Human Capital Management

Human capital management (HCM) is necessary for the well-being of any organization, and is a strategic activity that leads to the systematic management and development of the human resources in your company. By incorporating HCM in the day-to-day workings of your organization, you can provide your employees with consistently defined performance expectations, help them increase their productivity, and lower your cost of ownership.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have worked with global organizations to help set up a robust HCM strategy which in turn has enabled them to streamline their HR operations, focus on their business operations and more importantly, proactively manage the skilled resources within the company.

Our Human Capital Management Solutions

Our inventive approach towards employee staffing perceives your workforce as human capital, the value of which can be measured and further enhanced with the help of regular investments into managing, training and engaging them. With a reliable human capital management strategy under your belt, you can achieve much more, while efficiently handling all your people related activities. Currently, our human capital management solutions include -

  1. Core HR Services

    Our HCM services for global organizations include taking care of your core HR services, ensuring flexibility and extensibility as per your company's culture, while supporting both local and global compliance requirements. We use a combination of proven methods and state-of-art human capital management software to streamline your HR activities, and which can be deployed effectively within a short time period. Our services include -

    • Tracking and maintaining all employee records
    • Tracking leaves and absence as per company regulations
    • Managing recruitment processes
    • Administration of pay scale and salary
    • Cloud based servers for reduced paperwork and improved efficiency
  2. Talent Management and Retention

    As a part of our talent management services, we ensure that the skills of your professionals are constantly upgraded, by arranging for specialized on-job training programs. This in turn not only allows you to recruit future talent more efficiently, but also identify future organizational leaders. We can help you motivate, develop and more importantly, retain talented and productive employees. Our goal is to create a high-performance and sustainable organization where the employees are an integral part of the organizations' operational objectives. Our services include -

    • Streamlined screening and recruitment process
    • Performance management
    • Tactfully managing compensations to retain talent
    • Proven selection tools and methodologies
    • Highly effective learning management practices to train your workforce
  3. Payroll Processing

    As part of our human capital management services, our reliable payroll processing services help to automate HR transactions while driving business benefits. Our services are characterized by complete confidentiality and security, and by conforming to all country-specific regulations, we are able to offer a superior payroll processing service as compared to most of our competitors. Our services further include -

    • Reliable payroll administration for drastic reduction in effort and time spent on managing day-to-day activities
    • Real-time status tracking of both past and present employees
    • Easier auditing with the help of consolidated systems
    • Efficient cash-flow management
  4. Employee Engagement

    At Flatworld Solutions, we understand that organization leaders and team managers who lead from the front and inspire their employees are more likely to realize the full potential of their resources. Therefore, we work closely with you to determine the key drivers in your organization that spur employee engagement. This further ensures better employer-employee connection as well as employee empowerment. Our services include -

    • Organizing regular training courses for the management as well as employees
    • Maintaining core competency profiles for all employees

The Benefits of Outsourcing HCM to Flatworld Solutions

Our human capital management solutions aim to bridge the gap between a sound strategy and perfect execution by aligning your workforce and optimizing their performance. With the help of our human capital management system, you can avail of the following benefits -

  • Highly flexible and configurable framework set up according to your requirements
  • Easily monitor and manage workforce productivity
  • Recruit as well as retain talented resources with improved focus
  • Create diversity focused employment strategies, support internal employee social networks etc. with ease
  • Efficient employee payroll and compensation management based on parameters such as performance among others
  • Professional and experienced project managers ensuring a single point of contact
  • Highly cost-effective and strategic human capital management solutions
  • Best-in-class data security and functionality

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Efficient Human Capital Management Services

With the help of our HCM solutions for global businesses, you can drive a high performance culture while at the same time developing your employees' skillsets in a collaborative learning environment. Choose our services and see your business succeed by making the right decisions and selecting the right set of people who can contribute to your future growth.

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Human Capital Management Services FAQs

  • What Is HCM (Human Capital Management)?

    Human capital management (HCM) is the process of recruiting the right people, managing employees effectively, and optimizing productivity.

  • Why Is Human Capital Management Important?

    Human capital management is important as it can enhance workplace productivity and enable HR managers to hire, train, and retain employees.

  • What Are Some Human Capital Management Functions?

    Some of the HCM functions include recruitment, onboarding, time and attendance, payroll, benefits and retirement services, reporting and analytics, talent management, training, and compliance.