Why Outsource To Cebu City?

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The potential of Cebu City as one of most preferred destinations for BPO services came into light when Tholons ranked Cebu City as the 8th most preferred outsourcing location in the world. Cebu city has transformed into a major destination for BPO services with its urban culture, availability of resources, infrastructure and government initiatives.

The overall advantage it offers has already attracted companies like Accenture, Aegis, Convergys, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Teletech, and IBM among others. The infrastructure Cebu City offers is at par with any other major BPO destination in the world. Additionally, it offers extreme cost advantage which is the key differentiator for any business looking to outsource business processes, making it the much cherished outsourcing destination.

What Makes Cebu City a Preferred Outsourcing Destination?

Let's look at the 5 main factors that make Cebu City a lucrative outsourcing destination:

  1. Scale of Workforce Availability

    Availability of quality workforce is one of the key requirements for the growth of BPO. Cebu City, with over 10 universities, generates graduates in most faculties including Engineering, Medical, Finance, IT, Social and other sciences. This offers a large pool of English speaking graduates and skilled resources which can be immediately absorbed by the flourishing BPO Cebu industry.

  2. Cost of Operations

    Cebu City has a cost advantage, as it offers lower cost of labor, and the real estate prices are also modest when compared to other metro cities in Philippines, like Manila. As per CBRE (property consultant) estimates, office rents in Manila ranges from P430 to P1,300 compared to Cebu City where it is just from P350 to P750. The firm also shows that the cost of electricity is 11% higher and water 8% higher in Manila, as compared to Cebu City.

  3. Infrastructure

    Cebu City has an urban infrastructure with interconnected transportation, a booming real estate market, educational infrastructure, medical institutions, and above all a business catalyst culture. Cebu City also fares well in education, quality of life, and risk profile indexes as per Tholons report.

  4. Government Initiatives

    As Cebu City comes as the next best BPO outsourcing destination to Manila, local government is taking every step possible to build the necessary environment to attract more businesses. Special economic zones, investment friendly environment and focus on creation of large talent pool along with sustainable infrastructural growth are now a strategic and top priority plan for the local government.

  5. BPO Growth Rate

    Even in 2012, Cebu City's IT-BPO revenues grew at 26.9 percent at $484 million, while nationally the industry across BPO Philippines just grew at 18.2 percent at $13 billion (wiki). This is a clear indicator of the kind of opportunities Cebu City offers, and how this emerging outsourcing destination has the potential to shine in the outsourcing sphere.

Major Business Processes Outsourced to Cebu City

Data entry and Call centers in Cebu city are among the top outsourced services in Cebu City. Some of the other major business processes being outsourced to Cebu city include:

  • Call centers
  • Voice Processes
  • Back office Automation
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Animation Services
  • Graphic Designing
  • Web Designing
  • Data Entry Services

Outsource to Flatworld Solutions and Drive Home the Advantage

Flatworld Solutions is among the early BPO service providers in Philippines, to have recognized the importance of Manila, Davao, and Cebu City as potential destinations for delivering BPO services much before others did. We also set up one of our global delivery centers in Philippines to drive maximum business benefits to our clients.

Here are few reasons why you should outsource your services to Flatworld Solutions:

  • Our global delivery center in Philippines makes outsourcing to Cebu City quick and cost-effective
  • Our native understanding of Cebu City has helped us deliver the best BPO services in the region
  • Our flexible BPO solutions are offered to small, medium, and large enterprises from the Cebu City
  • Our voice-based processes make setting-up call centers in Cebu City a profitable alternative
  • We offer a complete range of BPO and KPO services for various industries from within the Cebu City
  • Graphic designing is one of the key services outsourced to Cebu City. Our graphic designing team includes creative Designers, Desktop Publishers, Artists and other resources, with a minimum of five years of experience in delivering high-end graphic designing services from Philippines
  • Our expertise in locating the right talent is a key attribute that helps us get the best resources to work for our clients' projects. Our talent hiring team understands the educational structure of Cebu City, and knows where and how to look for the finest resources

Outsourcing to Cebu city is made easier with Flatworld Solutions. Our domain experience helps us to leverage maximum business benefits that Cebu City has to offer. So if you are looking to outsource business processes or set up call centers in Cebu City, Flatworld Solutions can be your one-stop point of contact. Contact us and we will quickly get back to discuss your requirements.

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