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Outsource Website Translation Services

According to research, consumers are most likely to purchase online when content on the website is in their native language. Without localizing digital content, it can be tricky to adapt your website to international markets. A foreign language can come in the way of customer experience and the lack of cohesion is often blamed for businesses losing potential customers. If this is your concern, then website translation is what you need to get noticed.

Flatworld Solutions' (FWS) website translation services ensure that you do not miss sales inquiry. Why risk investing time and money on digital content which may never materialize into sales in offshore markets? Our website localization services are accurate and error-free because we localize text, video, illustrations, and other digital data on the website to make your target audience feel that the content was crafted exclusively for them. We also perform stringent quality checks so that you can engage users globally without worrying about cultural sensitivities. Turn your website into a lead magnet by outsourcing website translation services to us.

Website Translation Services We Offer

At Flatworld Solutions, we have a team of professional translators and linguists who are adept at global languages. Our native speakers are experts at 50+ languages such as German, Arabic, Spanish, French, Hindi, etc. and can translate your website by eliminating local sensitivities. This way you can avoid awkward translation errors arising from misaligned context. The services we offer under website translation includes -

  • Text-based Translation

    The change in content is reflected in real-time and visitors can see the text in their native language aligned with the actual context flawlessly rendered on the website

  • Image, Video, and Multimedia Translation

    Our experts can localize video on your website appropriately without cliché errors in the context that are otherwise a norm while using automated translation software

  • Translation for Various Industry Types

    Our website localization services can be availed by businesses of any industry type. Some of the industries we serve are software, healthcare, real estate, finance, etc.

Whether it is inflated costs or short turnaround time, you can leave your concerns behind because we've got you covered. FWS' website localization services can make your web content marketable and user-friendly by eliminating misinterpretations. As a reward, your website will rank better as search engines take notice of your content. So why wait? Outsource website translation to us right now.

Languages We Translate

We are world's leading professional website translation services provider with experience in translating 50+ languages. Here are a few common languages we translate -

  • Arabic
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russia
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

If you require translation service in languages other than the ones mentioned above, we can fulfill your needs.

Website Translation Process Flow We Follow

Our streamlined process of website translation services will not only ensure that localization service is carried out within the stipulated timeframe but also in a cost-effective manner. When you outsource website localization services to us, the project is implemented in the following way -

Defining Structural Requirements

Defining Structural Requirements

The website components that requires translation is defined. We also define structural components such as icons, images, and videos as well as other links for translation

Globalizing the Website

Globalizing the Website

To view the website in other languages, we create options that can be used to change preferences. So, whenever a visitor chooses the language which is not a default one, the website will still display the right content

Content Translation

Content Translation

We also translate all HTML and XML files of the website into any foreign language so that your IT teams are spared from grunt work

Database Translation

Database Translation

We translate website's database into the language of choice for ease of use

Language Support Services after Translation

Language Support Services

We also screen the website to ensure the consistency of cultural/geographical, date, and currency formats variations because incomplete translation can confuse the user and may result in low trust level

Benefits of Outsourcing Website Translation Services to Flatworld Solutions

Experience a host of benefits by choosing website translation services from Flatworld Solutions. Our solution offers a reliable way to save time and money while expanding your digital footprint globally. Our foreign language translation services for websites can help you engage potential customers from other cultures and countries without barriers. Partnering with us can help you avail the following benefits -

  • Multilingual Support - We offer complete website translation in any foreign language
  • Cultural and Language Sensitivity - We get past differences such as local influences, cultural aspects, as well as the dialect with our team's expertise
  • Expert Human Translators - Unlike bots which inaccurately interpret the context, our human translators possess many years of experience to produce results at short turnaround time in a cost-effective way
  • High-quality - We carry out quality assessment and proofreading to ensure the localization is flawless
  • Regular Project Updates - Get regular updates to know the progress of the project at every stage
  • Secure Data Transfer - We transfer project files using SFTP and other secure file sharing apps
  • Licensed Software - We use licensed proprietary software for the website translation services so that real-time support can be availed
  • Data Security and Confidentiality - Security of your data is paramount. We authorize only qualified professionals to handle projects that involve sensitive data. Optionally, our team can also service client's request remotely so that the data remains in the client's infrastructure
  • 24/7 Time Zone Support - We are flexible to work in your time zone as an extension of your team and can provide round-the-clock assistance with dedicated support during and after the project
  • Well-equipped Infrastructure - State-of-the-art global delivery center with the smart technology, software tools, and qualified translators with decades of cumulative experience in website localization
  • Language Data Formats - We offer multiple formats of your choice to conveniently send and receive translated language data for your website. The formats we support includes XLIFF, RESEX, PO, XML, JSON, CSV, PROPERTIES, and much more.

Outsource Website Translation Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is an ISO-certified global leader in translation services. We undertake projects that require translation whether the challenge is big or small. Our 20 years of experience in the industry has resulted in remarkable success stories where clients leveraged our services to surge ahead of the competition.

Our ability to deliver on promises makes us a trustworthy brand that clients look up to. Outsource website translation services to us without worries because we can carry out the project as per the SLA without compromising the security of your precious data. When you choose our services we also provide 24/7 support so that your business will remain uninterrupted.

Contact us now to outsource website translation so we can provide you a FREE quote in 24 hours. At FWS, we ensure to meet the deliverables the way you want.

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