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Insurance Policy Checking Services

Insurance agencies are some of the busiest companies around the world. From receiving hundreds of new applications from their agents, receiving renewal applications from clients, to following up with agents and clients for missing information, a day can quickly get away. A half a day of production could be lost simply playing "phone tag" with clients just to follow up on and get the missing information.

At Flatworld Solutions, do not believe that an insurance agency should be pinned down for half a day doing the sometimes tedious, task of insurance checks. We understand that insurance agencies have many other everyday operational tasks they must be performed on priority. We have been called assets by most of our insurance agency clients. We come into the picture and perform all or some of the duties of insurance policy checking for worker's compensation policies, business owner's policies, and we even do life insurance policy checking. We will follow up on inaccuracies and missing data on behalf of the agency, and can help you save your time and efforts, not to mention the costs.

Policy Checking Services We Offer

  • Reviewing customer documents and checking for missing/incomplete information (if any)
  • Submit findings to Underwriters in case of missing incomplete information
  • Entering/verifying customer and policy details
  • Checking policy status
  • Filling out other details required to generate the policy document
  • Generating the final policy based on Underwriters input

Our Process for Insurance Policy Checking

When a global business office solutions company has been helping insurance agencies for 11 years, they begin to develop a reputation as being the "lifeblood" of a company in need of innovative business office solutions. Apart from serving the needs of Insurance carriers, Flatworld Solutions has been helping insurance agencies with insurance policy checking, and we have done it at a high level and around the clock for them.

With a business model that we have perfected over a decade, Flatworld Solutions has processes in place to review incoming policies with uncanny accuracy. When we perform our insurance policy check, we ensure that the policy is completed, and not missing any data that would prolong a new prospect or a current client from getting a quote.

Our Insurance Policy Checking Process

Benefits of Outsourcing Policy Checking To Us

An added benefit of working with Flatworld Solutions is that we are thorough. If we discover that there are discrepancies in the application or missing data such as the driver's license numbers for each of a prospect's drivers, we will report these inconsistencies back to the agency immediately. Furthermore, we will then do the following up process with the prospect to retrieve this missing data.

Here at Flatworld Solutions, we have done our math when it comes to business office solutions for Insurance agencies, and have learned that time is as valuable as money. An agency could easily get time back just by partnering with us and letting our experts handle their policy checking. It does not take much to get a large chunk of time back either. If an agency were to just give a few of their daily, intermediate level tasks to us, they would enjoy hours of precious time back into their workdays.

Leverage the Outsourcing Benefits

  • Substantial Cost Reduction
  • Efficient Operations
  • Quick Turnaround (between 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on the process)
  • Round-the-clock Service
  • Improved Quality & Happier Customer
  • Scalability for Business Growth
  • Faster processing of new and renewal business

Hire Us for Policy Checking

Flatworld Solutions is a business office solutions company operating in 20 cities worldwide. Our business model has been proven to immediately give back invaluable time to insurance agencies, and we achieve this by handling mundane insurance tasks with great efficiency. As the saying goes, "imitation is the biggest form of flattery", and we are proud over the fact that the Flatworld Solutions model has been replicated many times over.

With an infrastructure that is designed to handle even the most critical or sensitive data request, Flatworld Solutions has it all. We believe in long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Our 100% transparency is one of the cornerstones of our business ethics that makes this work.

We have been proudly serving the lifeblood of global insurance agencies and insurance providers each and every day. Contact Flatworld Solutions to make us your primary partner for Insurance Policy Checking solutions.