Event Registration Services

Organizing a large-scale event can be an intimidating task. Events that are so large in scope generally involve thousands of participants, several sponsors, and millions of dollars in donations from various sources. At Flatworld Solutions, we take these tasks off your hands, leaving you free to deal with the other tasks that require your attention. Outsource your Event Registration and Fund Raising tasks to us.

We have extensive experience in Event Registration Services, having worked with several fundraising initiatives. We can deal with the event registration, donation processing, donor data processing, and receipting of participants and sponsors of large fundraising events. Our partner firm in Canada is PIPEDA compliant and well versed in the rules and regulations of the Canadian postal service and USPS. We are also familiar with the Canadian Marketing Association's "do not contact" list and honor the rules set down by this association. We also provide services for relationship management, accounting, order processing, and document management.

Event Registration Services with Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld Solutions we get the job done! Following are some of the services we offer -

  • Event Registrations: We deal with different registration requirements, such as different pricing for various membership types, early and late registrations, online registrations, and 24-hour phone registrations
  • Donation Processing: Let us streamline your fund-raising process. We can clear post office boxes, open mail, and bank donations
  • Accurate record keeping: Our comprehensive audit system ensures accurate record keeping. Credit card donations are processed via our online banking system. This is done for a fraction of the cost usually incurred for this function. Receipts are issued and mailed to the donor
  • Donor Tracking: A charity's entire operation depends on good management of its donor database. Our timely response to donations and inquiries helps to maintain donor confidence. This ensures future donations to the charity. We track campaigns that each donor participated in and responded to. This lets us assess responses for future campaigns
  • Statistical Analysis: We can analyze your donor database to ensure that your telemarketing and mail campaigns yield the best results
  • Mailing Fulfillment Services: Extractions of data are done to form mailing lists. We execute personalized mailings to your prospective donors by using our extensive laser imaging, insertion, and mail house facilities
  • Managing Information Resources: We scan pledge forms and applications. We provide the client with bank deposit receipts, scanned images, keyed names, and addresses. We also provide the tools to look up and retrieve these data and images from a central repository

Service with a difference at Flatworld Solutions

Experience a higher level of service at Flatworld Solutions. Here's what sets us apart -

  • Great results and complete solutions
  • Savings in time and costs
  • Skilled project management and maintenance
  • Strict security measures including Enterprise Access System for employee login
  • Confidentiality agreements signed by employees, secured VPN and firewall, as well as work station security
  • Adherence to all the rules and regulations specified by our customers
  • A robust communication process to keep you in the loop
  • A free trial to establish productivity, quality, and turnaround time
  • Stringent quality control mechanisms

At Flatworld Solutions, we exceed your expectations! We are reliable, cost-effective, and experienced. Contact Flatworld Solutions and our Client Engagement team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Please contact Flatworld Solutions to outsource Event Registration and Fund Raising Services.

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