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Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is a global corporation offering mortgage solutions to mortgage professionals, bankers, brokers and lenders across the globe for over 17 years. Our mortgage services are streamlined, process-oriented, and focused on internationally accepted standards, and help our clients get best return on their investments.

Job Summary

We are seeking an experienced professional with US mortgage knowledge, analytical, negotiating and decision making skills. You must love to work in an intense and exciting environment, thrive on challenging goals and be a great team player.


Princeton, NJ

General requirements
  • Analytical skills - Ability to analyse large no of documents and data points
  • Attention to detail - Ability to identify anomalies among varied types of documents and data points
  • Communication skill - Both written and verbal
  • Math Skills - Must be good with arithmetic and should be able to calculate ratios
Functional - Mortgage Skills Required
  • Must have thorough understanding of agency guidelines (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac & FHA).
  • Minimum 2+ years of experience in US mortgage underwriting. Must have experience in underwriting of Conventional and FHA loans. Knowledge of VA and USDA loans will be an added advantage.
  • Must be able to do income calculation for all types of borrowers (W2, Tax Returns, Retirement Statement and other types of income).
  • Must be able to underwrite both refinance and purchase transactions.
  • Must be able to run AUS, data verify and other compliance tools to look for any red flags.
  • Must have prior experience of taking the loan from initial underwrite to CTC (including clearing condition and signing off the approval).
  • Must be able to learn and adapt to any investor overlays required by our clients.
Job Responsibilities
  • Work on our client LOS and underwrite loans on behalf of our clients.
  • Interact with our clients Underwriting Manager to learn investor overlays (if any), process updates as well as to clarify any grey areas that may be left for interpretation.
  • Issue conditional approval and work with processors (internally or externally) to clear those conditions.
  • Issue a final CTC once all conditions are met.
  • Review loans underwritten by another team member and provide feedback.
  • Perform a quick QC on loans underwritten by other underwriters to check for saleability issues.
  • Re-underwrite closed loans to come up with QA findings.

Any Bachelor's or Master's Degree

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