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The Canadian Pre-arrival Review System (PARS) is a useful method which allows Customs brokers to submit release information in the form of RMDs (Release on Minimum Documentation) to the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency). Submitting an early PARS request helps to speed up the release or referral for examination process for a particular carrier when they arrive at the Canadian borders with the freight.

As one of the premier Canadian customs brokerage service providers, our licensed specialists have the expertise to quickly submit PARS documentation and move your goods in-land while ensuring compliance with the Canadian import regulations. Our Pre-arrival Review System Entry Services are ideal for Canadian Customs brokers who are looking for expert help when it comes to this complex, high-volume task. Along with properly determining tariff classification and duty evaluation, our PARS entry services provide our clients with a cost-effective solution to deal with excess documentation and ever-changing regulations.

Our PARS Entry Services

Our exceptional customs brokerage back-office services have helped numerous Customs brokers in Canada. Regardless of how or where your customers' goods enter the country; our strategic customs brokerage knowledge will ensure steady movement of goods for both large and small importers alike. Add to that the fact that we are always committed to clearing all inbound goods rapidly while reducing the risk of trade compliance, our clients can be assured of partnering with the perfect PARS service provider.

Our PARS services for Canadian Customs brokers include -

  • Accurately logging an importer's shipment ETA for crossing or entering Canadian borders
  • Retrieving and matching commercial invoices to a particular shipment
  • Accurately logging all important shipment information such as shipment content, shipment weight, number of goods, etc.
  • Registering the Pro-bill and manifest to a particular shipment along with the required bar-coded cargo control numbers
  • Document indexing for easy retrieval on a shipment-shipment basis
  • Matching RNS releases to each PARS shipment control number directly on the ACI e-manifest with the help of automation
  • Provision for electronic release (ACROSS) and electronic data interchange (EDI) as and when required

6-step PARS Entry Process We Follow

As a preferred Canadian customs brokerage service partner for 17 years, we have bene able to streamline our PARS shipment entry process to ensure steady movement of shipments and goods across the country's borders. Our process is based on performing the fundamentals properly, ensuring your clients never have to face any delay at the Canadian borders. Our PARS entry includes -

Customs Brokerage Services

Why Choose Flatworld for Pre-arrival Review System Entry Services?

At FWS, our value proposition lies in our ability to ensure your goods and shipments never face any delay when arriving or passing through Canadian borders. We take care of all the documentation, duties, licenses, permits, etc. to ensure optimal clearance rates for our clients. By partnering with us, you stand to gain from the following -

  • Customs clearance of shipments arriving through any mode of transport with the help of dedicated customs brokerage specialists, managers, and trained ground staff
  • Expert preparation of customs documentation along with tariff valuation and classification with the help of our advanced tariff calculator
  • Claims processing and duty drawbacks performed efficiently on your behalf, whenever required
  • Continuous release services at all major Canadian gateways
  • Zero dark holes as you gain the ability to track your shipments at any particular time, whenever required
  • Full PARS and EDI capabilities to ensure the highest possible standards for regulated entry data, while reducing post-release duty adjustments and customs inquiries
  • Careful administration of regulatory compliance, along with continuously updating on government initiatives for on-hand behavior from all our specialists
  • An end-to-end solution for all customs brokerage related tasks, including B3 form building, customs brokerage software development, NAFTA verification, Harmonized systems classification, etc.

Outsource PARS Entry Services to Flatworld Solutions Now!

Our customs brokerage solutions are built around our clients, and are custom-fitted as per your requirements. As a proud member of the CSCB (Canadian Society of Customs Brokers), we ensure that no matter what the shipment, we deliver a standard, client-specific operating procedure which saves you time and costs. By carefully following Canadian legislations and protocols, we ensure strict adherence to all regulations, thereby reducing penalties, while improving customs visibility.

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