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Despite being one of the fastest growing industries globally, the e-commerce industry has had its fair share of challenges. Right from finding the right products to sell, attracting the ideal customers, generating quality traffic, collecting qualified leads, converting real-time visitors into buyers, retaining the existing customers, choosing the right set of technologies, and achieving a long-term profitable growth are just a few.

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Flatworld Solutions - Pioneers in Providing Quality Services to the e-commerce Industry

Services We Offer

With the growing demand for better customer service and better-quality products, e-commerce organizations must constantly work towards overcoming these challenges. Sometimes, it gets difficult to handle so many things on the plate hence it's a wise decision to outsource some of the back-office services to an experienced service provider like Flatworld Solutions. We specialize in providing a series of services including:

Creative Design Services  


Creative designs are very important when it comes to the e-commerce industry. Be it selling a simple product, marketing promotions during sales and festival promotions, it is always good to have flashy and creative designs which will attract customers and gather interest in the products. Our creative team of designers can help you with:

Photo Editing Services  


e-Commerce industry clients operate their business completely online. This makes it important that the clients are convinced to buy what they see, making photo editing a key function. We, at Flatworld Solutions, can help you with high-quality image enhancement services which will make the products on your website appear better and attract the customer to buy it. Some of the services we offer include:

Engineering Services  


We have a team of highly qualified engineers who have the experience of working with leading e-commerce giants of the world. We have helped clients with all their engineering needs as and when they need it. The key services we offer our e-commerce clients include:

Call Center Services  


e-Commerce companies are in a constant need of providing great customer service. This is possible by leveraging a high-quality call center team who can handle and resolve issues from customers, take feedback, orders, and address any other issue the customer is looking for. Our call center services include:

Software Development  


The customer demands are constantly changing and the same is expected from every e-commerce website they visit. Customers are always attracted and inclined towards newer technologies and features an e-commerce website offers. Flatworld Solutions' software developers can help you integrate the latest software technologies into your e-commerce website. Our services include:

Research and Analysis Services  


e-Commerce companies need to constantly keep track of the latest trends and customer product preferences. Before any product launch or starting a promotional campaign, it is important that companies understand the market and know what the clients are looking for. Our research and analysis team can help you with these details which will help in boosting the sales and revenues of your e-commerce organization. Our services include:

Data Entry Services  


The e-commerce business is a rapidly changing industry and the website needs to be constantly updated with new products and the details of each product need to be keyed in. Our team of expert data entry professionals can help you with highly accurate and efficient data entry services for products, services, product descriptions, prices, reviews, invoices, catalogs, etc. Our services include:

Web Analytics  


Keeping track of your business' progress is always a good idea. Our team of web analysts can help you build custom dashboards which will enable you to track sales, revenue, promotional campaigns, and their effectiveness, etc. all in one place. Our dashboards can also help you monitor the performance of your business as a whole at any time. Our services include:

Accounting and Bookkeeping  


The e-commerce industry operates in a different way as compared to the retail industry and needs special attention when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping. It is important to keep the finances of your e-commerce organization in check and we are here to help you do just that. Our accounting and bookkeeping services include:

Translation Services  


Language is one of the major barriers for e-commerce companies when they start operating in multiple countries or regions of the world. It is important to communicate with your customers in their own local language which will help in building trust and a long-term relationship. We, at Flatworld Solutions, can help you with translation services, including:

Transcription Services  


Transcription is usually neglected by the e-commerce organizations as it is a time-consuming and cumbersome task. We, at Flatworld Solutions, can help you with quality transcription services including captioning of images, subtitling, and also audio/video transcriptions. Our services include:

Why Should e-commerce Clients Choose Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions has been a leading provider of back-office solutions to clients around the globe for over 13 years now. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us include:


Experienced Team

Our team comprises some of the most skilled, talented, and experienced individuals who understand the e-commerce industry well are capable of handling any of the client's requirements


Affordable Services

We provide our e-commerce industry clients with highly flexible pricing options which ensure and the clients have to pay only for the services they opt for


Quick Turnaround Time

We keep pace with the fast-moving e-commerce industry and provide quality back-office services within a quick time through our multiple delivery centers


Data Security

We are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified organization which ensures that all the data handled by the e-commerce industry is completely safe with us


Multi-domain Expertise

We have the required experience of working with e-commerce clients from around the globe and hence can easily handle services from multiple domains


Customized Solutions

We understand the e-commerce industry inside-out and have the bandwidth and skills to provide highly customized solutions which will suit the client's requirements

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Efficient Back-office Solutions


Flatworld Solutions has been a pioneer in providing quality back-office services to its global clientele. We have a thorough understanding of the e-commerce industry and hence are capable of handling any of the client's needs and provide customized solutions. We have multiple delivery centers spread across the globe which allow us to deliver services within a quick time without compromising on the quality. Our solutions will help you achieve all your business goals at a much faster rate.

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