Streamlined Back-office Solutions for a California-based Client

Back Office Solutions for US Client

The Customer

Our client is a San Francisco-based health insurance company. They are an online insurance broker who helps workers find health coverage based upon their requirements and within their budget.

The Challenges

As the client's business grew, they started spending more time on the servicing of existing customers than acquiring new clients. Most of the agencies spend a considerable amount of money while attending to customer requests in the form of back-office staff and this forms a bottleneck for business growth.

Therefore managing all insurance back-office processes was getting difficult for them and they were looking for a service provider who could handle all tasks so that they could concentrate on their core activities and help them not lose any customer.

Our Solution

Keeping in mind all the project challenges and the client requirements, we provided the following solution -

  1. We offered to take over all the back-office tasks of the client so that they could concentrate on their core competencies
  2. Our vast experience of having worked with agencies serving different segments of the market using different agency management systems helped us understand the exact requirements of the client and provide a solution customized as per their requirements
  3. We provided the client with the best resources and assigned team leaders and project managers who would watch over the team closely so as to ensure that all the tasks were completed within the stipulated time

The Results

The team at Flatworld Solutions was able to successfully handle all the back-office requirements of the health insurance company. The following results were obtained during the project -

  1. We were able to build a constructive collaboration with our client over the years and have earned complete customer satisfaction
  2. The client's high-cost manual processes using band aid system was stopped after we took over almost 80% of their back-office operations
  3. The clients' side account manager who would spend almost half of his time in doing processing work is now focusing on building new businesses

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Streamlined Back-office Solutions

Flatworld Solutions has been providing streamlined back-office solutions and many other insurance services to several insurance companies around the world. Our cost-effective services are attuned to your business requirements, and our vast experience in the insurance field helps us understand the exact nature of the task and deliver services accordingly.

If you are looking for a reliable back-office solution provider, then feel free to contact us and get to know more about our expert solutions.

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