Flatworld Solutions and the Home of Hope

A home for the destitute in Bangalore

Home of Hope

Mr. T. Raja started the New Ark Mission of India in the year 1997. Mr. T. Raja, a former auto rickshaw driver, was concerned about the plight of the poor and homeless people living on the streets of Bangalore. With this burden in his heart, Mr. T. Raja founded "The Home of Hope". The organization is dedicated to rescuing and rebuilding the lives of the destitute living on the streets. The Home of Hope is the center of the New Ark Mission of India.

The Home of Hope and its impact on society

Home of Hope

The Home of Hope currently provides shelter for 237 residents. The young, middle aged and the old are welcomed alike at ] the home of hope. There are residents as young as 1 year old babies to 85 year old patients. The people who are brought into the home are rescued from unhygienic conditions. Destitute people suffering from AIDS, cancer, kidney failures etc. are given tender loving care at the Home of Hope. If not taken in by the home of hope, such people would have been left to die on the streets of Bangalore.

The people working at the Home of Hope

Home of Hope

The Home of Hope is well organized and operates through a team of people who are both committed and enthusiastic. At present there are 13 staff members and some of them are senior residents of the home. These senior residents were once rescued by Mr. Raja from the streets. Each member of the staff is assigned with specific responsibilities. The responsibilities at the home of hope include, providing medication for the sick and dying residents, preparing meals, gardening, house keeping, campus maintenance, vocational training and much more. The dedicated team at the Home of Hope carries out their duties with single-mindedness, love and care.

Flatworld's partnership with the Home of Hope

Home of Hope

Flatworld Solutions frequently visited the Home of Hope. After seeing the ongoing projects and being inspired by Mr. Raja, the founder of the Home of Hope, Flatworld Solutions felt a deep desire to partner with Home of Hope. Our social initiative, E-Cube stands for Educate, Enable and Empower. Keeping this in mind, Flatworld has asked Mr. Raja to partner with us as an Outreach Consultant on behalf of the E-cube wing. Through this initiative, we are empowering Mr. Raja's work and are supporting the Home's financial requirements.

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