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Policy Administration & Maintenance for Insurance

Policy Administration is a big part of any insurance carrier's workload. Being able to personally meet the needs of those that they service, takes a great deal of time and money. From the time an insurance carrier first acquires a new client, the client's business will grow over the time, mandating the policies to grow with them. Consequently, adjustments will have to be made to their insurance policy. These adjustments are things such as adding a worker's compensation policy, or even adding a new building to a policy. With hundreds of adjustments flying in, the need for someone to process the changes in an accurate and timely manner is key to upholding a carrier's service levels.

Flatworld Solutions offers a variety of services for insurance carriers. We understand the specialized needs of insurance carriers, and work very closely with them to ensure that each of their policyholders' adjustment needs are met with precision, and all details are clearly drafted in the policy document. Customer policy servicing and their total satisfaction forms the centerpiece of our business.

Policy Administration, Maintenance and Servicing Services We Offer

At Flatworld Solutions, we service insurance carriers from all over the world; and our wide variety of carrier services include setting up a new policy, taking care of policy administration and processing renewals amongst others. Our key services encompass -

  • Receiving adjustment requests from customers
  • Evaluating and analyzing if the change request will require an additional change in the policy premium as well
  • Updating and finalizing policy servicing changes for Contact, Name, DOB, Occupation, Address, Signature, and Ownership
  • Issuing certificates of insurance when required

Our Policy Maintenance and Servicing Process

Flatworld's policy administration process follows through the complete cycle of changing and adjusting a policy. Our adjustment technicians are equipped to handle -

  • Initial request for a change
  • Checking the policy to ensuring no duplicate endorsements already exist
  • Processing the change
  • Sending the policyholder a copy of the adjustment

Benefits of Outsourcing Policy Administration, Maintenance & Servicing

With customer delivery centers located around the world in places such as India, Philippines, China, Spain, Kenya, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina; Flatworld Solutions offers industry leading business solutions. Our services for insurance carriers have proven to be cost-effective, saving them considerable amount of money and time.

When you outsource your policy administration tasks to us, the customer is the one who always wins, and we like this game. Flatworld has grown quite accustomed with speaking to different underwriters on a daily basis. In fact, we strive to help your underwriter focus on making more key decisions and less on doing the "legwork".

With time being one of the things that every company in the world wishes they had more of, adding endorsements and making other adjustments to policies will consume large amounts of time. FWS works to decrease the time lost by a carrier and their team doing administration tasks. With a competitive cost that beats industry standards, we can become a long-term partner for an insurance carrier. We can lighten the service request workload for the carrier by taking some of their policy servicing aspects off their plate and on ours. We have an amount of experience in insurance policy servicing, and this can work for you in many ways. Other benefits of outsourcing include -

  • Low cost of doing business
  • A proven business model
  • Fast turnaround on service requests
  • Round-the-clock service
  • Adaptable operation
  • Skilled customer support experts

Hire Us for Your Policy Administration Needs

Flatworld Solutions can be an insurance carrier's "the secret weapon" for all their property and casualty needs. In addition, we handle life and annuity policy servicing on a daily basis as well. With our offices around the world and our over a decade of experience in the policy servicing process, we are the business solution that you have been looking for.

Contact us to make Flatworld Solutions your primary solution for Policy Administration, Maintenance and Servicing, our team will be glad to assist you.