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Content Localization Services

Localize your services in any global language to improve customer outreach and expand your business across the globe at rates starting as low as ¢8 per word

Localization means translating the language of the content and adapting the meaning to a different sociolinguistic understanding. Content localization is the process of adjusting content to the cultural preferences of different audiences while maintaining the core message and identity. The original content needs to be modified as per the new audience, but it requires work and finesse than translation, as measuring systems change, words are added or changed to help local readers, and it is more complex than just translating a single word into another language. It is a cultural translation that speaks the languages of the target groups and understands their unique interests.

The content localization services go far beyond the mere translation of words and transform the content to perfectly reflect the targeted culture, which reflects local conventions. Simply put, content localization will capture the original content and transform it with a new audience in mind. If you don't have a content localization service provider, then Flatworld Solutions is the right partner for specialized translation and localization services.

Content Localization Services We Offer

Being a leading content localization services providing company in the world, we have served hundreds of clients with varying requirements. We have experts who have worked for different localization needs and delivered quality results. Here is the wide range of services that we offer in web content localization -

  1. Localization of Emerging Technology

    Localization of Emerging Technology

    Flatworld Solutions has emerged as a specialist in the localization of emerging technologies that have changed the way humans interrelate with one another and their devices. We provide content localization services for multilingual chatbots, technologies that are wearable and voice-enabled devices.

  2. eLearning Localization

    eLearning Localization

    Converting content for e-learning platforms in audio and video formats with correct language and culture appropriate in more than 150+ languages.

  3. Audio and Video Localization

    Audio and Video Localization

    Content Localization for audio and video content of any type in your specific language making it localized and aesthetically suitable.

  4. Content Localization

    Content Localization

    With our services of content localization, we can translate your content into your local and specific language and help you increase your global reach. We will localize content for the website and any other type of content.

  5. Software Localization

    Software Localization

    Whether it is software or an app, Flatworld solutions will help localize the content, product, or service in various languages to increase your customer reach.

  6. Localization Testing

    Localization Testing

    We offer services to test your content, verify and fine-tune it to suit your audience profile. We ensure the quality of the content and language is maintained throughout the testing.

  7. Website Translation

    Website Translation

    Our Web Content Localization services allow us to translate and localize the content of the entire website. The design of the website and the user interface is changed and reformatted to appeal to new customers.

  8. Video Game Localization

    Video Game Localization

    Our video game localization experts ensure that every aspect of your video game is well received and acceptable to the international audience.

  9. Mobile App Localization

    Mobile App Localization

    Mobile Apps are used around the world and therefore require translation in the local language to cater to the audience in that region. At Flatworld Solutions, our team helps you expand your audience and understands the market, and thus provides you with accurate and precise content localization of your mobile apps.

  10. Language Translation

    Language Translation

    Flatworld Solutions provides content localization services in more than 150+ different languages. We provide translation services from English to any language and vice-versa.

  11. SEO Localization

    SEO Localization

    We provide you SEO localization services to increase the traffic on your website and the search engine volume to attract more footfall. Our team does the research for you and chooses keywords that are most commonly used in the targeted language and applies it to your website.

  12. Content Writing

    Content Writing

    Besides being a content localization service provider, Flatworld Solutions also provides content writing services in the targeted languages.

Content Localization Services Process We Follow

To ensure that our clients get highly accurate and localization services, Flatworld solutions follow a stringent process flow that makes no room for error. This process is simple yet goes beyond just translation and localization. Here are the steps involved in it -


01. Content Analysis

Your content is analyzed by our team to check what part needs to be translated and adapted for your target region


02. Content Management

After analyzing the content, our team will check all aspects of the content that need to work upon and localized


03. Translation

Once the content is analyzed our team of translators starts the translation process. At every step, our editors check the translations and make the necessary changes to ensure the language is accurate and does not change the meaning of the content. Once the project has been translated, our proofreaders do a final check and confirm the consistency of the localization


04. Publishing

Once translated, we do a test to check the visual impact the translated content has and ensure the translated language matches the original content


05. Conversion

Once the translation is completed and tested, the new format is converted back into the original format


06. Quality Check

The translated content is put through a meticulous quality check for language errors and the final format is tested to ensure there is no file corruption once the content is uploaded


07. Delivery and Finalization

Once the quality check is performed on the project, it is sent to the client for approval and confirmation

Types of Content We Localize

Flatworld Solutions is a content localization services providing company that has a thorough process and provides translation accurately. Our localization services are beneficial for the following products and services -

 Website Localization
 Software Localization
 Mobile Apps Localization
 SEO Content Localization
 IOS Apps
 Android Apps
 Software UI
 Website Interface
 Branded Content
 E-Learning Platforms
 Reference Guides
 Employee Manuals
 Corporate Communications
 Licensing Agreements
 Software Manuals
 Training Materials
 Video Games Localization
 Multimedia Content
 Marketing Resources
 Promotional Materials

Our Specialization

Flatworld Solutions also specializes in the entire process of content localization. These steps include -

 Extraction of Text
 New Layout Creation
 Template Creation
 Multilingual DTP (End-to-End)
 Language Adaptation
 Setting up the process
 Evaluating the document
 Performing quality checks
 Generation of text in multiple languages
 Laying out of translated text on the template
 Conversion of translated content in multiple formats

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why Outsource Content Localization Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is a leading content localization service provider in the world with more than two decades of experience. We have numerous clients from around the world who come to us with different web content localization requirements. So, we make sure that they receive 100% satisfaction and quality results. This is why when you outsource content localization services, you get access to a plethora of advantages, such as -

  • Affordable Pricing Structure

    We provide you with various pricing options that you can choose from that will match your budget. Our pricing is transparent with no hidden costs.

  • ISO Certified Service Provider

    Flatworld Solutions has an ISO certification of 9001:2015 and 27001:2022 for content localization services. This ensures every project is checked and verified as per the ISO quality standards.

  • Highly Skilled Translators

    For content localization, we choose to work with people who are experts and fluent in the selected language instead of using software and apps so that we get the highest accuracy. Our team is a network of translators, reviewers, linguists, and interpreters with years of experience and subject-matter expertise.

  • Translation in Various Languages

    Flatworld Solutions has a global network of professional translators. We provide content localization services in more than 150 languages.

  • High-quality Outcome

    We provide efficiency, eliminate inadequacy, put emphasis on consistency and provide high-quality content localization to our clients. We constantly take feedback from our clients to ensure we continuously keep improving our processes.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    We provide you 24 hours 7 days a week customer support and assistance via our center through email, phone, and chat.

  • Fast Turnaround

    Providing quick solutions and faster delivery is what Flatworld Solutions strives for. We understand the importance of the project therefore we work round the clock to ensure we meet deadlines.

  • Responsive Technologies

    At Flatworld we have our in-house tools and technologies that help in meeting our deadlines of content localization.

  • High Scalability

    Our advanced tools and technology help our clients to scale and speed up the launch of their projects worldwide. Our localization experts work with your team to adjust processes to fit your requirements and deliver projects on time.

  • High Security and Confidentiality

    Our team of content localization specialists understands your privacy and hence always ensure that your content is secure and confidential.

  • World Class Infrastructure

    Our offices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, software, tools, and localization experts who have vast knowledge and years of experience in content localization.

Outsource Content Localization Services to Flatworld Solutions


Not only are the transcriptions I've ordered very accurate, but the prices are extremely reasonable, the turnaround time is quick, and the customer service is excellent!

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As most searches are happening through the web now, there is a need for web content localization more than ever. If you want to outsource content localization services to a trusted translation partner, then choose veterans at Flatworld Solutions so you can focus on other critical aspects of your expansion. We are a well-known content localization service provider who employs authors and translators from specific geographical locations to tailor the content to your culture and not just your language.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have developed a modern localization ecosystem and our outsourced content localization services are perfectly aligned with you from day one. Whether you are looking for full-fledged translation services or a customized localization service, we are the perfect partner for you. Contact us now to know more.

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