Outsource Neural Machine Translation Services

Neural Machine Translation Services

Get high interpretation precision using neural machine translation service with word reference enrolment for expert phrasing at prices starting at 8 cents/word

Associations around the globe, and from every single significant industry, are starting to see the benefits of deep neural machine translation (NMT) services. Flatworld Solutions neural network translations, inside the correct setting, can permit organizations to finish interpretation ventures in a small amount of time. Our top-notch NMT arrangements can be a successful instrument for quick interpretations.

The objective of NMT is to recreate the human mind's capacity to learn through experimentation just as to adjust to new encounters. Neural network translation utilizes a "profound learning" measure where fake neural network organizations foresee the likelihood of an arrangement of words. Expanding upon past emphases of machine translation (measurable and rule-based), NMT gives an insightful level of value. Combined with a human-survey, and the best possible front-end planning, our best neural machine translation arrangement produces improved interpretation quality and conveys a more "human-like" yield.

Our Neural Machine Translation Services

When you outsource neural machine translation services to FWS, you get access to a plethora of neural network solutions, which include -

  1. Translation

    Get the best neural machine translation services considering your requirements.

  2. Localization

    We offer our deep neural machine translation services for games, websites, software, marketing collateral, and e-learning.

  3. Interpretation

    We are an on-site and remote neural machine translation service provider and offer experienced interpreters.

  4. Machine Translation

    Get access to neural artificial intelligence with our post-editing services.

  5. Multimedia

    Be it movies, documentaries, advertisements, or private or corporate videos, Flatworld Solutions is the best neural machine translation services providing company.

  6. Transcription

    Our transcription services can also be integrated into the translations.

  7. Subtitling

    Subtitle translation services and video captured by experts in their field.

  8. Desktop Publishing

    We provide complete typesetting translation services.

The NMT Methodology

Flatworld Solutions' essential way to deal with neural network translation is guaranteeing that it is a solid match for the customer's substance.

  • We will at first direct a test task of your substance to decide the measure of human post-altering requirement. While the nature of NMT has extraordinarily improved, it is yet not for each utilization case, which is something we will decide from the get-go. Inside correspondences may be an ideal fit, yet customer confronting advertisement duplicate is likely not.
  • As a component of the testing stage, we will construct a custom neural network translation motor for each language pair wanted with your substance. To accomplish the best outcomes, it is ideal for us to prepare the motor with any past interpretation memory resources or multilingual glossaries that are accessible. This means we will just build the inevitable yield quality. On the off chance that past materials are not accessible, we test crude/nonexclusive NMT motors.
  • After motors are constructed, we will run your substance through the machine translation instrument and assess the measure of human post-altering that is needed for predefined quality levels. This cycle gives significant data that will assist with arranging interpretation ventures utilizing NMT innovation. Quality and attainability levels can vary between various kinds of substance and language blends - no arrangement exists.

Because of our attempted and tried cycles, Flatworld Solutions' customer base can have confidence that our neural network translation arrangements will present extra reserve funds and increment efficiency.

Neural Machine Translation Service Provider

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) speaks to a front-line AI-controlled interpretation administration which includes a start to finish approach for robotized interpretation, conquering the shortcomings of exemplary, machine-based interpretation.

NMT offers the accompanying advantages for your interpretation work processes -

 Practical arrangement
 High interpretation speed
 The nearest result to human-based interpretation
 Excellent interpretation in contrast with PBMT (Phrase-based Machine Translation)
 Altogether quicker learning period in contrast with PBMT
 Lastly, NMT interpretation stages require less post altering in contrast with PBMT

NMT quality is dictated by three key elements -

 Size of accessible preparing information with which to prepare the custom NMT models.
 Language distance - how comparative the dialects are to one another.
 Area closeness - the degree of match between the source interpretations used to prepare the model and the substance you will decipher utilizing machine translation.

On the off chance that your association has a ton of existing interpretations, interpretation recollections, or glossaries, those can be stacked in to give you tweaked NMT right away.

Impediments of NMT - It would be ideal if you note that neural network translation has a few restrictions in contrast with a standard etymologist based TEP measure -

Neural machine translation is accessible just in a select number of dialects because of a need to "train" the framework previously with huge amounts of information. The quantity of dialects NMT is accessible in is continually developing. Just a single language specialist takes an interest in the Machine Translation Post Editing phase of the NMT cycle. Neural machine translation isn't a trade for a standard human based TEP measure, it is an option in contrast to it. NMT quality will consistently be lower in contrast with TEP.

Neural Machine Translation Services Process We Follow

The work process that we follow at Flatworld Solutions comprises the following key steps -


01. Task Scale Assessment

The source content is dissected regarding the topic, target language(s), and the normal nature of the objective substance to decide the materialism of NMT


02. Volume Analysis and Content Preparation

The translatable substance is examined and arranged for interpretation


03. Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

The NMT motor is utilized to interpret the substance


04. Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE)

The NMT yield is changed by a language specialist. Contingent upon the ideal nature of the objective substance, two alternatives are conceivable -

  • Light MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing), which produces justifiable objective content, without zeroing in on style, consistency, or familiarity of the objective content.
  • Full MTPE, which delivers a more precise interpretation than Light MTPE and is nearer to the yield created by a human interpreter.

Our Translation Workflow

For our premium interpretation and limitation ventures, we utilize our specific interpretation, altering, and editing (TEP) work process, which brings about interpretations best in class for every one of your undertakings. The following is a streamlined variant of the means required for every interpretation venture.

  • Interpretation

    The source text is converted into an objective language by a local speaker.

  • Alterations

    The interpreted substance is changed by a subsequent local topic master.

  • Editing

    The interpretation is edited by a third local speaker with an emphasis on wording, language style, and punctuation.

  • Language Quality Assurance

    The last substance is checked for full consistency with the customer's necessities, utilizing industry-driving quality affirmation instruments.

Our TEP Workflow

The TEP Workflow is at the center of our interpretation measures. TEP in the translation industry is a term that represents interpretation, altering, and editing. This cycle is a recognized industry-wide interpretation standard, which brings about the most noteworthy conceivable nature of interpretation.

Our TEP Workflow comprises the following steps -

  1. Volume Analysis

    The source content is broken down to decide the specific number of new and rehashed words to be deciphered and the degree of TM influence. For another customer and new dialect mix, another TM is made.

  2. Time period Estimation

    The measure of time to finish the undertaking is assessed dependent on its extension.

  3. Record Preparation

    The source content is ready for interpretation in a bilingual setting utilizing a CAT instrument and a current translation memory or an unfilled translation memory for another customer.

  4. Task Instructions

    A bunch of directions for the task group is made, thinking about the customer's prerequisites, document design, topic, time span, and reference materials, for example, style aides, glossaries, and others.

  5. Interpretation, Editing, and Proofreading

    The source content is converted into the objective language, altered, and edited, with each progression performed by an autonomous local speaker of the objective language utilizing a CAT instrument.

  6. Quality Assurance

    The FWS language quality department utilizes QA devices to check the interpretation for likely mistakes.

  7. Organizing and Layout

    The objective archive is investigated to ensure that the design is equivalent to the source report, including a DTP step whenever needed by the customer and record design.

  8. Customer Specific Translation Memory Update

    The translation memory for the customer and language blend is refreshed with the last deciphered substance for use in future ventures to guarantee consistency, more limited turnaround times, and lower costs.

  9. Customer Feedback

    The TEP group audits any input received from the customer to acclimate themselves with the customer's desires.

  10. Usage of Client Feedback

    Customer criticism is fused into the translation memory and the customer explicit glossary or potentially style directly where pertinent.

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why Outsource Neural Machine Translation Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions has been working with more than 150 languages ranging in all types of content, with more than 3,500 experienced and certified linguists. Here's why you should outsource neural machine translation services to Flatworld Solutions -

  • Flexible and Cost-effective Pricing Options

    FWS charges its clients for the services they require rather than imposing a whole service package. We also provide quantifiable enhancements in efficiency, which convert into lower costs, and quicker localization.

  • Customized Services

    Completely tweaked machine translation administrations, considering the most recent neural organizations innovation.

  • Multilingual Translation

    Quick variation to coordinate your association's special language, phrasing, and manner of speaking prerequisites.

  • Straightforwardness

    Definite detailing and consultancy administrations to assist you with mechanizing and streamline.

  • ISO Accredited Service Provider

    Flatworld Solutions is viewed as a pioneer in machine translation quality administration and is one of the principal interpretation organizations worldwide to be granted the ISO accreditation. ISO is the main quality standard explicit to the arrangement of machine translation post-altering administrations. With the ISO accreditation, we have fulfilled the most noteworthy guidelines in the business for machine translation and human post-altering.

  • High-quality Management

    The ISO accreditation requests that we should determinedly endeavor to keep up flawless quality norms and we never wince from the undertaking. Regardless of how complicated the venture, our customers are guaranteed almost 100% accuracy.

  • High Data Security

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified outsourcing platform for Data Security Management. The security and privacy of your data are of foremost significance for us. At the point when you confide in us with your data, we never let you down.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Our customer support center works 24/7 to assist and help our clients from all time zones. Our center has been designed to provide you with convenience and security to access a wide range of information regarding your policy and various forms.

  • Latest Technology

    Our robust technology ensures systematic completion of the complete process, quality reviews, on-time reports, and high scalability.

  • Ease of Scalability

    Our setup consists of high-speed data and voice communication with dependable and best in class processes and state-of-the-art systems.

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Flatworld Solutions is the most trusted partner of many companies seeking the benefits of machine translation. We can help you evaluate the engines that are most suitable for your goals and provide quality translations to ensure that you meet them on time and within your budget. With more than 20 years of involvement, Flatworld Solutions is using the most cutting-edge achievements in the zone of man-made brainpower to convey 21st-century language answers for associations that require quick, yet secure interpretations at any scale.

Want your multilingual content to connect with your target audience, to lower the costs involved, and to speed up turnaround times? You can get the best neural machine translation without investing your entire budget into human translators. Machine translation (MT) combined with human post-editing (MTPE) can provide accurate cost-effective translations. Outsource neural machine translation services to Flatworld Solutions now.

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