B3 Forms for Customs Brokers

Flatworld's professional B3 form building services help licensed customs brokers to rapidly process shipments through customs. Customs brokerage companies that outsource B3 form building to Flatworld have gained from our high accuracy level and short turnaround time. We help customs brokers to achieve tight deadlines, process larger volumes of transactions and better serve their customers.

Shipment documents are scanned into images

Documents are scanned

Documents are indexed and sorted

Documents are indexed and sorted

Document sets are verified

Document sets are verified

Data input into the B3 form

Data input into the B3 form

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

The B3 Form Building Process at Flatworld - How it Works

  1. Shipment documents are scanned into images: Brokerage companies scan all shipment documents into images; assign unique docket numbers to each document set and make it available on their secure servers for data entry. Alternatively, documents may also be uploaded to Flatworld's servers or sent to us by Fax or e-mail to initiate the outsourcing process and data entry.

  2. Documents are indexed and sorted: Authorized Flatworld employees access the customer's Document Management System (DMS) through a VPN network. Shipment documents to be processed each day are indexed, sorted and put through a basic front-end data entry.

  3. Document sets are verified: After this, team members log into the customer's DMS and select, based on shipment value and priority, dockets they will be handling that day for B3 form generation.

    Before starting data entry, they verify the entire set of documents pertaining to a shipment, also reviewing the accompanying valuation notes, electronic worksheets and CADEX (Customs Automated Data Exchange) notes, in detail.

  4. Data input into the B3 form: Team members begin data entry into the B3 form. They select available information from multiple documents. Where applicable they calculate appropriate values required for completing the B3 form.

    Basic data elements such as country of origin and country of export, Purchase Order (PO) number and date of direct shipment are readily available in various supporting documents. Other variables such as additions or deductions to the declared invoice value, (e.g. insurance, discounts and customs duty applicable) are calculated for input into the B3 form.

    Team members take into account the applicable Tariff Treatment, Value for Duty Code (VFD), insurance, discounts, Incoterms2000 and NAFTA status, as these have an impact on details that are entered into the B3 form.

  5. Quality Assurance: At Flatworld, we take a thorough approach towards quality at every stage in the outsourcing process of B3 form generation. Team members review completed lines in the B3 for data elements omitted or variables unaccounted for initially. Each completed B3 form is verified for accuracy of critical details by Quality Assurance experts and then submitted.

    Any inconsistencies or non-availability of information is brought to the attention of the Project Manager who resolves these issues. Where necessary, the Project Manager communicates with the customer for clarifications.

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