Message From the Flatworld Global Team

In these trying times, our teams have been working ceaselessly to provide business continuity to our valued global customers. Our service delivery schedules are effectively handled by our efficient teams, working from the safety of their homes. We have, also, in certain locations, rented hotels so that our teams can work safely.

Together, we will fight and overcome this threat. Our wishes and prayers are with your family, friends, colleagues, and your country. Stay safe!

To provide business continuity to our valued global customers, our efficient teams are working from the safety of their homes and rented hotels (in certain locations).

We are with you in fighting this COVID-19 pandemic.

Flatworld Partners With U&I

U&I - Bringing the Change in their Own Unique Way

U&I is a volunteer-driven charitable organization based out of Bangalore, India. They are involved with 2 primary programs -

  • U&I Teach

    U&I Teach

    U&I, the after-school program reaches across 14 cities, 46 Learning Centers, &1200 children in India through their U&I Teach program. Over 1500 volunteers impart their valuable time, talent and energy to bring about this change. The volunteers take courses in English, tuitions and life skills for youth &children from lesser privileged backgrounds to increase their employability. Their 1:3 teacher to student ratio aims to provide low-cost, high-quality education.

  • U&I Care

    U&I Care

    U&I Care aims to transform the institutional care in India, and is currently assisting with the rehabilitation &care of 85 mentally challenged children and 100 men with special needs at two Bangalore-based residential facilities. 9 U&I staff members are working full-time in these Homes providing required medical care to residents abandoned by their families. The volunteers also spend time with these residents each week to give them much-needed social interaction.

Flatworld is Now a Corporate Sponsor of U&I

We, at Flatworld Solutions, have always believed that people with the right intentions have the power to change the world we are living in. U&I is working hard to bring a positive change to the society and helping underprivileged, destitute, &mentally-challenged individuals lead a better life.

Flatworld Solutions, therefore, has become the corporate sponsor for U&I and is helping them with the monetary support. We also encourage our employees to become a volunteer with U&I and be a part of the change.

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