Outsource Life Insurance Support Services

Life Insurance Support Services

We streamline your insurance back-office process, profit margins, and help you get maximum claim disbursement at affordable rates starting at $8/hour

Are you worried about the increasing competition, declining profit margins, and a growing number of claims? If so, you must outsource life insurance support services to an expert like Flatworld Solutions (FWS). Since the economic meltdown in the last decade, more and more global firms have been leveraging the support service models to improve efficiency and use offshore resources for core product development.

At FWS, we possess 20 years of service expertise in helping insurance companies with various kinds of life insurance support solutions. With over 2000 experts, including, consultants, subject matter experts, and support staff, we can create customized solutions for life insurance support functions, covering the entire back-office functions.

Life Insurance Support Services We Provide

By leveraging our insurance back-office support services, you can get a higher claim disbursement. At FWS, we provide a full range of services for insurers, including turnkey integrated solutions for new agencies and run-off insurers. Here is a list of life insurance support services that we offer -

  1. New Business Acquisition Support Services

    New Business Acquisition Support Services

    As a premier company to provide life insurance support services, we have got you covered for all fresh corporate acquisitions. Our agents can help you with -

    • Registering a new application
    • Checking the application
    • Allocating the case
    • Screening the health assessment
    • Adjudicating case laws, etc.
  2. General Administration Support Services

    General Administration Support Services

    Under our life insurance back-office support functions, we cover policy management, call center operations, etc. Our consultants and agents can provide life insurance support for -

    • Online processing of the remittances
    • W2/Section 35 reports
    • Policy process surrender
    • Nominations
    • Riders benefits
    • Premium expiration, renewal, and recovery
  3. Customer Support Services

    Customer Support Services

      These include several services such as period-end closing, trading options, interest and income calculations, tax planning and loan quotations. Here is a breakup of our customer support services -

    • Providing customer service to policyholders
    • Technical service desk support for policyholders
    • Adverse event information (AE)
    • Information about product quality complaints, and more
  4. Billing and Accounting Services

    Billing and Accounting Services

    It includes complete monthly financial reports, trial reports, financial statements, bills, and bank reconciliations. Other than this, we provide our life insurance support services for -

    • Print bills and invoices
    • Payment processing
    • Electronic bill application
    • Accounting disputes resolution
  5. Compliance Services and Claim Processing

    Compliance Services and Claim Processing

    We provide compliance and money laundering reports, regulatory reports, learn about your customers and trigger event checks. Our life insurance support solutions include claims processing services for -

    • Verification
    • Fraud detection
    • Case assignment
    • Data entry
    • Adjudication/case law
    • Query resolution
    • Payment/Billing Confirmation
    • Claim status check, etc.
  6. Marketing, Investment, and Reference Data Informatics Support Services

    Marketing, Investment, and Reference Data Informatics Support Services

    It includes the reconciliation of transactions, investments, settlements, contractual notes, and valuations. Our life insurance support experts can also help you with -

    • Data analysis (internal and external)
    • Policy acceptance and rejection data
    • Reference data
    • Statistical research design, programming, analysis, etc.
    • Physician, consumer, & marketing data analysis
  7. Agency Administration and Company/Business Services

    Agency Administration and Company/Business Services

    It includes the provisioning of management reports and secretarial services. Other than this, we can support you with -

    • Customer support
    • Commission processing
    • Internal technical help desk
  8. Insurance Protection/Regulatory Coverage Support Services

    Insurance Protection/Regulatory Coverage Support Services

    Our insurance back-office support services also include support on the laws and regulations conformity with all kinds of insurance laws, including HIPAA, SOX, etc.

Life Insurance Support Process We Follow

As a leading life insurance support service provider, we have created a time-tested process support process to help you optimize your processes and achieve business goals. The key steps include -


01. Business Requirement Analysis

First, we will collaborate with you to determine your exact requirements vis-à-vis insurance back-office support services


02. Project Planning, Team Setup, and Plan Initiation

Our experts will create a customized plan, form a suitable team, and initiate the plan as per your requirements existing workflow


03. Process Implementation

Depending on the support functions we will implement the process. After finding out the gap areas, our team will implement the process as planned


04. Data Verification

We will conduct various quality audits to ensure the data is accurate and your business requirements are met


05. File Transfer

At this stage, we would have ample understanding of your service operations. Our support staff will systematically process all the data or records and send them via encrypted channels

Tools We Use for Providing Life Insurance Support Services

Our team uses contemporary tools/software to make sure that you receive quality life insurance back-office support services. A few are -

Surefyre INSLY HAWKSOFT eclipse SEI CRM APPLIED RATER nexsure agency management EZLynx

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Life Insurance Back-office Support Services to Flatworld Solutions?

We offer life insurance support services for single or multi-location insurance firms of all sizes. By choosing FWS as your insurance support partner can give you the following list of benefits -

  • Cost-effective Life Insurance Support Services

    We provide competitive pricing options starting from as low as $8/hour that can fit your budget and business requirements. You can also collaborate with us to hire full-time employees if your project needs are long or complex.

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Certified Organization

    As one of the first ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accredited organization, our processes are on-par with the international standards. We are more than capable to manage and address all types of information-related security threats.

  • Option to Scale-up

    At FWS, our life insurance support services are scalable, which means you have the option to increase or cut the deliverables as per your requirement. There will no extra or hidden charges for this.

  • High-quality Insurance Service

    By partnering up with us for life insurance support services will give you access to high-quality insurance experts who can cut backlogs, reduce operating costs, minimize the time your employees spend working in non-core tasks, and more.

  • Robust Data Management

    At FWS, we have implemented a strict privacy policy and have a strong disaster recovery policy. Therefore, your firm's data will never be disclosed or leaked in any circumstance.

  • 24/7/365 Days Customer Support Service

    FWS is among the fewest insurance support companies that work 24/7/365 days. You can approach us anytime with your requirements, queries, and issues.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    Because of the skills of our support staff, the use of advanced software, weekend support, 20 years of service experience, and more than capable leadership, we can reduce the turnaround time by 30-40% for an average-sized project.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We will allocate an experienced expert to collaborate with you to solve/resolve even the minutest issue. The professional will be your core connection to get project updates.

Client Success Stories

Flatworld Provided Insurance Services for US-based Insurance Agency

Flatworld Solutions Provided Insurance Services for US-based Insurance Agency

Flatworld Solutions provided support to manage an insurance database to a US client. Additionally, we assisted in the management of insurance accounts and AR functions.

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Flatworld Provided Policy Checking for US-based Insurance Service Provider

Flatworld Solutions Provided Policy Checking Services for a US-based Insurance Service Provider

Flatworld Solutions helped in speeding up the process for a US client with policy checking services. The services were provided at cost-effective rates in quick TAT.

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Outsource Life Insurance Support Services to Flatworld Solutions

As a prominent is a leading provider of life insurance support services and a plethora of many other insurance BPO services, Flatworld Solutions has the capability, skill, and wherewithal to streamline your back-office processes in a cost-effective way. With a robust team of over 2000 support professionals, we cut the backlogs, improve profit margin, scale the business workflow, and more.

We work as an extension of your core team and relieve them from the non-core tasks, thus, improving their overall efficiency. To get high-quality life insurance support solutions and optimize the insurance back-office processes, get in touch with us now.

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