Flatworld's Board of Directors

The opening line at every board meeting in Flatworld Solutions is usually - "Thank God for where we are today". Most corporations would love to hear that in their board rooms. We just made it a habit right from our inception. We had a reason; Flatworld Solutions was conceived by an Act of God. This is no conjecture, but a reality that faces all of us and those who work with us.

How do you explain an Agriculturist with extreme exposure to drip-water irrigation, finding his foot in the world of BPO? How do you explain an Electronics Engineer with a passion for solders and wires, managing large teams in Health care and Mortgage? It would seem weird to have an IIT graduate in Architecture, working now at the forefront of Analytics! Imagine a Creative Director, relooking at life with creative lenses and finding the world of Outsourced Services!!

Jacob William

Well, Flatworld is that possibility.

Meet Jacob William - The agriculturist - great at cultivating new ideas and bringing them to fruition.The leader of the pack and elder statesmen, Jacob focuses on finding new meadows for the rest of the ilk. An avid Formula 1 fan now besieged with finding patterns in all data, Jacob belies his experience with a childlike passion for gaming.

Currently based in Florida, Jacob ensures that the guideposts of the Flatworld dream are never altered, but the goalposts for achievement are always pushed.

David Antony

For those on the East Coast, you will find a traveling encyclopedia of 'how-to-fix-it' stories at many a domestic airport. Meet David Antony, the electronics buff who went to Management School and ended up shoring profits for many Fortune 500 ccorporations. An ardent gadget buff, David can fix most things broken, including sliding balance sheets. If ever Flatworld had a Dream Merchant, you can find one residing in New Jersey who takes the pioneering road. Amplifying the positive values of the global economy, he ensures customers have an absolute lockdown on anything he suggests. He walked the global economic road when none existed and has guided many customers on the path to their success!

Anand Mathews

The harmony in the Flatworld decision-making council is brought in by the fourth member of the quartet - Anand Mathews. A marketing and strategic professional, who left peering through the lens of a camera for peering over revenue charts and sales strategies.

Someone who could convince top brands to spend money with a scribble and a line, today works to convince young minds to expend their energy positively. Working out of Bangalore, Anand brings a sense of permanence to plans and strategies that could engulf many an entrepreneur by creating systemic structures. An avid writer, connoisseur of cinema, and wildlife enthusiast, he manages customer expectations whilst keeping bottom lines in check.

Seby Kallarakkal

The board would be incomplete without an in-house analyst, and who better than a student of Architecture from IIT Kharagpur, and one whose penchant for number crunching got the better of him? Seby Kallarakkal - a problem solver by heart, offers simple solutions to complex riddles that face the board at most times. His facts, figures, and snippets at most times run contrary to the wild swings of strategy, but that's the balance Seby brings to the Flatworld stable. He is an ideal friend with cross pollinating skills, and one who will stretch out that bit extra to teach next-gen Flatworldians how to seek out detail and finesse in all things business. Currently ‘Bangalored', Seby is a visionary Business ‘Architect', and his patience ensures right decisions at all times.

As the digital landscape evolves, the transformative power of AI and Machine Learning emerges, reshaping industries and redefining what's possible. The same visionary spirit that enabled Flatworld Solutions to harness the disruption of outsourcing in the early 2000s is now at the forefront of this technological revolution. The Flatworld Board recognizes the vast potential of AI, seeing it not just as a tool, but as a force capable of unlocking unparalleled value and competitive advantage for organizations worldwide. Drawing parallels to their early acumen in identifying the seismic shift brought about by outsourcing, they now channel their collective insight and foresight into ensuring Flatworld is among the early adopters of these advanced technologies. Their vision remains clear: empower businesses to harness the future, today. With AI in its arsenal, the Board is set to redefine success stories, paving the way for organizations to thrive in an AI-driven era.

Meet the quartet; who never met before 2004, who never spoke of business the first time they met, and who never knew the paths that would be carved before them. Just a bunch of young men (middle-aged now) who chose to walk with integrity, passion, and a forbearing trust in God.

This is the Board that governs all decisions in Flatworld Solutions. We bring the ‘house down' when we are together, but are also adept at building people, careers, and companies when God presents us with an opportunity.

We look forward to meeting with you in the days to come!

We look forward to meeting with you in the days to come!


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