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Have you produced a potentially Oscar-worthy movie in a foreign language?
Have you created a French YouTube video that might just go viral?

In either case, increase your chances of getting your foreign language films and videos out to a global audience by including subtitles and captions in multiple languages. You can gain worldwide fame and make money at the same time!

Adding multilingual subtitles or captions to your video, helps you expand your audience base and reach out to people who would otherwise not be able to enjoy the show, either because of linguistic barriers or hearing impairment.

Things We Keep in Mind While Subtitle & Caption Translation

While translating subtitles and captions, it is important to capture both the style and substance of the original content. Translators need to have native language fluency in order to localize the source material as well as to creatively adapt and capture the style and substance of the original content.

For instance, the British subtitles for a German movie might use the words "crisps" for "chips" or "petrol" for "gas" - words which may need to be changed for American audiences.

It is also important to synchronize the length of the translation that appears on screen to the video so that it is understandable by the audience.

There are other considerations as well. Subtitling and captioning for children requires taking into account the age-appropriate reading time, plus the usage of simple words. Captioning might require the placement of captions at different parts of the screen, so that the hearing-impaired are able to distinguish between different speakers in the video. Vast translation experience, knowledge of global cultures, and regular trainings help our multi-lingual translators take care of even the minutest of the things, thereby ensuring that our translation keeps the essence of the original text intact.

Subtitle & Caption Translation Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions provides professional multilingual subtitling services and caption translation services for leading -

  • Movie studios
  • TV producers
  • Independent movie makers
  • Music video producers
  • Educational video providers
  • In-house marketing films

We are skilled at internet captioning for varied internet video formats; such as, Flash, Windows Media, RealVideo and QuickTime. Our professional translation solutions can help you get expert subtitle translation services for YouTube/Vimeo videos, corporate videos, documentaries, and music videos.

Our team of native-language proficient translation experts are skilled at providing quality subtitle translation and caption translation services in over 60 different languages. All within a quick turnaround time and at reasonable costs! So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to your hearing-impaired audience with specialized caption translation services from Flatworld Solutions.

Our Subtitle & Caption Translation Process

We can customize each subtitling or captioning project according to your specifications. Our process is as follows -

Upload your video

Upload your video in any format, directly on our FTP or ship it to our address

video into a text transcript

Our subtitle transcription services team transcribes your video into a text transcript

subtitling & captioning team translates

Our subtitling & captioning team translates the text transcript into the language of your choice

subtitles/captions to the video

Next, team members synchronize the subtitles/captions to the video

fonts, text colors, styles and effects

Our team embeds the subtitle/caption text appropriately into the video, using your choice of fonts, text colors, styles and effects

subtitling/captioning to check for accuracy

Our QA team reviews the subtitling/captioning to check for accuracy

subtitled/captioned video into the format of your choice

Our technical team, converts the subtitled/captioned video into the format of your choice, such as DVD, digital cinema, menus, theatrical, digital distribution, Blu-ray or games


The subtitled/captioned video is ready for you to download or can be delivered to you

Grab Global Audience with Our Specialized Translation Services

Increase your views and showcase your video/movie to the whole world. Get the best advantage with our multilingual subtitling services. We offer -

  • Quality subtitling services in over 60 different languages
  • Native-language translators with 4 to 10 years of experience in subtitling/captioning
  • Localized and culturally relevant content with attention to local idioms
  • Subtitling that is paraphrased to capture the essence of the dialog within the time duration of the video
  • QA reviews by at least two senior translators to ensure high quality
  • Low costs and fast turnaround times

Subtitle translation and caption translation get you exposure to a global audience. Contact us today for fast and professional subtitling/captioning services.

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