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Despite experts predicting a decline in the overall industrial sector worldwide, one industry that continues to thrive is the manufacturing industry! Regardless of the exponential growth and technological advancements, there are however several challenges that the manufacturing industry faces on a daily basis. Some of the challenges include lack of skilled labor, cybersecurity, technological advancements, changing regulations, the global competition, etc.

Services for Manufacturing  Industry

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In this fiercely competitive market, it is important to stay updated with the latest developments and overcome the challenges. The mundane and repetitive tasks usually consume a lot of time and take the focus away from the core tasks. The best way to overcome these challenges is to outsource routine and mundane services to a third-party experienced service provider. By outsourcing these commonplace tasks to a professional and experienced service provider like Flatworld Solutions and concentrating on the core competencies, organizations can stay ahead of the competition.

Engineering Services  


Having been in the engineering services domain for over 20 years now, we have the required experience to cater to any of the clients' engineering requirements. Our team of comprises of some of the most skilled and talented engineers from different fields such as mechanical, structural, architectural, electrical, etc. Some of our services include:

Research and Analysis Services  


While venturing into a new country or a new product manufacturing concept, it is crucial to know how the customers will react to your idea. We can help you with the required research and analysis services within a quick turnaround time and at affordable prices. Our services include:

Photo Editing Services  


Every organization needs photo editing services. It is important there are well-edited photos available for the marketing and branding purpose. Our team of photo editing experts can help you edit and create some of the professional looking images. Our photo editing services include:

Creative Design Services  


Creative design services are a must for the branding of your manufacturing industry. It helps in promoting and identifying the product among several others. Our team of creative designers can help you create some of the most innovative designs for your products. Our creative design services include:

Data Entry Services  


The manufacturing industry deals with a lot of data which need to be processed and stored for further analysis. We have a team of highly skilled data entry experts who can efficiently retrieve data, process it, and store it in the appropriate format. Our comprehensive data entry services include:

Call Center Services  


Call center services are extremely important for the manufacturing industry. It can play an important role in improving the manufacturing process, address the client queries, and provide a good customer experience. We have a team of expert call center agents who can provide the following services:

Software Development  


With rapid technological advancements, it is important to stay updated and leverage the latest software. We can develop innovative and robust software and mobile apps for manufacturers to help them automate their processes. Our services include:

Accounting and Bookkeeping  


Accounting and bookkeeping can be one of the crucial tasks for any manufacturing organization. It is of utmost significance to keep track of the financial data and the cash flow which will help in taking the right decisions at the right time. Our team of financial experts can help you with the following services:

Translation Services  


If you are planning to expand your operations to other parts of the globe, it is vital to communicate to the people in their own language. Our team can help you effectively translate the existing documents and other material into the desired language within a short time. Our services include:

Transcription Services  


Audio/video transcription services form a key part of the manufacturing industry. Our team of highly qualified and skilled transcriptionists can provide clients from the manufacturing industry with the best quality transcription services. Our team can help you with the following transcription services:

Web Analytics  


Our web analytics services can help manufacturing industry clients to create custom dashboards and detailed reports to analyze their performance. We make use of some of the best SEM practices to ensure that your search rankings are improved and you reach out to more clients globally. Some of our services include:

Why Should Manufacturing Clients Choose Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions has been a leading provider of outsourcing services to manufacturing industry clients for over a decade now. Our team comprises of the most knowledgeable individuals who can cater to any of your needs. Some of the reasons for you to choose us include:


Experienced Team

We have a team which comprises of highly qualified and skilled individuals which understands the manufacturing industry thoroughly


Affordable Prices

We are able to provide our clients with highly affordable services as we leverage some of the most efficient processes while delivering the services


Short Turnaround Time

We have multiple delivery centers spread across the globe and in different time zones which allow us to deliver the services within a quick time


Data Security

We sign confidentiality agreements and have several data security policies in place which ensure that all your confidential data is completely safe with us


Customized Solutions

We have the required skills, experience, and bandwidth to provide our manufacturing industry clients with highly customized solutions which will suit their requirements

Choose Flatworld Solutions to Accelerate the Growth of Your Manufacturing Industry


Flatworld Solutions has been a leading provider of outsourcing services to manufacturing industry clients and a plethora of other industries. Having been in this domain for over 20 years now, we have gained enough experience to cater to any of the client's needs. We make use of some of the latest and updated versions of tools and technologies to ensure we deliver only the best services to our clients. We have access to the best talent in the industry that can help you accelerate your organizations' growth in a highly efficient manner.

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Important Information: We are an offshore firm. All design calculations/permit drawings and submissions are required to comply with your country/region submission norms. Ensure that you have a Professional Engineer to advise and guide on these norms.

Important Note: For all CNC Services: You are required to provide accurate details of the shop floor, tool setup, machine availability and control systems. We base our calculations and drawings based on this input. We deal exclusively with(names of tools).

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