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Claims Management Services

Insurance companies spend a vast amount of their resources trying to attract new policyholders each and every day. On the contrary, they also spend a large deal of their time and money trying to keep those clients intact whom they have been serving for long. Years of experience has taught us at Flatworld Solutions that insurance carriers will lose a fraction of their book of business at each renewal. The reality is that customer attrition is going to occur, and is one of the unfortunate characteristics of the insurance industry. That's why new business is so important to always have coming in on a consistent basis.

However, those insurance companies that consistently stay head and shoulders above the competition have figured out one key business model they must foster; having stellar claims management services.

The manner in which claims management is handled, can make or break the relationship between the carrier and the client forever. Being said that, it is crucial that claims processing goes as smoothly as possible; caring for the needs of the client, but still efficiently verifying the validity of each claim using a dedicated team.

Why Flatworld Solutions for Claims Management?

Flatworld Solutions understands this can sometimes be a sensitive balance trying to do both effectively. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary for carriers to streamline all of their processes. When an insurance carrier outsources the responsibilities of their claims management to us, they get in return our dedicated claims management first response unit (FRU). Using our combination of technology and claims service professionals, we can provide an empathetic, well validated, efficient claims management infrastructure that will save your business time and a valued client.

Claims Management Services We Offer

  • First response unit for claims, receiving an incident report
  • Accessing claimant's file to verify policy information
  • Completing ACORD loss form based on the information provided by the client
  • Ensure the claim is covered under the policy by verifying liability amounts and coverages
  • Investigate the claim to avoid frauds

Our Claims Processing and Management Process

When an insured makes a claim, the FRU receives the insured's request and verifies the policyholder information. The FRU is the backend unit who verifies the claim, coverages under the policy, and conducts background checks. In addition, we have procedures in place to help do our part to combat fraudulent claims.

Benefits of Outsourcing Insurance Claims Processing to Us

For more than 11 years, Flatworld Solutions has met the claims processing administration needs of insurance carriers worldwide. Our claims processing systems gives our clients the edge in the rapidly growing, highly competitive insurance marketplace. Our very satisfied clients benefit in the following, but not limited ways -

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Access to trained personnel and sophisticated technology
  • Substantial reduction in cost
  • Dedicated team focusing only on claims
  • Efficiently run claims management system

Hire Us for Insurance Claims Management

Flatworld understands the unpredictable and complex insurance industry environment. We combine highly evolved claims processing software and the right professionals to provide prompt and proficient claims processing. Partnering with us will provide the needed assistance with diminishing customer loyalty, and this can all be done keeping a targeted price point in mind.

FWS exceeds normal standards for quality and business ethics in all we do. Our high-end infrastructure and expertise in the insurance industry enables us to service a global clientele with all their insurance claims processing needs. Our services have been proven to reduce overhead costs, thereby, increasing efficiency, which leads to increased productivity across the board. Efficient and compassionate claims management is necessary for the sustainment of the carrier's book of business. Outsourcing claims administration leaves the carrier more time and resources for business development in addition to other business needs.

Make Flatworld Solutions your primary partner for efficient and accurate claims management services, we will be glad to assist your insurance back office requirements.