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Flatworld Solutions offers best-in-class corporate translation services to a wide range of organizations right from small-sized start-ups to large multinationals. Our teams of experienced linguists have the unique ability to work in different national and international languages and contribute with their command over language and subject-matter expertise. We have specialized teams for document translation in popular languages like Spanish, French or German.

Backed with a time-tested result-driven methodology, we are committed to ensuring that 'translation errors' never leave our office premises. Our corporate translations are certified and adhere to stringent quality standards.

Our Service Offerings

A high-quality business translation service can only be delivered by a service provider who understands the needs of the industry thoroughly. Our professional and experienced team, thorough process, and ingenious technology solutions have given us the ability to translate and publish any type of business document. from simple legal document translations to multilingual research, and from technical translation to efficient translation for marketing, we can deliver any translation service that you may be looking for. Our corporate translations are accurate, quick, and always delivered within the stipulated period and budget.

  1. Corporate Translation Services

    We are aware that organizations are spread globally across different countries, and that outsourcing is the perfect way to make use of rich resources available around the world and save on cost. However, problems arise when you have to deal with customers and vendors who do not speak the same language as you do. To keep everyone on the same page, you need certified corporate translations of all important documents like -

    At Flatworld Solutions, our corporate translation team will spend a lot of time understanding your documents before we begin the actual translation process. We do not believe in delivering vague or inaccurate documents that pose a threat not just to you, but to our credibility as well.

  2. Legal Corporate Translation Services

    Apart from corporate document translation, we are also skilled at translating legal corporate documents. At Flatworld Solutions, we understand the value and significance of every word used in your legal document; therefore, we ensure that these are translated into foreign languages by certified translators and interpreters, to ensure zero errors. Our teams of legal translation experts guarantee precision, confidentiality, and attention to detail, which leads to accurately translated legal documents for your corporation. You can count on us for perfect legal translations of your summonses, agreements, briefs, evidentiary tapes, or any other crucial legal document.

Our key Differentiators

  1. Efficient Translation Process

    At Flatworld Solutions, we follow a one-of-its-kind proprietary workflow that gives our team of translators a strong framework and ensures consistency and accuracy. Our quality assurance procedures and workflow methodology have been created to make the best use of each of our skilled translators. This framework accentuates our level of accuracy, speed, and technical expertise in all our translations.

  2. Consistent Delivery

    On-time delivery is one of the most important things that a customer looks for in any service-oriented company. At Flatworld Solutions, we leverage technology, professionalism, and geographic placements to deliver corporate translations within the shortest possible turnaround time. Apart from our in-house corporate translators, we also have linguistic experts who are strategically placed across different time zones, so that we can provide customers with translation services 24/7.

  3. Unmatched Accuracy

    Flatworld Solutions has been in the translation business long enough to know that employing intelligent, self-driven native translators and training them to work in an organized framework instantly translates into timeliness, quality control, and accuracy, thus ensuring continued customer satisfaction. Our workflow methodology takes advantage of the human tendency to succeed and avert failures. The primary team of corporate translators at Flatworld Solutions knows that there are third and sometimes the third level of translators waiting to proofread their work, so their attention to detail and due diligence is unparalleled.

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Corporate Translations

Outsource corporate translation to Flatworld Solutions and channel all your energy into your core business. Proficiency in translating a wide range of business documents irrespective of their length, into any format of your choice, has made our business translation services a huge success. With unrivaled reliability, precise timeliness, and competitive pricing, Flatworld Solutions is your one-stop destination for all your corporate translation requirements.

Contact us to outsource business translation services, and make your business transcend global boundaries.

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