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Outsource HR services to Flatworld and benefit from professional services that can give your organization a competitive edge.

  • Professional and high-quality services
  • Online payroll processing services
  • e-Learning solutions
  • Cost-effective
  • Experienced and well-trained HR team
  • Save on time, effort and manpower

Changes in the global economy, transformation in technology, and irregularities in workforce demographics have permanently changed the way HR departments of an organization function today. Today, the HR departments of an organization must concentrate more on getting the best talent and keeping them for their organization.

The HR departments of organizations are not able to concentrate on other core and important HR functions because they must deal with time-consuming payroll processing functions. HR departments also ensure that corporate learning takes place. Outsourcing enables organizations to concentrate on core HR functions.

Outsourcing payroll processing and e-Learning to Flatworld can help your organization save on time, effort, and manpower. Outsourcing HR services can help your organization's HR department to concentrate more on core HR functions that are critical for your organization's growth.

Flatworld's Competent HR services

  1. Human Capital Management

    With the help of our extensive HCM services, employers and businesses around the world can align resource talent and business development for sustained organizational development. From managing end-to-end HR operations to managing the company payroll and talent management, our human capital management system is a one-stop shop for all your HR service requirements.

  2. Recruitment and Staffing Services

    Outsourcing Recruitment and Staffing Services to Flatworld Solutions can help you get rid of the staff augmentation hassles and have the perfect candidate on the roll for the posted job. Know more about Recruitment and Staffing Services from Flatworld.

  3. On-demand Recruitment Services

    Our on-demand recruitment solutions are the best alternative to meet recruitment-related demands when you'd rather have an expert join your team for a defined period. We can provide you with the professional manpower you need to fulfil all your recruitment requirements promptly.

  4. Payroll Processing Services

    Outsourcing payroll processing services to Flatworld can help your HR department concentrate on your organization's core HR functions. We can competently perform your payroll processing services online, through real-time, and on a 24/7 processing basis. Our team can effectively use all the latest payroll processing software. Flatworld's payroll processing services can help you with your routine administrative tasks, such as payroll processing, tax administration, and reporting. Read more about outsourcing payroll processing services to Flatworld Solutions.

  5. e-Learning Services

    Competent e-Learning and comprehensive training solutions can successfully help your organization train a competitive workforce. At Flatworld, we provide effective corporate e-Learning services after studying your target audience and understanding their learning skills. Our proficient instructional designers are well-versed in the learning models, theories, and instructional principles of designing a sound e-Learning course. Flatworld can provide your organization with e-Learning services that can effectively train and equip your employees. Read more about outsourcing e-Learning services to Flatworld.

    Flatworld's professional and expert Software Development Services help customers to keep their costs low and increase profitability.

Outsource HR services to Flatworld

Today the HR departments of organizations are under constant pressure to deliver proficient administrative services. These time-consuming administrative tasks leave little or no time for HR departments to work on delivering a competitive and well-equipped workforce every year.

We are one of the most experienced HR service providers in India and we can provide your organization with cost-effective, proficient, and technology-driven services. Our comprehensive suite of services can ensure that your organization has a competitive workforce.

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