CSR Partnership - Flatworld & Peacemakers

CSR Partnership - Flatworld & Peacemakers

Peacemakers -Facilitating Psycho-social Rehabilitation of Inmates and Children

Prisoners often come from troubled backgrounds and have to bear the brunt of unresolved conflicts with their families and peers. Once in prison, these people are given-up by society and excluded from their own community - a harsh reality which affects women and children the most. Once guilty, the life after prison gets more difficult not only for the convicts but also for their families and children.

Peacemakers believe in the restoration, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and reconciliation of prisoners as they understand their need for opportunities and resources to rebuild their lives, families, and communities.

Started as a Tata Trust supported fellowship of TISS, Peacemakers Pehel project is committed to serving women inmates and their families who lack financial, legal, and psychological support.

Promoting Culture of Peace

Peacemakers - Mission

  • Rehabilitate and restore the dignity of the victims of abuse, domination and violence

  • Transform culture of violence into culture of peace

  • Build communal cohesiveness and ecological harmony

  • Promote national integration and global peace

  • Unmask and redeem systems and structures that perpetrate injustice, inequity and strife

Peacemakers - Key Initiatives

  1. Equip and support families of prison staff

  2. Legal aid support & follow-ups with the legal fraternity

  3. Life skills & livelihood training for women convicts

  4. Need-based support for children of convicts

  5. Psycho-social support for inmates (both convicts & under-trials)

  6. Research and advocacy

  7. Skills training and stress management support for prison staff

  8. Support families of male convicts, particularly women-headed households

Flatworld's Partnership with Peacemakers

Flatworld Solutions has partnered with an NGO called Peacemakers for the year 2019. We pledged monetary support to contribute towards the upliftment of this neglected section of the society, with the hope of providing a better tomorrow to remorseful convicts and their innocent families.

Apart from the financial support, company also encourages employees to volunteer for the following activities -

  • Rehabilitate prisoners at Bengaluru Central Prison in association with prison authorities and other agencies
  • Provide tuitions for subjects like Maths, Science, and Languages - for 10th, PUC and undergraduate students
  • Conduct Music classes, play any instrument, or teach Hindustani, Classical and Western music
  • Support the project team with administration, accounting, & documentation functions

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