Business Incorporation Services

If you are considering a new business idea, you will need to explore various business incorporation options depending on your unique business conditions. The process of business incorporation can be very complex and tedious, with various forms to be filed and documents to be processed. The process gets even more complex when you incorporate a business in another state, since laws vary from state to state. At Flatworld Solutions, we offer customized business incorporation services to help you with the business formation process. Our staff of experienced, knowledgeable professionals can prepare the documents that need to be filed with federal and state authorities.

Business Incorporation Processes

From starting a new business (S-corporation, C-corporation, partnership, Limited Liability Company) to expanding an existing company, Flatworld Solutions can help. You can outsource selected parts of the formation process to us, or let us handle the entire business incorporation and documentation process.

  1. Filing Articles of Incorporation

    • Business entities need to file Articles of Incorporation with their state's Secretary of State in order to be legally recognized
    • The above applies to for-profit corporations as well as non-profit organizations
    • This document contains vital information on the corporation, such as its name, its purpose, the names of the members of the Board of Directors and the address of the registered office
    • Our extensive experience in filing Articles of Incorporation gets you off to a smooth start
  2. Filing Articles of Organization

    • A Limited Liability Company (LLC), to be legally recognized, is required to file the Articles of Organization document with their state's Secretary of State
    • Articles of Organization contain information about the corporation, such as its name, mailing address and names of the organizers
    • You can count on our expertise to ensure that the filing of Articles of Organization goes smoothly
  3. Filing Amendments

    • Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Organization can be made at any time in a prescribed format and filed with the Secretary of State
    • We have experienced professionals on hand to fill out the required forms and file them appropriately
  4. Preparing Bylaws

    • Corporation bylaws are the rules and regulations which govern an organization. These bylaws can come into existence only after being voted on and adopted by the organization's Board of Directors
    • While drafting this document, our legal experts will include operational procedures, such as board memberships and elections, laws concerning meetings, members' conduct, establishment of various committees, and so on
  5. Preparing Operating Agreements

    • Operating Agreements are the internal rules and regulations which govern a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
    • Operating Agreements need to be formed by all LLCs
    • We can help prepare a legally-sound Operating Agreement for your LLC which would include the management structure and operation, memberships and elections to the board of directors
  6. S-Corporation Election

    • An S-Corporation or a Small Business Corporation allows the shareholders to be taxed for the corporation's income or losses
    • We offer accurate filing of the S-Corporation Election Application Form 2553 or any other required forms with the IRS and state tax authorities
  7. EIN application (IRS Form SS-4)

    • An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a unique number issued by the IRS to US business entities such as corporations, partnerships, non-profit organizations, trusts and estates
    • Flatworld Solutions can help you complete and submit the SS-4 application form to the IRS
  8. Federal Tax-Exempt Application

    • Organizations such as churches, schools and charities are required to file a Form 1023 application with the IRS to be recognized as tax-exempt
    • We offer speedy filing of the IRS Form 1023, together with the required attachment(s)
  9. State Tax-Exempt Application

    • Some states, including California, Florida, and New York, require non-profit organizations to file separate applications with the state tax authorities to get state tax exempt status
    • We offer cost-effective and accurate filing of State Tax-Exempt Applications for non-profit organizations

Flatworld Solutions' team of professional, competent staff and filing experts can guide you through the process of forming a new corporation by providing effective business incorporation services.

Contact us today for solutions that aim to meet all your business incorporation needs.

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