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Software Translation Services

Get complete software translation and localization done by expert professional translators at prices starting at 8 cents per word

Are you a company that is involved in developing and marketing software products and/or services? Are you one of the many companies that are engaged in software development of some kind or the other and looking to take your software products/services into new geographies? Are you looking to partner with a reliable and experienced provider of software translation services that can make your software product usable by people speaking different languages? If so, you have come to the right place.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is a leading provider of software translation services to a global clientele. We can translate to and from over 200 languages and have extensive experience in working with many different software developers and marketers to take their software products and services into new geographies and make them accessible to a wider audience. We have worked with many leading tech companies over the years and have helped them increase their sales.

Our Software Translation Services

We are a leading software translation service provider and provide the highest quality services at affordable price points. We have a network of translators spread across the world that have a superb command of two or more languages and that also possess subject matter expertise in the software field. In this way, they are able to translate fluently and understand all the jargon and terminology.

We offer comprehensive software translation and localization services that includes, but is not limited to -

  1. User Interface Translation

    User Interface Translation

    We localize and translate all the components of your software product's User Interface (UI), making it accessible and usable by those speaking other languages.

  2. Glossary Translation

    Glossary Translation

    We translate and localize your glossary so that terms that have already been translated are more readily accessible when translating different components of your software product.

  3. Software Documentation Translation

    Software Documentation Translation

    We have experience and expertise in translating and localizing a wide range of documentation related to software products. We have translated and localized resources like user guides and training manuals, among others.

  4. Online Help Translation

    Online Help Translation

    We are a leading software translation firm and can translate all your online help resources into your target language. Our translators have in-depth understanding of the terminology and jargon used and can provide high-quality results.

  5. Web Resources Translation

    Web Resources Translation

    If you are looking to translate web resources such as websites, web portals, and web pages, your search ends with us. We can translate your content into the target language of your choice with high accuracy.

  6. App Localization

    App Localization

    We translate and localize all your iPhone and Android apps so that they can be used in smartphones and tablets by users in your target country with ease. This helps you gain more penetration for your apps.

  7. XML and Database Files Translation

    XML and Database Files Translation

    As a leading provider of software translation services, we are also up to the challenge of translating all your XML files as well as other types of database files so that they can be read and used in your target country.

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why Outsource Software Translation Services to Flatworld Solutions?

We are a leading software translation service providing company and provide you with many reasons to choose our services. Here are some advantages of working with us -

  • Cost-effective Pricing

    Our software translation services are very affordably priced, ensuring you get the most value for money.

  • Expert Team

    Our software translation team has substantial experience in providing high-quality translations to clients from all over the world.

  • Data Security

    The security of your information is of utmost importance to us and we take all steps to ensure that your data is always secure. We are also ISO/IEC 27001:2022-certified.

  • Cultural Sensitivity

    We are very sensitive regarding cultural context and ensure that all our software translation is always culturally appropriate.

  • High-quality Services

    We are a leading provider of software translation services and leave no stone unturned to always provide high-quality results every time.

  • Tools and Technologies

    Our software translation team leverages the best translation software and technologies to always provide the best translation services.

  • Multilingual Support

    We provide software translations in over 200 languages and this list of languages is continually being added to.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    You will always receive our software translation services on time, every time.

Outsource Software Translation Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of high-quality and accurate software translation services. We have thousands of translators, writers, and editors who pay great attention to detail and are meticulous when it comes to providing software translations. We translate to and from 200+ languages and are constantly adding the capability to translate to and from more languages. Our translators are spread across the world and are capable of thoroughly translating any of your software elements into culturally appropriate material that conveys your exact intended meaning. We carefully evaluate your requirements when we start the project and provide you with a custom quote after taking into consideration all the variables in the project like the number of resources and timeline required to deliver the project.

If you're looking for fluent, culturally appropriate, and accurate software translation services, get in touch with us today!

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