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Flat Organization

We are do-ers, not just directors. Each one of us directly contributes to the revenue and growth of the organization, says

Jacob William - Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld prides itself on its flat organization. Headed by a young, dynamic top management team of people who lead by example and go where needed to get the job done, it's a company with a completely hands-on approach to doing things.

Anybody can walk into a senior manager's room to share a thought or discuss a new way of doing things. The accessibility gives freedom with accountability and discipline and empowers people to realize their full potential.

Employee empowerment

  • + "We believe in self-driven people who push themselves harder than anyone else can—people who are constantly 'toiling upwards in the night'," says Jacob. There's no room for laid back non-performers here in Flatworld. Our people are judged by results."
  • + Business heads of our independent business units run their centers of excellence with a long-term strategic perspective while ensuring month-on-month profitability through Management by Objective and regular goal-directed business planning based on analytics and metrics.
  • Collaborative Environment

  • + Cross-functional teams pool their collective intelligence and stimulate creative thought to improve performance, creating a boundaryless environment where ideas flow to produce positive results.
  • + Each employee is a "holon"—a whole with a distinctive identity—empowered to make unique individual contributions and take independent decisions to get the job done. At the same time, each employee is an intrinsic part of a "holarchy," or a larger whole, one of the independent business units that make up the still larger holarchy, Flatworld Solutions. The organization embodies the BPO holarchy of holarchies, offering consolidated business process outsourcing services under one roof.
  • This approach enables:


    Self-organizing and self-managed teams: Self-organizing and self-managed teams: It's not that there are no leaders here, it's just that every member is a 'leader' in some domain—responsible for his or her contribution to a given result. It's like in an ant colony (one of nature's best teams), the queen concentrates on her job of reproduction, not on controlling what other ants do. The team itself has a life of its own separate from its members. Its interconnected nature allows for greater productivity, reliability and efficiency. This is why some ant colonies can support up to 300 million members with specialized functions like food gathering and protection, without a "supervisor" looking over their shoulders!


    Focus on action: Take the decision, get the job done. Greater agility and speed of response at critical times


    Quicker information flow and good communication between team members


    Goal direction

    Collaborative Environment

    OTG - Opportunities to grow

    We invest in ongoing training and skills development through seminars and workshops conducted by industry professionals and give high weightage to information sharing both within functional teams and between teams working in different business domains.

    At Flatworld our people have fast track career growth options and opportunities to grow and learn. The breadth and depth of their roles and job functions enables them to be exposed to different work situations, so that they can select the area that matches their interests and skills. At Flatworld it is not uncommon to find a person who has started out with data entry services and has gone on to handle web marketing or analytics. We encourage our people to wear different hats and get a well-rounded view of the industry. They also have the opportunity to work for international corporations, supporting their customers and learning from their global best practices. Interfacing with international customers on their home turf and understanding their requirements is also a part of the process of migrating a project offshore. Needless to say, we place a strong accent on good communication and interpersonal abilities.

    Continuous learning

    Every project has its unique requirements and training is provided to all team members at the outset, to achieve expected results. Our customers seek complete business solutions - they define the "what" and leave the "how" to us.

    For those who already have a process in place, we replicate their existing process while we transition it offshore. This minimizes variables and enhances the prospect of success. Once the outsourcing process is established, we at Flatworld often suggest a more effective way of doing things. We then exceed customer expectations by delivering to higher levels of productivity and efficiency than those mentioned in the SLAs.

    While our work involves continuous learning, you could say our customers too are continuously learning from us!

    Employee motivation

  • Flatworld offers services in multiple domains with focus on specific business verticals from healthcare to logistics to insurance, finance and mortgage. This creates opportunities for growth and avenues for exploration where our people can do different kinds of work, upgrade and hone their skills and move into new areas of interest. In an industry where day-to-day work could become monotonous, career progression and job satisfaction is high at Flatworld as we consciously look for ways to use talent in different spheres.
  • Proactiveness, discipline and performance is rewarded with incentives, profit-sharing schemes and other innovative methods.
  • Training

  • Workshops and seminars on an on-going basis hone our people's skills in strategic thinking, planning, people management and conflict management.
  • Every new project also calls for its own distinct brand of training to ensure delivery to high standards of quality within time and cost parameters.
  • Information sharing

  • In specialized domains like knowledge process outsourcing, our senior consultants meet and share industry insights and updates in different fields where technology and its application is changing at a rapid pace. They have access to high end online libraries and other sources for their research.
  • Customer focus

    At Flatworld, we approach business from a customer's point of view. Rather than marketing the services we offer, we understand your unique business needs and then go all out to meet them. Sometimes this could mean offering a new service. We build relationships and offer value, leveraging our specialized expertise in different business domains.

    We handle every business inquiry as if it were our last. That's how we've grown by leaps and bounds.

    Most importantly, we build trust through honesty, integrity, open communications and transparency. Customers can interact with people actually doing the work. For example when outsourcing call center services, the customer can listen to the voice recording himself, in real time.

    Roles to showcase ability

    Flatworld's cross-functional teams work in synergy to produce results, time after time, using and refining processes where roles and working systems are well-defined for consistency in quality. The roles our people fill are as varied and challenging as the outsourcing process itself.

  • + Business Heads
  • + Business Development Managers
  • + Domain Specialists
  • + Project managers/Migration executives
  • + Sales Managers/Account managers/Customer relationship managers
  • +Project Leads/Team Leads
  • + Process leaders/Program managers
  • + Team leaders/Supervisors
  • + Quality managers/Operations managers
  • + Customer service professionals/Representatives/Agents
  • + Voice/Accent/Culture trainers
  • + Product and process trainers
  • + Shift supervisors/Managers
  • + Quality coaches/Quality controllers/Quality assurance supervisors
  • Qualified to excel

    Flatworld is proud of its team of highly qualified and experienced professionals and consultants, capable of providing excellence in operations and delivery to the standards of global corporations.

    Our employees hold professional or post graduate degrees in various subject streams. Engineers with specializations in civil, mechanical and software Engineering, architects, Business Research Analysts, Chartered Financial Analysts, MBA graduates, scientists, make up the rich talent base of Flatworld Solutions. In the area of knowledge process outsourcing, we have a pool of researchers with doctorates post-graduate and doctoral degree holders in Marketing, Market Research, Management, Marketing Communication, Pharmaceutical Research (specializing in technical areas of expertise such as chemicals, polymers, petrochemicals, biotechnology).

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    Action. Passion. Energy. Results.

    All converging towards business without barriers in the flat world. That's Flatworld for you.


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