Outsourcing Services for Arizona

Think outsourcing, think Flatworld! Flatworld Solutions has been providing outsourced services to several companies in the USA, since 2002. We have a deep understanding of America's business dynamics and culture that is prevalent in most of the cities such as Arizona, Houston and LA (Los Angeles).

Arizona is one of the leading cities in the USA that has helped Flatworld grow through the years. By working with companies across domains such as chip manufacturing, IT, real estate, finance and banking, we have leveraged our expertise to improve returns for our customers.

With a potent mix of highly qualified professionals, the latest IT systems, robust infrastructure and a varied expertise in various domains in outsourcing, we are well-equipped to increase the productivity of your business, irrespective of the scope of your need.

Flatworld's Outsourcing Services

1. Data entry Arizona

Putting together a team of data entry professionals is not as easy as it seems to be. Apart from the risks involved in the initial project planning stage, several costs surface when you factor in the infrastructure and supervisory staff needed for data entry services. Outsourcing data entry services is a profitable decision that can help you always have access to error-free data at an extremely low cost.

2. Bookkeeping Arizona

Bookkeeping need not be a tedious process for you anymore in the USA. Outsource your bookkeeping needs to Flatworld Solutions and have every transaction entered and monitored accurately. Get the advantage of a professional bookkeeping back office, where all your support, maintenance, setup and consultancy functions are taken care of, at a low operating cost.

3. Photo editing Arizona

When you need flawless photos for your business, you cannot afford to avail the services of a low-priced vendor in America, just to save on costs. Often, poor communication and a lack of project management skills result in poor turnaround times and bad images. Flatworld has the experience and the required software to take care of all your photo-editing needs.

4. Accounting Arizona

Is your accounting staff unable to complete work within a fast turnaround time? Have you lost customers due to negligence in accounting practices? Flatworld's professional team of accountants can fast and efficient services such as bookkeeping, managing transactions related to income tax and accounts receivables. All this is done in a structured process whilst maintaining maximum data security.

5. Web analytics Arizona

Measure the activities on your website by understanding the behavior of the users on your website. Companies want to know the behavior of their customers and how they interact online.

We will help you analyze whether the investments made in your website are showing the right returns and helping you meet your business targets. With Flatworld's web analytics services, you'll get an insight into which sections of your website are performing well and which ones need to be revamped so that they perform better.

6. CAD services Arizona

CAD (Computer Aided Design) services were often considered to be too expensive to outsource. However, with the presence of experienced CAD professionals in India, getting complex mechanical and architectural drawings done is just a click away. Outsource your needs for CAD services to Flatworld Solutions and get access to flawless and professional designs.

7. Call center Arizona

Huge investments required in setting up a captive call center process prevent companies in the USA from developing in-house customer support centers. You can build long-lasting customer relationships with the help of an offshore customer support call center in India, courtesy Flatworld Solutions. By outsourcing your call center needs to Flatworld, you can experience a drop in costs and an increase in productivity.

8. Creative design Arizona

Get on top of your competition at prices that are almost half of what is available locally in America. Outsource various creative assignments such as writing, design, animation, video editing, advertising, film and print needs to Flatworld Solutions. Give your business that extra edge by opting for Flatworld's distinct creative services.

9. Medical billing Arizona

Medical billing is a must-do step for any healthcare practice in America. Chances are that you will not have enough resources or expertise to manage it in-house. If your healthcare practice is facing a similar situation consider outsourcing your medical coding services to Flatworld Solutions, an offshore services provider in India, which has expertise in providing medical billing and coding services.

10. Transcription Arizon

Even though rich media formats have grown tremendously, text based documents continue to appeal to several consumers. When you need a partner who can quickly understand your specific transcription needs and provide accurate transcription services, contact Flatworld Solutions without fail. Flatworld has a team of trained and experienced transcriptionists who provide accurate transcription services within a quick turnaround time.

11. Software development Arizona

Flatworld Solutions can manage software assignments related to custom application development, product development, software enhancement and software support services. Flatworld also has the expertise in offering high-quality and reliable software development services to its customers. Flatworld's proficient software professionals have extensive knowledge of various software such as XML, .NET, C#, ASP.NET and VB.NET amongst others.

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