Why Outsource to Davao City?

Davao city BPO services

One of the emerging outsourcing destinations - Davao City, is the best alternate to Manila and Cebu City for BPO services due to its readiness to ride the BPO wave through better infrastructure, skilled resources, and a low risk city tag. Davao City is already a host to major global companies that are benefiting by outsourcing to this happening location in the Philippines.

Emerging Outsourcing Destination - Davao City

Outsourcing to Davao City is now made easier with many companies understanding the significance of having one of their delivery centers in Philippines. This helps clients leverage all the business benefits that Davao City has to offer as a promising BPO destination.

Let's explore some key reasons that make Davao City outsourcing a profitable proposition for businesses -

  1. Next Wave City

    A survey conducted by DOST-ICTO and IBPAP (Information Technology and Business Process Association of Philippines) ranked Davao City as a 'Next Wave' City. It categorically puts Davao as an emerging hub for BPO, due to its resource availability, infrastructure and tertiary educational infrastructure.

  2. Benefits of a Tier-2 City

    With metros Manila and Cebu City already cluttered with BPOs, Davao City is proving to be an alternate destination for BPO activities. As a tier-2 destination, Davao City is still not saturated in terms of the overall infrastructure, and has sufficient resources for the BPO industry to flourish. As per Manila Bulletin, 72% of IT-BPO operations are based out in Manila, which leaves the remaining 28% for other cities.

  3. Infrastructure

    The backbone of BPO Philippines growth is the holistic infrastructural development it offers. Davao City is cited as a most viable city for BPO, considering its low environmental risks.

  4. Skilled Manpower

    Many call centers in Davao City are already benefitting from the availability of large English speaking manpower. Philippines also boasts of the presence of a large number of skilled resources to handle back office tasks, accounting, animation, software development, etc., to cater to the resource requirement created by Davao City outsourcing in IT and BPO sectors.

  5. Government Initiatives

    BPO in Davao gets a significant boost due to the support and effort by local governments to promote Davao City as promising destination for BPO activities. The government is keen on infrastructure development; inter-connectivity for better transportation, emphasis on public private partnership to fast-track development activities, effective regulations for business set up, investment incentive packages for setting up business, etc.

BPO Services Popularly Offshored to Davao City

  • BPO Voice Process
  • Animation Services
  • Data Processing Services
  • Back office Services
  • Finance and Accounting Services
  • Application Development for IT
  • Transcription Services

Why Choose Flatworld Philippines to Outsource BPO Services?

  • Our global delivery center in Philippines ensures that BPO in Davao City remains an effective and profitable proposition
  • Over a decade of experience in delivering BPO services from cost advantageous locations like India and Philippines gives us the edge
  • Our experience in delivering BPO services from Philippines makes us leverage resources from the best educational institutes, understand key expertise of natives and settlers, leverage location advantages, government regulations, etc.
  • We engage a huge pool of talented resources across Philippines for BPO service offerings
  • Flatworld effectively contributes to the 'outsourcing Philippines' growth story by creating the necessary service infrastructure for businesses to power BPO
  • Data entry services in Davao City, animation services in Davao City, back office and software development are some of the key BPO services currently offered by Flatworld Solutions

Outsource BPO services to Davao City

Flatworld Solutions' global delivery center at Philippines offers the best BPO services to businesses across various industry verticals.

  • If you are you a small enterprise looking to ride on the benefits of BPO from Philippines, but are hindered by all the difficult processes, our services can instantly help you get started
  • If you are medium-to-large enterprise looking to outsource data entry services, or setup call centers in Davao City, we can help
  • If you wish to migrate your BPO activities from another location to Davao City, our services are just what you need

You are just a call away from driving the benefits of BPO from Davao City. Discuss your requirements with us, and we will come up with a strategic plan to engage the best Davao City has to offer.

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