR, document scanning, etc.to process the data.


04. Task Allocation

Here we segregate the task based on the requirement. All the tasks are allocated to dedicated persons who have sufficient experience in that specific niche.


05. Forms Processing

The forms that are filled by the customers are now processed and checked.


06. Quality Check

Next, we start our quality check and audit process. We strongly believe in maintaining high accuracy with delivery on time. Our dedicated quality assurance team takes the baton from here & follows a stringent process during data and report auditing.


07. Final Delivery

After all the above steps are done & completed, the forms are finally checked and finalized, the ACORD forms processing service is completed & it is handed over to the customer.

Insurance Software we use

Vertafore Nexsure Aspire InsurancePro HawkSoft Agency Matrix Applied Agency Management Newton Agency Solution Agency Systems Insly SEMCAT A1 Tracker Jenesis Agent & Broker Software (ABS) SIBRO 1app - C2MS Insurance Software AgencyIntel QQCatalyst Intuit QuickBooks LoanAssistant Sage BytePro CheckMark MultiLedger Lending Pro Software Calyx Software Encompass360 Mortgage Lens EverString Infer RADIUS Board Statistica Decisioning Platform SAS Advanced Analytics IBM SPSS HALO Analytics

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Why Choose Flatworld Solutions' ACORD Forms Processing Service?

ACORD forms processing, whether done manually or automatically, is time-consuming as well as costly. So, for a company to work on ACORD forms processing on their own demands a whole lot of employees and software. Flatworld Solutions, therefore, provides all these features within a specified cost and the work is done in an agreed time period. So the main reasons why a customer will select us for ACORD forms processing services are as follows -

  • Cost-efficient

    The price charged by Flatworld Solutions is very reasonable and depending on the work and time period for delivery, we provide agents or teams at cost-effective rates.

  • Team of Experts

    Flatworld Solutions has experienced teams and agents who all are experts on ACORD forms processing. We have highly capable employees who can work on both manual and automated forms processing.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    The infrastructure that we have at Flatworld Solutions is modern and world-class and we also have international standard amenities.

  • Short Turnover Time

    As the ACORD forms processing procedure is a time-consuming method if done manually, we use both automated and manual methods and ensure short turnaround times always.

  • High Data Security

    We have a high-security system and infrastructure in place for keeping client data secure and safe. Apart from that we also share a non-disclosure agreement with our employees for better data protection. Client privacy is very important to us.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    Once the contract is signed a dedicated team and agents are appointed along with a dedicated manager. They remain in touch with clients whenever there is a need. Our service centers provide 24/7 support on phones and emails.

Client Success Stories

Flatworld Provided Insurance Services for US-based Insurance Agency

Flatworld Solutions Provided Insurance Services for US-based Insurance Agency

Flatworld Solutions provided support to manage an insurance database to a US client. Additionally, we assisted in the management of insurance accounts and AR functions.

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Flatworld Provided Policy Checking for US-based Insurance Service Provider

Flatworld Solutions Provided Policy Checking Services for a US-based Insurance Service Provider

Flatworld Solutions helped in speeding up the process for a US client with policy checking services. The services were provided at cost-effective rates in quick TAT.

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Outsource ACORD Forms Processing Services to Flatworld Solution

ACORD forms processing requires a lot of dedicated time. In addition, it's costly and due to the lengthy procedure, is also error-prone. If a company wants to perform this service by themselves then it would add an extra burden for them in terms of manpower and other resources. So it's surely better to outsource and get the work done on time by partnering with a third-party service provider. And when it comes to outsourcing ACORD forms processing services, there is no one better than Flatworld Solutions.

Therefore, don't waste time thinking about outsourcing and having a burden on your shoulders. Let's be partners and do the work simultaneously and we will give you the best results possible.

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Accord Forms Processing Services FAQs

  • What are ACORD forms used for?

    ACORD forms contain checkboxes and pre-printed areas that clarify important insurance details. They are used to summarize essential information about your insurance policy.

  • What is an ACORD insurance accord form?

    ACORD stands for Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development. It is an international organization that provides standardized insurance certificates and forms.

  • What is an ACORD 101?

    An Acord 101 is an insurance-related form and is called the "additional remarks schedule" or the "additional remarks form."

  • What is an Acord statement?

    The ACORD certificate of insurance summarizes key information about your insurance policy, such as coverage types, policy numbers, insurance limits, and effective and expiration dates.