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Home to large media firms, film studios, fashion and hi-tech firms, Los Angeles is also among the top cities in the USA that resort to outsourcing. Outsourcing is not only about cutting costs anymore. American companies, especially those in Los Angeles, have availed the services offered by Flatworld Solutions, in order to increase their profitability and get access to specialized skill sets.

Since 2002, Flatworld Solutions has worked with businesses of all sizes in America and has helped them optimize their resources and increase their profitability. With strong domain knowledge, robust systems and a highly qualified team of professionals, we can help you achieve your strategic business objectives.

Flatworld's Outsourcing Services

1. Medical billing Los Angeles

Medical coding and billing procedures require a high level of accuracy and need to be completed within a quick turnaround time. Chances are that you might not have enough resources or the expertise to manage medical billing procedures in-house. If your healthcare practice is facing a similar situation, consider outsourcing your medical coding services to an experienced outsourcing provider like Flatworld Solutions, which has expertise in this area.

2. Transcription Los Angeles

Convert your media files quickly into textual transcripts and reach a wider audience. Flatworld's accurate and quick transcription services span across a variety of media formats. Moreover they are delivered within a minimum turnaround time of 12 hours. Outsource transcription services to Flatworld Solutions and get an edge in your business.

3. Bookkeeping Los Angeles

Bookkeeping need not be tedious and monotonous for you anymore. Outsource your bookkeeping needs to Flatworld Solutions and be rest assured that all your business transactions are recorded and entered accurately.

4. Photo editing Los Angeles

Whether you are a photo studio or a large media house in the USA, our photo editing services will give you flawless photographs every time. Flatworld Solutions undertakes services such as image retouching, enhancement and restoration.

5. Call center Los Angeles

When you need to be in touch with your customers 24x7, call centers are a must. However, the huge investments required to set up one prevents companies in Los Angeles and other American cities from investing in an in-house call center setup. Flatworld Solutions can help you mitigate that risk by setting up a low-cost call center with trained professionals, quality analysts and project managers at the helm of affairs.

6. Data entry Los Angeles

Managing an in-house team of data entry operators can be stressful, leaving you with less or no time to spend on your core business operations. Outsourcing data entry services to Flatworld Solutions is a profitable decision, which can help you have access to error-free data at an extremely low cost. Flatworld's clear communication methodology, efficient project planning methods and latest upgraded systems aid in providing accurate services within a short turnaround time.

7. Creative design Los Angeles

You can stay ahead of your competitors by outsourcing your creative services requirements to Flatworld Solutions. Flatworld offers creative services such as writing, design and animation services, at a fraction of the cost that you would spend on availing the same services within your state.

8. Software development Los Angeles

Flatworld Solutions has sufficient experience and expertise in providing high-quality and technology-driven offshore software development services to global customers, especially those in America. Our team of efficient software engineers can develop product ideas, create software products, enhance software products and also provide software support services.

9. Web analytics Los Angeles

Measure activities on your website and see how potential customers interact online. Flatworld's web analytics services will help you analyze and assess the investments you've made in your website. Our services will also help you improve certain sections of your website, which are not performing well and need to undergo a change.

10. Accounting Los Angeles

Outsourcing financial accounting services to Flatworld Solutions can not only help you save costs but also give you a competitive edge by allowing you to focus on critical functions such as marketing and sales. Flatworld's accounting services team can manage bookkeeping and accounts receivables transactions.

11. CAD services Los Angeles

CAD was earlier considered to be too expensive to outsource. However, Indian companies like Flatworld Solutions offer high-quality CAD services at a low cost. Outsource your CAD services to Flatworld Solutions and get access to high-end mechanical and architectural drawings at low costs within a quick turnaround time.

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