Outsource Property and Casualty Insurance Services

Property and Casualty Insurance Services

With FWS' P&C back-office solution, your back end business process can be optimized to handle more claims and avoid fraudulent or partially compliant ones at rates starting from $14/hour

Are you careworn with the digital transformation of your property and casualty insurance process and records? Or, are you looking to streamline your current business operations with a better operational model? If so, you must choose Flatworld Solutions as your partner.

The development of artificial intelligence, rival insurance establishments, data-driven insurance, and ecosystems may disrupt your business. You can turn to FWS to resist these threats and use better back-office support functions. We can help you respond quickly to market changes without the additional cost or complexity through our property insurance and casualty services.

Property and Casualty Insurance Services We Offer

We have an experienced team that can provide all kinds of back-office support solutions to help you improve your property and casualty insurance portfolio. A few of the many P&C back-office solutions that we offer include -

  1. Acquisition of Private and Corporate Customers

    Acquisition of Private and Corporate Customers

    Our P&C back-office solution includes personal or commercial business acquisition. Our team can -

    • Register a new application
    • Check for new application
    • Allocated case
    • Capture signature
    • Provide service for current case adjudication
  2. Back-office Support for Policy Management

    Back-office Support for Policy Management

    As a premier property and casualty insurance service providing company, we can provide support for -

    • Remittances
    • Contract submission
    • DMV error fix
    • Advanced review
    • FSR
    • Accounting and billing in case of loss
    • Premium expiration, renewal, and recovery
  3. Customer and Business Support Services

    Customer and Business Support Services

    By uniting our industry knowledge and service disciplines, we can work in tandem to enhance the operational efficiency and service quality. Under our customer and business support functions, we offer services for -

    • Product information and quotation
    • Conversion options
    • Information about product quality complaints
    • Plan a repayment loan
  4. Billing and Claim Processing Services

    Billing and Claim Processing Services

    Our P&C back-office solutions enable your field staff to efficiently and quickly submit documents they collect during the day. Thus, you can reduce operational costs and improve business profitability. Under our billing and claims processing back-office support service, our team can -

    • Print and send invoices
    • Resolve accounting disputes
    • Track claim status
    • Verify claims and detect frauds
    • Process payments and help in electronic bill application
    • Provide services for case assignment, data entry, task management, adjudication, etc.
  5. Marketing/Reference Data Informatics

    Marketing/Reference Data Informatics

    Our comprehensive P&C back-office service can also support you at the enterprise level. In case of marketing and reference data informatics, our P&C back office team can assist you with -

    • Marketing data analysis
    • Consumer and business analysis
    • Large-scale reference data
    • Policy data
    • Statistical programming, research design
  6. Claim settlement and Agency Management

    Claim settlement and Agency Management

    As a leading property and casualty insurance service provider, we have catered to the claims servicing and agency admin requirements of many global firms. We can help you with -

    • Database Design
    • Data entry
    • Loss review
    • Query resolution
    • Claim status call
    • Commission processing
    • Customer service
    • Technical service desk, etc.
  7. Back-office Support for Regulatory Coverage

    Back-office Support for Regulatory Coverage

    Our P&C back-office service portfolio entails support service for legal and regulatory compliance in insurance law. In the case of property and casualty insurance, a reasonable degree of consolidation is carried out. Thus, we can help you sustain in the ever-changing insurance sector.

Property Casualty and Insurance Back-office Process We Follow

Outsourcing property and casualty and insurance back-office services to a specialist like us guarantee transparency and support that is simply on another scale. Our process will be clearly explained to you before the commencement so that you can measure our competence and capabilities to fulfill our assurances. Our process is as follows -


01. Business Requirement Analysis

Initially, we will collaborate with you to acquire information on what you expect from us and how we can fulfill property and casualty insurance service


02. Team Setup and Plan Initiation

Our property and casualty insurance experts will cut out a custom plan not quite different from your existing workflow, we'll gather a team of qualified people and start working


03. Process Implementation

If we detect any gap within your existing plan, we'll make sure to it is closed before we put our solution into action


04. Data Verification

A comprehensive quality control check will be performed by our team to ensure that you get nothing but the best


05. File Transfer

After completion of services, we'll create custom reports of the project and have it sent to you via a secure FTP

Tools/Software We Use

We offer the best P&C back-office service in the shortest possible turnaround time. In this way, you can streamline your business operations. To make this happen, we make use of some of the best software available in the market. The most important software we use are -

Bitrix24 BrokerageBuilder EZLynx Applied Epic QQCatalyst FreeAgent A1 Tracker Eclipse

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Why Outsource Property and Casualty Insurance Services to FWS?

Our team is entirely familiar with all aspects of property and casualty insurance. Working with us can reduce the associated risks. Here's a quick overview of all the benefits you can get by choosing us to outsource property and casualty insurance services -

  • Substantial Cost-cutting

    With a deep understanding of back-office support services for property and casualty insurance and a broad range of capabilities, we can provide cost-effective solutions based on your niche needs.

  • ISMS Certified Property and Casualty Insurance Service Provider

    Flatworld is ISMS ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified and possess the infrastructure to manage and address all kinds of information-related vulnerabilities.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    If you choose to outsource property and casualty insurance support services, you will have access to the industry-wide best turnaround time. We have the top team and know-how to reduce TAT by almost 50%.

  • Data Security

    As a leading provider of property and casualty insurance solutions, we value data confidentiality and have a strict work standard. Also, with a strong network of secure servers, VPNs, and FTP, we have a robust data management capability.

  • Economies of Scale

    Our property and casualty insurance solutions are scalable. Our team can customize the service based on the size and type of your business. If you want to scale up or scale down your requirements, feel free to contact us.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    Flatworld Solutions has offices in all the time zones. Our workplaces have the most advanced tools and systems. Also, we have more than 1,000 resources working in the insurance domain.

  • Single Point of Contact

    If you decide to collaborate with us for our P&C back-office solution, we will assign an experienced consultant as your point of contact. You can contact the resource at any part of the day to receive an update.

  • 24/7 Call Center Support

    Our contact center executives work 24/7/365 days. Thus, you can reach out to them to get a resolution on any type of request.

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Outsource Property and Casualty Insurance Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a foremost property and casualty insurance service provider that offers high-quality P&C back office solutions and a wide range of other insurance BPO services to its client. Our team consists of brilliant and competent insurance professionals who are trained to meet the exact needs of our clients. We leverage modern insurance tools to provide the industry's best property and casualty insurance services.

If you need a cost-effective, compliant, and reliable P&C back-office service, then you must get in touch with us!

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