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Hear the word outsourcing, and you'll hear two sections of crowd - one chanting why outsourcing is here to stay, while the other crowd up in arms against the fallacies of outsourcing. The Unites States has been the leader in outsourcing various business services. Of all services outsourced globally, US accounts for about 60% (Source: Price Waterhouse Coopers). And much of this business goes to outsourcing leaders like India.

Among the countries that provide outsourcing services, India continues to lead the race. Despite threats from new outsourcing hubs springing up around the world, Indian outsourcing vendors lead the pack. Once considered a hotbed of 'low-end' outsourcing services like call centers, it now provides high-end services in the areas of research, design and engineering. As of 2008, revenues from outsourcing were nearly 11 billion USD (Source: NASSCOM).

Outsourcing services by Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld has worked with companies across the globe in maximizing their business goals. Whether it is providing transcription services to a small medical center or taking up engineering services for a large manufacturing organization, our breadth and depth of outsourcing experience has resulted in several long term customer partnerships. Almost 60% of our business comes from repeat customers.

Here is a breakdown of the services that we offer -

  • + Call center services
  • + Data entry services
  • + Transcription services
  • + Engineering services
  • + Healthcare BPO
  • + Finance and Accounting services
  • + Software development services
  • + Photo editing
  • + Research & Analysis
  • + Creative Design
  • + Web Analytics
  • Outsourcing services for states in US

    We have worked with different regions in the US and are fully aware of the culture that exists in the different parts of America. More so, our flexible shift system allows us to work seamlessly and serve the various time zones that exist.

    Outsourcing from Arizona

    We have worked on several projects with companies in Arizona. Our most notable ones have been in the areas of - Engineering services and in Analysis services.

    Outsourcing from Dallas

    Dallas has given us successful relationships with companies who have outsourced their bookkeeping and other finance and accounting services.

    Outsourcing from Atlanta

    We have experience in dealing with companies from Atlanta and surrounding regions. Many have used our call center services to maximize their customer relationships.

    Outsourcing from Washington

    Though Washington has been relatively low in outsourcing, we have had very fruitful partnerships working in high end outsourcing services.

    Outsourcing from New York

    New York has helped Flatworld grow from just another outsourcing vendor to establishing key partnerships worldwide with a plethora of IT and ITES companies.

    Outsourcing from Los Angeles

    We've had experience on working with several media and film companies providing services such as transcription, media editing and software development.

    Outsourcing from Las Vegas

    Las Vegas has been a revelation in terms of the huge number of partnerships that we've had with companies who have partnered with us for their accounting needs. We have also provided large scale finance and accounting services to firms across Las Vegas.

    Outsourcing from New Jersey

    We have worked with several healthcare firms as well as IT firms from New Jersey.

    Outsourcing from Houston

    Houston is one of the key cities that we've worked with. A large base of our customers comes from Houston and other cities from Texas.

    Outsourcing from Kansas

    Kansas has provided us with partnerships in the areas of IT, call center and other BPO services.

    Outsourcing from San Antonio

    Like other cities in Texas, San Antonio too has given us a big chunk of customer partnerships. We have worked with companies across various industries from San Antonio.

    Why Flatworld is an ideal outsourcing partner for US companies?

    Flatworld Solutions was already at the forefront of providing outsourcing services since 2002. At the beginning we offered just custom software development. But soon we began offering a wide range of specialized business process outsourcing solutions designed to meet rapidly increasing market demands.

    Today, we are a 750 strong organization with multiple delivery centers spread across India, South East Asia and South America, UK and Philippines. Almost 80% of our business comes from the US. Our customers range from budding entrepreneurs to large corporations.

    Some strong drivers as to why US companies can benefit from Flatworld's outsourcing services include -

  • We have leveraged the outsourcing advantages that other countries have to offer. We have global delivery centers in - India, Philippines, Kenya, Bolivia, US and Colombia. This has helped us not only create local talent, but also utilize near shore off-shoring benefits

  • In any outsourcing model the offshore partner supplements the operations of the outsourcing company with redundancies and back-up mechanisms. Flatworld employs a multi-tier backup system - where multiple copies of secure data are stored. In the event of any calamity or disaster, we can easily retrieve the data and get up to speed immediately

  • Outsourcing processes to an external third party ensures that an organization's internal resources are freed up for more mission-critical activities. Flatworld has worked with this premise with all our customer engagements. We have always been more than just a vendor and have established successful partnerships with businesses in the US

  • Lower cost outlay is a primary advantage of outsourcing. The costs of labor, infrastructure and systems in India are a fraction of what is available in the US. Through outsourcing, Flatworld has realized this fact and has worked its pricing in such a way that they can be reinvested for growing the core areas of your business

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