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Insurance Customer Support Services

Are you hassled by working the work cut out due to mounting regulations? Provide your clients with exceptional insurance BPO customer support services by choosing us.

Are you unprepared to meet your goal ensuring your business turns a profit, while focusing on better customer experience? If yes, you can leverage insurance BPO services to sell life, health, automotive, and property insurance to provide professional customer support for claims, warranties, policy inquiries, etc.

Flatworld's insurance call centers are compliant with global regulations and employ some of the most experienced call center agents to ensure your customers receive the highest quality experience while adding to your ROI. We offer multi-channel capabilities such as live chat support, inbound and outbound call support, email services, social media customer services etc.

Insurance Customer Services We Offer

At FWS, our proven scheduling strategies have been fine-tuned over several years and enable us to quickly scale agent requirements to handle peak periods weekly, daily, and even hourly. All your incoming inquiries are handled in a sophisticated, multi-channel environment and real-time reports and dashboarding further ensures that the right analytics are captured for you to make informed decisions. Our services include -

 Insurance Finance and Accounting (F&A) BPO Services
 Insurance IT Outsourcing Services
 Learning & Development Services
 Sales and Customer Acquisition
 Licenced Policyholder Acquisition
 Initial Underwriting
 IT Service Management Training
 Claims Settlement Service
 Fiduciary Accounting
 Forms Processing Services
 Up-selling and Cross-selling Services
 Insurance Appointment Setting
 Insurance Claims Processing
 Insurance Payments Processing
 Fraud Hotline
 Document Digitization Services
 Insurance Collections
 Insurance Reminders
 Complaint Management
 Policy Verification and Validation
 Policy Changes
 Licensed Insurance Sales/Telesales
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Insurance Software we use

Vertafore Nexsure Aspire InsurancePro HawkSoft Agency Matrix Applied Agency Management Newton Agency Solution Agency Systems Insly SEMCAT A1 Tracker Jenesis Agent & Broker Software (ABS) SIBRO 1app - C2MS Insurance Software AgencyIntel QQCatalyst Intuit QuickBooks LoanAssistant Sage BytePro CheckMark MultiLedger Lending Pro Software Calyx Software Encompass360 Mortgage Lens EverString Infer RADIUS Board Statistica Decisioning Platform SAS Advanced Analytics IBM SPSS HALO Analytics

Insurance BPO Support Services – Our Complete Customer Lifecycle Servicing

Our service delivery model combines a virtual model and licensed call center agents to deliver a personalized and flexible experience for your customers. Our servicing lifecycle consists of the following -

Customer Acquisition

1. Customer Acquisition
In order to deliver a completely new and unique customer experience, we ensure that we understand who your customers really are. Defining age brackets, geographical locations, and their choices early allows us to create personas for all of them using the latest in AI tools and technologies. This ensures your customers feel at ease the first time they get in touch with our insurance customer services.

Profit Management

2. Profit Management
Our integrity and quality team will ensure a complete birds-eye view of the underwriting and profitability management processes of your customer's life cycle. Since the underwriting stage has a massive impact on how customers perceive your services, we ensure complete ownership and customer satisfaction for this stage.

Customer On-boarding

3. Customer On-boarding
Customer on-boarding is a crucial step and is vital to the overall customer experience. Our experience in providing seamless insurance BPO support services with the help of an experienced team of agents ensures we can quickly engage your customers and assist them in whichever way possible through the on-boarding process. Our digital process and e-signature technology will ensure more than 95% adoption rate amongst your customers.

Customer Engagement

4. Customer Engagement
People skills are extremely important when it comes to managing customer queries. Our usage of analytics to understand current customer demands, their queries, and what servicing they prefer at what time of the month or year allows us to deliver a high-quality experience for your policyholders.

Customer Retention

5. Customer Retention
Ensuring your customers stick with you after their initial term relies heavily on services you provide and the way we manage their profiles for enhanced satisfaction. We constantly re-engage your customers and have proactive outreach methods to ensure higher insurance renewal rates.

Insurance Customer Support Services - Our Process

Our unique process flow is aimed to give you an excellent preview of the fluid strategy we follow while handling the outsourced insurance customer services. By understanding your requirements it gives us the scope of what needs to be achieved. With no time wasted, we deliver just the results that you are looking for. Here is the multi-step process for insurance call center services -

Requirement Collection  

01. Requirement Collection

We will make an appointment with you to gather and understand the type of service you are looking for

Insurance Customer Service Customization  

02. Insurance Customer Service Customization

Once we understand your needs our experts will assist you with plan customization and the cost tied with the project

Plan Execution  

03. Plan Execution

Our insurance contact center agents will unburden your in-house team by completely migrating customer services from your end to ours

Personalized Customer Engagement  

04. Personalized Customer Engagement

Our agents will professionally and courteously interact with your clients to handle insurance matters, queries, claim requests, etc.

Feedback Collection  

05. Feedback Collection

As an option, we will collect the feedback from your customers to evaluate their satisfaction with the support and overall quality of the service

Reporting and Optimization  

06. Reporting and Optimization

We will compile weekly, monthly, quarterly reports to keep you informed about the service quality and performance

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Why Should You Outsource Insurance BPO Services to FWS?

Our expertise lies in delivering exceptional results through cost-effective solutions for our clients. When you partner with us, you get access to a worldwide team of talent who can help you achieve peak customer satisfaction ratios. Some of our key differentiators include -

  • Certified Insurance Customer Services Company

    With more than 20 years of experience in delivering the highest-quality and most cost-effective insurance call center services, we can help you achieve better business efficiency, enhanced profitability, and increased customer satisfaction. Our processes are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified and over the years we have serviced a diverse range of verticals ranging from first-party insurance, automobile insurance, health insurance, property insurance, etc.

  • Exceptional Data Security

    Our data security measures ensure all the information shared by you and your customers remain isolated in data silos and cannot be hacked. We have multiple data security deterrents in place for better security, and our adherence to ISO/IEC 27001:2022 measures ensure we always stick to the best practices for data security measures.

  • High Collaboration and Quality Service

    For an outsourcing partnership, collaboration is the key. Before the project, we develop SLAs (Service Level Agreements) which are made with close consultation with your team, understanding your business challenges as well as your requirements. We never follow a cookie-cutter approach in our projects because we understand that every client will have different requirements and different business goals. Therefore the quality is consistent in execution.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We understand your concerns especially if you are short-staffed to handle multiple clients during peak times. If you are concerned about keeping more clients on hold and receiving criticism we have you covered. With a large team at disposal, we handle call center operations at blazing speeds. Over the years we have shrunk the average calling time giving customers a satisfying experience.

  • Flexible & Scalable Processes

    The insurance business is extremely dynamic in nature and can witness daily spikes in activity which can either be predictable or happen right out of the blue. With our help, you can always stay on top of such demands and keep pace with the changing requirements of your business. We can ramp up both in terms of technology and manpower within a reasonable time, ensuring your business is always ready to meet customer demands.

  • Scalable Service

    Customer satisfaction for insurance businesses depends on a multitude of factors, including pricing, coverage, customer service, etc. With our help, you can speed up new customer underwriting, customer onboarding, data processing, claim processing, and many other processes to deliver better customer satisfaction. All that because our services arms are highly scalable. With our help, you stand to see better customer loyalty and reduced churn in the long run.

  • Flexible Pricing

    At FWS, we believe that high-quality insurance call center services do not have to be costly and rigid with the pricing structures. Our transparent and budget-friendly pricing structures ensure you always know what you are signing up for, and can be adjusted based on your most express requirements.

  • Real-time Reporting & Single Point of Contact

    By providing you with access to real-time reports and constructive dashboards, we make it easier for you to monitor the project as and when you want and make any changes if so required. A dedicated project manager further ensures all your feedback is recorded and put to good news as well.

  • Highly Skilled Insurance Customer Service Agents

    Our team of call center agents with 10+ years of experience are assigned to your project. With rigorous training and regular skill upgrading programs, we will ensure they can keep up with the demands of the project easily. This makes meeting project goals consistently easier, as they are always up to date with changes in regulation and policies.

  • Infrastructure and Technology Advantage

    At Flatworld, we believe in investing in the best technology and infrastructure since they have been proven to deliver better efficiency right off the bat. From identifying an ideal solution for your target market to the integration of chatbots within your services, our IT infrastructure is far beyond the capabilities of our competitors.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    We rely on our security experts and sophisticated security software to ensure the security of SFTP and VPN systems. We take cautious measures to keep your client's sensitive information safe during the transmission.

  • 24/7/365 Availability

    By operating 24/7 throughout the year and ensuring there are multiple redundancies in place in case of a natural disaster or calamitous event, we ensure your business never takes a step backward, whatever may be the case. Our IT infrastructure comes without any significant downtime as well.

Client Success Stories

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FWS Provided Policy Checking Services for a US-based Insurance Service Provider

Flatworld Solutions fully scrutinized policies for a US client because the client was overwhelmed by policy backlog as soon as they expanded.

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FWS Streamlined Back-office Solutions for a California-based Client

FWS Streamlined Back-office Solutions for a California-based Client

A based out of US client suffered from an unforeseen bottleneck triggered by business growth. Flatworld optimized the back-office functions by becoming cognizant of their concerns.

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Outsource Insurance Customer Support to Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld Solutions, we offer sensible, effective, and streamlined insurance solutions to improve your business efficiency and restore customer confidence in your brand and your offerings. Whether you are trying to gain a foothold in the insurance industry or need to fine-tune your offerings and grow your established brand, your customer care call center performance is necessary to ensure better brand awareness and customer satisfaction ratios. With our help, you can maximize your marketing avenues and retain customers where other insurance businesses simply keep losing them.

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