Flatworld Solutions at Accelerate 2023

Flatworld Solutions at Accelerate 2023 Accelerate 2023 May 7 - 10, Austin, Texas Booth no. - 206 Austin Convention Center

An Event with Industry Influencers for Eventful Interactions

The ever-changing landscape of the insurance industry continues to pose unprecedented challenges compelling players of all sizes to leverage technology and augment their capabilities and boost efficiencies. At Accelerate, an annual event attended by some of the biggest names in insurance, you get to understand just that - how IT systems can help you achieve your business objectives and keep the costs down at the same time. From carriers and agencies to MGAs and independent agents, there is something for everyone!

As a premium exhibitor at the event, Flatworld Solutions will be there to help you make sense of how IT and outsourcing are revolutionizing the way insurance companies solve complex problems.

Enabling Growth and Profitability for Insurance Agencies

According to a McKinsey’s global survey of the insurance sector, premiums grew by just 3% and the share of GDP stayed stagnant at 7% over the last decade. The current decade doesn’t look any better.

Further, the same survey analyzed the outperformers to find out what they were doing differently to drive higher growth and profitability.  Focusing on core businesses than launching new ones, focusing on segments with high growth rates than capturing competitors’ market share, and aligning business objectives with subsegments were some of the factors that separated the winners from the also-rans.

Meet us at Accelerate and let’s help you discover key areas for driving your growth and profitability. 

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Keynote Speakers

  • Blake Morgan, Best-selling author & leader in customer service
  • Amy Zupon, CEO, Vertafore

The Insurance Industry in the Post-Pandemic World

Businesses went through a steep learning curve during the pandemic and realized that a remote team has its rewards. At this event, we will talk about how outsourcing offers a reassuring alternative, when it comes to mitigating challenges like talent shortages and increased operational overheads.

Evolving Customer Needs

Customers continue to demand more from seamless digital experiences and online self-service. They expect every interaction to be quick and easy with a click of a button. They want customized services that enhance individual experience! Meet us at Accelerate to find out how third-party outsourcing partners like Flatworld Solutions fit this exact need.

Business Continuity and Risk Mitigation During Uncertain Times

Ensuring business continuity and mitigating risks have become the mantra of business leaders and they are constantly asking themselves "How do we achieve this is an optimized and cost-effective manner?" An outsourcing partner with multiple global delivery centers and world-class infrastructure is the best way forward.

The Flatworld Advantage

  • Highly competent team
  • Robust IT infrastructure
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Established infosec practices
  • Flexible scalability - scale up or down
  • Tech automation
  • Back-up resources
  • Attrition management
  • Process improvement
  • Smooth transition
  • Dedicated project managers

The Flatworld Engagement

Our tech stack comprises significant investments in AI and ML and process improvements through automation. We ensure speed and accuracy in all our endeavors. Our ISO-certifications exhibit our diligent adherence to international standards of Data Privacy laws across all global delivery centers.

Boost profits through faster claim settlements. Outsource time-consuming and resource-intensive insurance back-office services to maximize revenue. Join Flatworld Solutions at 'Accelerate' to know the how, and why of outsourcing insurance processes.

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