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Given the numerous options that you have while choosing an outsourcing vendor, it gets difficult to choose the right partner who can truly help you succeed. Flatworld Solutions has been at the forefront of the outsourcing revolution since 2002. We have worked with customers across the globe and have built long lasting relationships along the way.

Houston has helped us gain customers across a spectrum of industries such as manufacturing, educational institutions, software companies, travel and hospitality firms. Through our engagements in America, especially in Houston, we have understood the dynamics and culture prevalent in the region, which has helped us improve the way we serve our customers.

If you are looking for a partner who can work with you rather than for you, we will be glad to help. Working to help you achieve your business goals, we will ensure that we meet your expectations successfully.

Flatworld's Outsourcing Services

Flatworld's wide range of proficient, technology-driven and cost-effective services can enable your organization to save on time, resources and effort, while maximizing revenue. Our outsourcing services include:

1. Accounting Houston

Back-end accounting tasks like collections are not only tedious but can also cost valuable dollars in terms of staff and systems. Outsourcing accounting services to Flatworld Solutions can relieve you from this burden and help you focus on improving your core business functions.

2. Medical billing Houston

You can outsource your medical billing needs to our team of medical billing experts, without any concerns and at almost half the cost that you would incur on performing medical billing in your healthcare practice in America.

3. Market research Houston

Market research is more of a necessity than an option for any business, irrespective of its size and scope. Flatworld's expertise in market research and statistical methods will help you find potential markets, gauge competition and develop new products to stay ahead of your competitors.

4. Call center Houston

Efficient customer service is the hallmark of any organization. Call centers are an important link between your customer and your organization. However, because of huge cost outlays, call centers are often given second hand treatment in the USA. Outsourcing call center services to Flatworld Solutions can help you reduce costs and build a great rapport with your customers.

5. Bookkeeping Houston

Bookkeeping might seem like a mundane task, but if it is not done properly, it can have a serious impact on your company's bottom line. At Flatworld Solutions, bookkeeping is done meticulously by a team of highly trained accountants who employ proven methods to keep your books up to date without any errors.

6. Data entry Houston

Data entry services from Flatworld Solutions can help you maintain your data accurately and in an organized manner. Having access to structured and organized data helps you make informed business decisions and enhance your business considerably. Flatworld has a team of trained and experienced data entry operators who enter large volumes of data accurately within a short turnaround time, ensuring the security and confidentiality of the same.

7. Transcription Houston

Your business would definitely involve a lot of data and information in the form of audio files, which need to be transcribed accurately and quickly in order to make better business decisions. Flatworld Solutions' accurate transcription services can help you make quick business decisions because we take very little time to convert your stacks of documents or complex audio/video files and ensure quicker output rates every time.

8. Software development Houston

Flatworld Solutions' software development services comprise of services such as analysis, design, development and testing. Our custom software development services have been highly appreciated by our customers in the USA, as our services can help you reduce your operating costs by 50%.

9. Photo editing Houston

Flatworld Solutions' trained photo editors use the latest photo editing software to edit images and photos of high-quality. We address the needs of several companies in America, especially Houston, such as global portrait studios, printing studios, product industries, logo design firms, real estate agencies, corporate organizations, publication companies, catalog companies and advertising agencies.

10. CAD services Houston

Flatworld Solutions offers a bouquet of CAD services that help global customers develop complex mechanical designs and significantly reduce their time-to-market.

11. Creative Design Houston

Creative services such as writing and design are very important for any organization. However, availing the same services in your state or performing the tasks in-house can prove to be very expensive. Consider outsourcing your needs for creative services to Flatworld Solutions. We offer high-quality services at a reduced rate, in a very short span of time.

12. Web analytics Houston

Your website is your company's salesmen. Want to know why your traffic isn't converting into sales? Flatworld Solutions has the answers to this question and many more such questions. The company offers expert web analytics services that help you enhance the conversion rate of your website.

13. Medical coding Houston

Coding procedures are necessary to ensure both accuracy and clarity. Chances are that you might not have enough resources or expertise to handle it in-house in America. If your healthcare practice is facing a similar situation, consider outsourcing your medical coding services to Flatworld Solutions.

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