Flatworld Solutions Partnered with YuvaLok Foundation and 'U & I' for COVID-19 Relief Campaign Outreach

Flatworld Solutions Partnered with YuvaLok Foundation and 'U & I' for COVID-19 Relief Campaign Outreach

Our partnership with two NGOs helped in providing essential supplies to many needy individuals, families, and children affected during the COVID-19 pandemic

Flatworld is associated with the YuvaLok Foundation and 'U & I' who are doing some amazing work in helping the community stand on its feet during COVID-19 pandemic, reaching out to the poor and underprivileged. These are trying times, especially for those with few resources, and Flatworld is proud to be able to contribute to helping those less fortunate with essential supplies.

COVID-19 Relief Campaign - Flatworld's Partnership with the Yuvalok Foundation

Flatworld's Partnership with the Yuvalok Foundation

During this COVID-19 crisis, the YuvaLok Foundation has been supplying food grains to migrant workers, daily wage earners, autorickshaw drivers, and the poverty-stricken.

YuvaLok has distributed foodgrain kits in Bangalore, Bhadravathi town, and to 750 families connected to its five schools in Chamarajnagar District.

The government recently announced that all schools in Karnataka State will remain closed until 31st July. YuvaLok has, therefore, planned to provide food supplies to 1400 families of its students, support staff, and a few other needy families in the vicinity of its schools during these three months.

COVID-19 Relief Campaign - Flatworld's Partnership with 'U & I'

COVID-19 Relief Campaign - Flatworld's Partnership with 'U & I'

Since the launch of 'U & I''s COVID-19 relief campaign, the organization has reached 4,497 beneficiaries. They have supplied food and sanitary kits to more than 700 families to sustain them through the coming weeks. 42 out of the 59 'U & I' Learning Centers across 12 cities have been served so far and kids and staff have received daily essentials. Rs. 12,53,833 has been spent so far on procuring essential supplies and medicines. 'U & I' also partnered with the Bangalore City Police to help needy families during the lockdown, together serving 200 families.

In addition to this, 'U & I''s volunteers across India are brainstorming to come up with ways to engage its students in curricular and extracurricular activities. In Guwahati, they've conducted online teaching sessions for a week, using Zoom and WhatsApp, whereas, in Mumbai, volunteers recorded sessions to facilitate various arts ' crafts, as well as Yoga! In the coming weeks, the organization hopes to reach out to many more children and communities.

Flatworld's Partnership with the YuvaLok Foundation and 'U & I'

YuvaLok was founded 25 years ago by Sam Rajshekhar and his wife. YuvaLok is a not for profit NGO and caters to underprivileged street children, rescued child laborers, tribal kids, and disadvantaged women.

YuvaLok provides free formal and non-formal education, vocational training, nutrition, and healthcare to more than 1800 children and runs 9 schools in different parts of Karnataka. The Foundation has brought about economic and social empowerment of the underprivileged in a holistic way regardless of caste or religion.

'U & I' is a charitable organization that caters to 1600 children through 52 Learning Centers in 20 cities spread across India through its Teach program. Around 2000 volunteers work with the organization. 'U & I' also assists in caring for 85 mentally challenged individuals and 100 men with special needs at four state-run residential facilities present in Bengaluru.

Flatworld Solutions believes that ordinary people can bring about extraordinary change when they couple the right intentions with positive and meaningful action. Flatworld is, therefore, proud to partner with both the YuvaLok Foundation and 'U & I' by providing monetary support. We also encourage all our employees to volunteer with these organizations.

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