Flatworld Solutions and the Prison Fellowship of India

The Prison Fellowship of India

Flatworld & PFI

The Prison Fellowship of India (PFI) was the first organization that Flatworld partnered with. PFI began in the year 1995 in Karnataka, India. This organization is a Non-Government Voluntary Organization which is involved in the correction, welfare and rehabilitation of prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families. PFI's goal is to provide prisoners with an opportunity to repent their misdeeds and turn over into a new leaf. PFI also helps these convicts to lead a life which is morally and socially acceptable. Most of all PFI equips them, to become responsible citizens. Mr Reny George, oversees PFI in Karnataka.

PFI provides the following

  • Food and Clothes
  • Education
  • Medical Care and Treatment

PFI also strives to encourage these prisoners and their families. At PFI, moral foundation is ensured through the principles of devotion and discipline, which are strongly inculcated. Today PFI provides shelter to 146 people, out of which 118 are children. For these 118 children, PFI provides home education from 1st standard to 10th standard. For about 28 children, who are staying in their own homes, PFI provides External Educational Assistance.

Starting a Computer Literacy Program

PFI Child working on Type Master

Flatworld Solutions started a computer literacy program. We sponsored two computers and the salary of a computer teacher. Our computer teacher, Mr. Jose V. Joseph is a graduate in computer applications and theology. At present, there are about 15 children who are attending these computer classes and who are in various stages of training. Training is given in the areas of computer basics, MS Office, speed typing and much more. We also provide possibilities of employment at Flatworld Solutions for deserving students.


Our Future Plans

Our Future Plans

We are also planning on incorporating the following at PFI

  • » Sponsoring two computers
  • » Sponsoring another computer teacher

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