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ACI eManifest Services

Get rid of worrying about border delays and significantly reduce the TAT of your shipments with efficient e-manifest solutions starting at just $8/hour

eManifests today are an important part of CBSA's (Canada Border Services Agency) ACI program. Cross-border processes are historically one of the most confusing and taxing procedures, and this system aims to simplify such processes while strengthening Canada's national security. In simple terms, an eManifest is the electronic transmission of cargo-related data which is pre-sent from traders and shippers to the customs. eManifests will soon be mandatory in Canada for multiple modes of transportation, including air, land, and marine routes.

At Flatworld Solutions, our services ensure you can avoid cross-border delays while efficiently utilizing your supply chain. Our proprietary web-based eManifest software can help you seamlessly file conveyance (A9) and cargo (A8A) data and send it to the CBSA much before the shipment itself reaches the border. This means you not only save time but can operate more routes in lesser time!

Our ACI eManifest Services

At FWS, we have worked with Canadian customs and business firms regularly performing import and export duties in Canada. As a result, we are an extremely experienced ACI eManifest services providing company that can take care of your requirements by facilitating a smoother eManifest movement.

Our services include -

  1. Full-Service Filing

    Full-Service ACI eManifest Filing

    With the help of our full-service eManifest filing, you can easily fax your documents to us for filing the eManifest as well as the broker entry. Once we have completed writing up the eManifest, a border summary report is provided by our team to you for submission to customs and border officials upon arrival. As your chosen ACI eManifest Services Provider, we help to avoid significant delays at the border This helps avoid delays at the border while speeding up the entire shipping and delivery process.

  2. Self-Service Filing

    Self-Service ACI eManifest Filing

    By subscribing for access to our proprietary software, you can file your e-manifests. This is ideal for companies looking for 24/7 access to the system as well as help desk support from our end. With our help, you can now file your eManifests, update profiles for drivers and vehicle details, check the broker entry status in real-time, and even view all messages from CBSA upon arrival. By leveraging the subscription option, you can take care of all IT development issues and maintenance costs.

    We can take care of the following data which is required by CBSA before arrival as part of ACI -

    • Trip Details
      1. Port and place of arrival
      2. Date and time of arrival
      3. Cargo which needs an exemption
    • Truck / Ship / Vehicle Details
      1. VIN number
      2. License plate information
    • Driver Information
      1. Driver details
      2. Passport number
      3. FAST card (Free and secure trade)
      4. Commercial Driver Licence details
    • Shipment Information
      1. Shipper name and address
      2. Consignment details
      3. Consignee name and address
    • Commodity Details

Flatworld's ACI eManifest Services - Our Key Differentiators

As a leading ACI eManifest Company, our bespoke solutions are tailor-made to suit your requirements, allowing you to handle any additional workload efficiently without having to assign additional resources or undergoing heavy expenditure. Over the years, we have partnered up with large global conglomerates as well as smaller start-ups and brokers who need all the support, they can adapt to all the new obligations.

Our key differentiators include -

  • Make smarter decisions - With Flatworld's experience in the field of customs brokerage, you can now dig deeper and understand where your logistics and supply chain need help with access to real-time reports.

  • Save Time Spent in Processing - With the help of our proprietary algorithms, you can set up all the required information before creating eManifests and reuse the data as and when required. This ensures you can save up on time while benefiting from increased efficiency.

  • Step-by-Step Data Checks - The software is intelligent enough to key in data checks at each strategic point, ensuring keying errors or code errors are immediately flagged for attention before it even reaches the custom officials.

  • Remain in the Loop - With real-time feeds that constantly update over time, you can get the entire details of a single trip or a consignment on one screen, allowing you to quickly grasp the current situation and move on to other details. If required, you can also choose to receive emails and push notifications for every status change in the consignment.

  • Flexible Integration - With multiple data integration options available, you can easily use our ACI eManifest software using web services or EDI, without losing any key information.

  • Centralized Processing - With so much data on hand, we have enabled a centralized processing system to ensure you can always have access to the data as and when you need it.

  • Round the Clock Availability - Partnering with an accomplished ACI eManifest Company such as us means there is always a key project manager available to understand your feedback at any time of the day, in the off chance that the software gives you some trouble.

  • Systemized Backup - The backup systems in place within the software ensure all your data is backed up in real-time, ensuring there is zero loss of uploaded data and you can always submit the ACI eManifests on time.

  • Secure and Confidential Messaging - Our software is extremely secure against hacking and phishing attempts and is regularly updated to prevent any data hacks.

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Why Outsource ACI eManifest Services to FWS?

At Flatworld, we have always believed in providing the highest quality services to our clients at cost-effective rates. We are one of the few ACI eManifest Services Providing Companies out there to provide a whole suite of affordable services that can ensure a significant change in the efficiency of operations in your company. By partnering with us you can benefit from the following -

  • Our ACI eManifest software suite will lessen the TAT for your consignments while enhancing the efficiency and speed of data entry
  • Smart processes that improve over time save you time and effort
  • Built-in EDI engine for enhanced flexibility along with an integrated report writing tool ensures you never have to pay for other ancillary software
  • Extremely flexible and scalable services to suit your business needs as and when they change
  • Multiple formats such as Web-based, J2EE application with a platform, and DBMS
  • Receive a consolidated view of all your consignments from a simple dashboard
  • Automated data verification checkpoints ensure there is no missing information before the eManifest is submitted
  • Real-time consignment status notifications allow you to stay on top of all your multiple trips
  • Auto-generated records that allow you to keep up to date with government regulations

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Partner with FWS for High-quality ACI eManifest Services

At Flatworld, we have always led from the forefront when it comes to offering distinguished customs brokerage services for efficient shipping operations. The more you grow and the more you ship, the more convoluted your supply chain becomes. With Flatworld Solutions, you can make trade work for you by using a radical and intelligent solution that changes the way you conduct business.

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