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If you have been promoting your videos only in English or your native languages, it's time for a rethink! In this age when global boundaries are diminishing like never before, the need to cater to a world-wide audience is no longer an option. If you want your products and services to have a wider impact worldwide, and fetch you the desired results, your videos need to cut across linguistic barriers.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have the capability to first transcribe your audio / video files, and then translate them into any preferred global language.

Audio Translation Expertise

We have over a decade of experience in offering audio translations for -

  • Voice-over Services
  • Commercials / feature films and animations
  • Computer based trainings (CBTs)
  • Documentaries
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Promotional audios/videos
  • Sales presentations
  • Scripts
  • Training audios/videos, movies, CDs and DVDs

Translation Offerings for Audio and Video Productions

  • Voice over - Be it a single language or multiple languages, we deliver you correct and impactful translation for voice overs. Just send us your audios/videos in any format and we will deliver you accurately translated voice over in any format you desire.

  • Subtitling - If you just want to add accurate, timely, and grammatically correct subtitles to your videos in the language(s) of your choice our subtitling service is just what you may need.

  • Other Services - Apart from translating audio and video productions, expert linguists at Flatworld Solutions can offer translation for -

Benefits of Audio Translation Services

  • Deeper and Wider Reach
    If you want your products or services to reach masses, it's better to reach out to them in their own language and communication style. This is where translating your audio/ videos to targeted language can tremendously help.

  • Instant Connect
    Commonly used language like English will definitely serve your purpose, but to connect with non-English speaking clients communicating in their local language is more potent. This will instantly connect to them as you will sound more familiar to them.

  • Brand Localization
    You sound local and you immediately start to look and feel local and close to your customers. This will diversify your brand image as more native and approachable rather than carrying that international pomp.

  • Quicker Acceptance Videos in local language or with local voice-over convey that your company is more concerned about your native customers and this leads to quicker acceptance of your brand.

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Audio Translation Services?

Our professional audio/video translation services don't just end with translating languages, but look real deep into details of linguistic and cultural nuances to give you that extra impact.

Here are 7 key reasons to choose professional audio translation services from Flatworld Solutions -

  1. Professional Linguistic Experts
    We handpick linguistic professionals and video translators expert in native and foreign languages who are oriented to deliver you faster, correct, and impactful translation and subtitling services.

  2. Expert Auditing Team
    Our expert and senior auditing team double ensures the quality, authenticity and impact of the translations across all the voice over and subtitling services.

  3. Slang Specific and Slang Neutral Service
    If you want to specifically deliver your voice over/audio in a particular language and slang, our local linguistics experts can do it with ease to give you maximum impact from your translations, at the same time we can also go for a neutralized, slang-free voice-over for a wider audience.

  4. Quick Turnaround Times
    Be it a single assignment or loads of videos to be translated, our adequate manpower and infrastructure ensures at all times that best-in-class turnaround times are met.

  5. Infrastructure
    We leverage the latest technology to enable our voice-over and subtitling services. Our IT team constantly monitors the technology radar with respect to emerging and smart solutions to support our video translation services.

  6. Multiple Format Delivery Support
    We deliver translated audio files in multiple output formats, so that you can easily and instantly broadcast your translated audios/videos and gain added mileage without worrying about reconversions.

  7. Multiple Language Support
    Flatworld provides translation and subtitling services in most popular languages like Spanish, French, Chinese, US/UK English, German, among others. Our linguistic team constantly adds new languages to our list of service, so for languages that aren't mentioned in this list please feel free to contact our relationship managers.

Read the case study on how FWS Provided Audio Translation and Transcription Services to a Healthcare Services Provider.

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Audio Translation Services

We have the infrastructure, manpower, skills and capabilities to meet diverse translation needs of our clients' at most competitive rates. Outsource audio and video translation services to Flatworld Solutions by engaging our team of experts and gain wider reach and significant promotional benefits.

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