Outsource Insurance Claims Administration Services

Insurance Claims Administration Services

Get comprehensive back-office support for end-to-end insurance claims administration, evaluation of claims reports, claim settlement, and more by outsourcing your services at affordable rates starting at $8/hour

Insurance claims management is consequential as the response time is/can be of considerable length. Also, the associated risks can be high if the documents are not correctly filled. However, you can easily resolve the issue by streamlining your organization's insurance claims processing operations. At the heart of this process is a list of activities that your insurance claims administrator must accomplish before generating the claims statement. It would help you prevent overlooking relevant claim settlement steps.

You can also choose to outsource insurance claims administration services to capture transactions in a routine manner. Further, an acclaimed provider can cut the risk of future losses of a similar nature.

Insurance Claims Administration Services We Offer

Here is a list of activities that we can assist you with under our insurance claims administration services -

  1. Claims Set-up

    Claims Set-up

    With 20 years of service experience in providing back-office insurance claims administration services, we can help you with claim set up. Our team can make sure that the biller provider, provider type, address, default location, authorization is duly filled.

  2. Claims Document Scanning

    Claims Document Scanning

    Claims document imaging requires the electronic conversion of paper documents. By collaborating with us to outsource insurance claims administration, we can make sure that each claim document is converted in the electronic form to help you view, assess, and make decisions.

  3. Eligibility Verification

    Eligibility Verification

    Claims eligibility verification is one of the key steps that allow the further processing of a claim. It includes document verification, insurance coverage checking, follow-up, etc.

  4. Claim Quotation

    Claim Quotation

    Once you decide to outsource insurance claims administration to us, our team can provide support service to assist you with the claim estimation cost, appraised cost, replacement cost, and the source of information.

  5. Cost Structure

    Cost Structure

    As a premier insurance claims administration service provider, FWS can help you cumulate all related expenses incurred by the company during activities that may require a refund.

  6. Regulator Contact Information

    Regulator Contact Information

    By choosing us to outsource insurance claims management, our team can pull out the claims' adjuster records and contact information. They can also validate the information before providing you their contact information.

  7. Internal Statement/Notification

    Internal Statement/Notification

    If you need to notify the management or acknowledge the information, our insurance claims administration solution will help you do that quickly.

  8. Damage Analysis

    Damage Analysis

    Our insurance claims administration service entails verification of the damage, its cause, and measures that can be taken to prevent it from happening again.

  9. Asset Protection

    Asset Protection

    Our team of insurance claims administrators, consultants, and support staff can help you safeguard your investment by ensuring that damaged assets are not further destructed.

  10. Claim Adjudication

    Claim Adjudication

    Claim compensation involves determining the insurer's financial liability, thus, at FWS our insurance claims administration team can help you with the claim adjudication.

  11. Internal Audit

    Internal Audit

    Our insurance claims administration solutions also encompass back-office support for internal auditing to help you stay compliant with the regulatory standards. Our team can make sure that the claims are processed in a timely manner and genuine claims submission is duly paid.

  12. Fraud Exposure/Investigation

    Fraud Exposure/Investigation

    We can assist you in handling fraud investigations by reviewing the application forms and finding inconsistencies. We make use of modern technologies such as machine learning, data analysis, etc., to identify fraudulent or duplicitous claims.

Tools/Software We Use for Providing Insurance Claims Administration Services

At FWS, we use a modern stack of tools and technologies to ensure that you get high-quality insurance claims administration services. Some of them are -


Our Insurance Claims Administration Process

As a foremost insurance claims administration service company, we make sure that a well-managed process is followed throughout the project life cycle. We do this by following the below key steps -


01. Requirement Analysis

At first, we will find out your exact requirements


02. Project Planning & Team Set-up

Thereby, we will create a plan as per your existing workflow and share with you


03. Process Implementation

Our team will now implement the process as per the plan


04. Data/Records Verification

After working in the insurance claims administration, our QA team will execute multiple quality checks to ensure that the data are correct


05. File Transfer

Lastly, we will systematically process all the records and send through the FTPs

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Insurance Claims Administration Services to Flatworld Solutions?

FWS's insurance claims administration services can help you save a lot of time, reduce the burden of claim settlement with zero damage or claim leakage. Here is a list of the benefits you can avail by choosing us as your partner -

  • Cost-effective Insurance BPO Solution

    The pricing of our insurance solutions is transparent. Starting from $8/hour, you can choose to collaborate with us on a project or time basis.

  • ISMS Certified Provider

    We are now certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification. It showcases our capability in keeping all kinds of information assets secure and protected.

  • Faster Turnaround Time

    For our insurance claims administration services, we strive to maintain optimum throughput. Therefore, for insurance claims administration solutions, we can provide timely delivery.

  • Robust Data Management

    We have enforced stringent data privacy policies in our company. Also, we have complete control over cloud and robust disaster recovery strategies. Thus, in no circumstance, your company's data will be leaked or compromised.

  • Option to Scale-up

    As and when your business grows, we can adjust our insurance claims administration services as per your requirement.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We will assign an expert resource who will coordinate with you at all stages of the project. The expert will be your main liaison to get updates/reports, etc.

  • Round the Clock Support

    By partnering with a renowned insurance claims administration service provider like us will allow you to address your needs/queries 24/7.

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Outsource Insurance Claims Administration Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of high-quality insurance claims administration solutions and a variety of other insurance services. We have an experienced and knowledgeable insurance professional team who work tirelessly to make available the best service in the industry. We use advanced insurance technology and tools to provide scalable, cost-effective and compliant insurance claims administration services.

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