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The growth of the internet is changing the way information is accessed and used. The scope of publishing now includes electronic resources, such as e-books, websites, blogs, video games etc. At Flatworld Solutions we can implement your internet publishing services and projects, right from design to distribution. We also handle website development and conversion of print media to digital media formats such as those read by Kindle, iPhone, iPad and other e-readers. All at low or no overheads with substantial savings in costs and time! Our talented team of designers and software experts handles website development, while our e-publishing team members are data entry and conversion executives proficient in coding. We have experts in design and content writing who can also offer social media support.

Flatworld Solutions' menu list of services

We offer a formidable list of custom services. Our expert team offers:

  • PDF conversion services: Convert and create PDFs from various file formats
  • Development and formatting of e-books
  • Conversion of print books to e-books
  • E-book conversion services: Our e-book conversion services include conversion of books, magazines and journals from any format to digital formats like ePUB or Kindle
  • e-book writing, editing, proofing
  • Development of web content management software
  • Implementing turnkey web publishing products
  • Multimedia book development
  • Create graphic design products for online publishing
  • Develop custom e-publishing solutions
  • Implement e-book security solutions
  • Develop content syndication solutions
  • Implement XML conversion
  • Take up Ezine development and management
  • Manage distribution of digital content
  • Implement print-on-demand solutions

Flatworld Solutions goes the extra mile

We can help you take your business forward with our internet publishing services. We offer:

  • An expert team of internet publishing professionals
  • Commitment to timelines
  • Substantial savings in costs and time
  • Excellent communication and coordination
  • Exceptional data security and protection
  • Stringent quality control mechanisms
  • Complete customer satisfaction!

The Internet publishing team is highly experienced and specialized in XML conversion, e-book conversion services and PDF conversion services.

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Internet Publishing Services FAQs

  • What is Internet publishing?

    Internet publishing is the process of posting content on the internet. The content can include text, images, audio, videos, and other types of media.

  • What is a publishing service?

    A publishing service is a publishing firm that helps authors and content creators to get their content published and marketed.

  • How does book publishing work?

    In simple terms, book publishing requires that an author writes a manuscript which he then hands over to a publication house that then prints it in a book form or creates an electronic version.