Flatworld Solutions Annual Meet - Persevere 2007

Flatworld Solutions has experienced great growth in all areas and has expanded its services to countries other than the US.

The Flatworld Solutions family met at Ramanashree California Resort to celebrate Persevere 2007. This beautiful resort is located on Doddaballapur Road at Yelahanka, Bangalore. Persevere 2007 began at 7 in the evening, after some games. Dodge Ball was thoroughly enjoyed by the employees while the stage was being set up.

Jacob William, the esteemed CEO of Flatworld Solutions was called upon first. Jacob then spoke about Flatworld Solutions' tremendous progress last year. Flatworld Solutions has experienced great growth in all areas and has expanded its services to countries other than the US. Flatworld Solutions has also gained a large number of Fortune 18,000+ customers. He then thanked all the employees for putting in long hours of work, undying effort and perseverance during the last financial year. Jacob ended, with urging the employees to take Flatworld Solutions to greater heights this coming financial year. To celebrate this occasion, Jacob and the Vice Presidents, Seby, David and Anand were called upon to cut an enormous cake. Jacob invited the oldest and newest employee of Flatworld Solutions to join him in cutting the cake and to celebrate the team spirit and unity of the Flatworld Solutions family.

Celebrating the annual meet
Ameetha receiving the best employee award

The most treasured moment of the event was when Jacob was called upon the stage to give the "Best Employee Award of the Year" to deserving candidates. The following were the recipients of the awards, Ameetha Christina (HR), Kathirvel (Engineering Services) and Sasikumar (Imaging Services).

David Antony, Flatworld Solutions' COO & President was called upon to say a few words. David started with an illustration. One particular taxi driver in the US asked David if he was from India. When he said yes, the driver made this remarkable statement "Indians who come to the US are very rich". This shows that India has become world-famous and that the face of India has changed from being a third-world country to a nation that has emerged as the numero uno destination for outsourcing. David then spoke about Flatworld Solutions' plans of having a new business development center in Melbourne, Australia. David ended with telling the Flatworld Solutions family that he would be permanently moving to Flatworld Solutions' business development center in New York, US.

Flatworld Solutions' tech-savvy Strategic Advisor Seby Kallarakkal, who takes care of Technology and Products, was invited to give a talk on Flatworld Solutions' technology advancements and plans for the coming year. Seby spoke about our customers who are often dissatisfied, because they are unsure about the status of the project, deadlines, project information, accuracy level etc. He went on to explain that at Flatworld Solutions also, employees were often puzzled about who was handling the project, the status of the project, customer satisfaction etc. Our partners too felt that excel sheets were not helping and that there was no single place to add information. Seby said that Flatworld Solutions will be investing $250,000 during the next 2-3 years, in order to build a "Flatworld Solutions Outsourcing Platform" The first phase of Get It Done (GID) will be launched by May 15th 2007. This would hopefully become another feather in Flatworld Solutions' cap of differentiators.

The Flatworld Solutions Family
The Flatworld Solutions Family

Anand Mathews, Flatworld Solutions' CMO & Managing Director for Marketing and Business Strategy spoke about E-Cube. Educate, Enable, Empower (E-Cube) is Flatworld Solutions' social initiative towards making society a better place and empowering society through education. Prison Fellowship of India (PFI) is the organization where Flatworld Solutions is currently providing support. Anand spoke about Flatworld Solutions future plans on the social front, which included buying more computers and employing another computer teacher at PFI and stretching our helping hand to other social organization in Bangalore.

Anand then showed Flatworld Solutions' employees a slideshow on perseverance and how to make things happen at work. A motivating movie starring Sylvester Stallone from "Rocky" was played along with the movie's soundtrack. The scenes showed Rocky preparing himself to become a boxing champion. The scenes included inspirational and motivating phrases on working hard, persevering and finally emerging as a champion, just as Rocky does after much perseverance. This movie ended the event on an inspirational note.

The HR team then invited all the Flatworld Solutions employees to have dinner. The dinner was scrumptious and included both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Everyone was seen thoroughly enjoying the dinner. After dinner, Jacob called everyone together for a group photograph.

Persevere 2007 was truly an event to remember!

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