Visual Communication Services

Producing good quality visual communication content requires investment in costly, hi-tech equipment and qualified personnel. When this is outsourced, companies don't have to tie up capital in such equipment or staff. If you are looking to outsource your visual and business communication services, you have come to the right place. At Flatworld Solutions we offer significant savings in costs and time along with visual content that exhibits creative excellence!

We have the infrastructure and resources to handle any type of visual and business communication work. Our talented team members are experts at creating architectural services, engineering drawings, PowerPoint presentations, animated feature films, scientific illustrations, and much more.

Visual Communication Services at Flatworld Solutions

Here's a sample of both generic and industry-specific applications that can be outsourced to Flatworld Solutions. We offer -

  • Architectural services: Creation of 3D models, automated mapping, and facilities management, layering, conversion of blueprints and other paper drawings into digitized format
  • Engineering drawings: Product models, 3D drawings and mechanical drawings
  • Illustrated science: Renditions of scientific processes and phenomena that are of immense value in classrooms and in research. Find out about scientific illustrations that we can provide for you
  • Charts and graphics: For use in visual interpretation applications such as a sales pitch or in the classroom. We can also work on the complete PowerPoint presentations
  • Advertisements: For television, print media and for websites
  • Medical/medico-legal animation: Renditions of medical images and healthcare processes used in research, learning, and even re-enactments of accidents/injuries for legal use
  • Animated television software: Production and post-production work for TV channels. We also work on animated feature films

Outsourcing to Flatworld Solutions makes sense

There are many reasons why it makes sense to outsource your visual communication work to Flatworld Solutions. Some of them are -

  • Low costs: The cost of getting visual communication services developed by Flatworld Solutions is half as much as that of any American or European company with absolutely no compromise on quality
  • Infrastructure & Resources: Flatworld Solutions has a large pool of high quality engineers and animators. We have access to well-established animation studios. High-speed Internet links allow for seamless delivery of digitized content
  • World-class software: At Flatworld Solutions we have the latest hardware and software. We have access to studios which have SGI, 3DMax and Softimage, SFX and processing motion capture facilities. Almost all studios have staff trained to make optimum use of basics like SoundBlaster, Video Blaster, digital cameras, Frame Grabbers, MPEG cards, and video conferencing solutions. Flatworld Solutions also offers advanced sound-editing and post-production suites bundled with leased lines for data transfer over ISDN lines
  • Transparent working process: A production time-table allows the client to closely monitor the quality of the work. Penalties for delay and overshooting costs can be worked into agreements to ensure things go smoothly. The finished package then goes through internal checks and tests
  • Language compatibility: At Flatworld Solutions our team members are proficient in English. So, communication is never a problem
  • End to staffing & investment problems: We have the infrastructure and the resources. Outsource the job only when it arises!

Wouldn't you call that a win-win situation?

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Visual Communication Services FAQs

  • Why is visual communication important?

    Visual communication helps to take complex concepts and communicate them in a way that makes things straightforward for anyone to understand, irrespective of their background and language.

  • What are the types of visual communication?

    The types of visual communication include infographics, roadmaps, process diagrams, flow charts, charts and graphs, presentations, visual reports, and mind maps.

  • Is visual communication the same as graphic design?

    No, they are not. Visual communication focuses on communicating with consumers using visual mediums while graphic design focuses on only creating graphics for various purposes.