Aug 31, 2017 16:00 IST Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Flatworld Solutions Inc, a US based company that has laid the foundation of being a provider of back office services for the last 19 years has signed a "strategic partnership" with Quadratyx, a rapidly growing Data Science and Artificial Intelligence company with specific products and teams built to automate key back office functions that would not replace human capital but enhance the efficiency of people interacting with machines.

Flatworld Solutions Inc. along with its associate India company Flatworld Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has gained inroads into the global market with the experience of servicing customers including banks, universities, corporations etc, in over 167 countries. Till date, 14 unique services and over 18,000+ customers are leveraging the Flatworld advantage. Quadratyx on the other hand was founded by one of the pioneers of 'Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications'. The power to complement, utilize and unionize strengths in the international market with vibrant ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence) leadership available right here in India, is what drew these two companies into a strategic partnership.

Jacob William - Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Flatworld Solutions said, "As a company practice, we begin by identifying customer problems that need resolving and then customize our platform and products for them accordingly; thus taking them on a transformational journey of becoming a data driven decision making organization. We identify where data resides, bring silos of data together, put them all together in lakes and then the magic happens of enabling our customers to see what they have never seen!"

"Some of the real life applications that this "strategic partnership" offers include providing intelligent solutions in crime prevention for cities, fraud detection for banks, bringing efficiency to the Insurance industry, reducing loan processing times for mortgage companies, image recognition for advertising companies, solving supply chain problems by using predictive models etc." he further added.

Jacob William - Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Flatworld Solutions
Dr. Sreerama Murthy - CEO & Chief Data Scientist, Quadratyx

Dr. Sreerama Murthy - CEO & Chief Data Scientist, Quadratyx said, "With this partnership, robotic process automation will no longer be a futuristic fantasy, but a present day reality. Moreover, re-tooling and re-skilling through Big Data and Data Science training will also become a reality to companies worldwide. This venture will also make applying 'artificial intelligence and machine learning applications' in the context of back office processing, possible."

About Flatworld Solutions Group

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is a global corporation offering solutions in IT, Business Consulting and Outsourcing Services. Founded in 2002 and incorporated in 2004 with the single-minded purpose of using technology to equip and enable businesses build efficiency, negate global distances, save time and increase bottom lines worldwide, Flatworld has earned it stripes with a decade of satisfying experiences. Over 18,000+ customers and millions of dollars in increased client revenue, 3500+ efficient and enabled employees with a solution centric leadership all tell the story - A story of expanding possibilities.

Flatworld operates across geographies, with Associate company offices for sales across India, US and UK; coupled with delivery centers in India, Philippines, US, and UK. These offices provide strategic support and placement of personnel for customer enhancing solutions. Flatworld India is an ISO 9001-2008 accredited delivery provider that meets stringent global quality standards in all its service offerings.

About Quadratyx

Quadratyx can boast of more extensive experience in data sciences and analytics than most other companies in India. Their journey in Machine Learning started in 1991 and has been going on uninterrupted since, in a multitude of vertical domains.

They are a team of creative technologists that are passionate about data-centric intelligent solutions to problems that are all around us. They believe that the world has just started scratching the surface of artificial intelligence and data sciences, and that enormous unexplored potential exists for these technologies. They aspire to be at the forefront of such innovations and implementations of data-centric intelligence.

Quadratyx can help you make smarter and wiser decisions in important aspects of your business, by innovatively leveraging a variety of data assets.


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