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Transform your workforce with machine learning-enhanced automation and data integration with our cognitive process automation services.

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Businesses worldwide have embraced an intelligent, incremental approach to make the most of their organizational data to eliminate time-consuming and resource-intensive processes. It is your turn now. Outsource cognitive process automation services to stop letting routine activities divert your focus from the strategic aspects of your business.

As an experienced provider of Machine Learning (ML) powered cognitive business automation services, we offer smart solutions and robust applications designed to automate your labor-intensive tasks. With us, you can harness the potential of AI and cognitive computing to enhance the speed and quality of your business processes. Unlike traditional software, our CPA is underpinned by self-learning systems, which evolve with changing business data, adapting their functionalities to meet the dynamic needs of your business. Outsourcing your cognitive enterprise automation needs to us gives you access to advanced solutions powered by innovative concepts such as natural language processing, text analytics, semantic technology, and machine learning.

Ready to significantly increase your productivity, reduce operational costs, and free up resources to concentrate on strategic business growth? Then, it is time for you to partner with us.

Client Success Stories

  • Case Study on Automated Data Extraction for Indian Bank
  • Flatworld Solutions Provided Automated Data Extraction to a leading Indian Bank

    Read a case study on how Flatworld Solutions automated the data extraction for a top Indian bank. Our team used Big Data strategies to extract text-based data from bank statements. The 14-pager data stored in pdf format took 8-9 hours to process. However, our solutions helped shorten the time significantly.

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  • Case Study on Automating LQI Process for US Mortgage Company
  • Flatworld Solutions Automated Loan Quality Investment (LQI) Process for a Mortgage Company in US

    Flatworld was approached by a US mortgage company to automate loan quality investment (LQI) process. We provided the service by assigning a team of big data scientists and engineers to model a solution based on Cognitive Process Automation. The results were successful with the company saving big on manual FTE, processing time per document, and increased volume of transaction along with high accuracy.

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  • Custom Cognitive Automation Services We Deliver

    With strong technological acumen and industry-leading expertise, our team creates tailored solutions that amplify your productivity and enhance operational efficiency. Committed to helping you navigate the complexities of modern business operations, we follow a strategic approach to deliver results that align with your unique business objectives. Explore the services we provide to our global clientele.

    Our services can be customized and employed in the following roles -

    • Solution Consulting
    • Solution Implementation
    • Solution-as-a-Service (SaaS)
    • Project development services
    • Training

    6-step Cognitive Process Automation at Flatworld

    At FWS, we have successfully worked with clients who have embraced CPA and saved thousands of dollars by automating repetitive tasks in areas as wide-ranging as infrastructure management, industrial automation, and business process automation. Our bots can work 24x7x365 and make zero mistakes. This ensures that even in the first quarter of its implementation, your process efficiency can grow up by as much as 15-30%

    Once assigned to the project, our team is first trained to configure the solutions as per your needs. Thereafter they assess the quality and feedback process and basic administration of the solution deployed on your platform. As your business process must be re-engineered, our team ensures that the end users are aligned to the new tasks to be performed for smooth execution of the process with CPA.

    Our process consists of the following steps -

    1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services

      Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services

      We provide custom RPA solutions to streamline your business processes, automate repetitive tasks, and liberate your workforce for more strategic roles. Our RPA specialists use cutting-edge tools to design automation workflows, ensuring error-free operations and enhanced productivity.

    2. Applied Intelligence

      Applied Intelligence

      Get applied intelligence solutions that help you turn raw data into strategic insights, driving informed decision-making. Our team, proficient in AI and advanced analytics, deploys state-of-the-art tools to uncover hidden trends and patterns in your data.

    3. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Services

      Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Services

      Build transparent and secure transaction systems with our DLT services. Our blockchain experts harness the power of the most innovative DLT technologies to create decentralized and secure solutions for your business needs.

    4. Conversational Bots

      Conversational Bots

      Benefit from conversational bots designed to enhance customer interaction, providing 24/7 support, and instant responses. Our team, skilled in AI and Natural Language Processing, builds bots that comprehend and respond in a human-like manner, improving customer satisfaction.

    5. Process Mining Solutions

      Process Mining Solutions

      Visualize and understand your business processes better with our process mining solutions. With a team of expert data analysts who use sophisticated data mining technologies, we help you delve deep into your process data and identify improvements for efficiency and effectiveness.

    6. Automation as a Service (AaaS)

      Automation as a Service (AaaS)

      Enjoy the benefits of automation without the overheads of infrastructure and maintenance. Our team of cloud experts provide robust, scalable, and secure automation solutions, enabling you to pay only for what you use and scale as per your needs.

    The Technologies and Platforms We Utilize

    Our solutions are powered by an array of innovative cognitive automation platforms and technologies. These carefully selected tools enable us to offer highly efficient, effective, and personalized cognitive automation solutions for your business.

     Natural Language Processing (NLP)
     Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
     Computer Vision
     Machine Learning (ML)
     Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
     Business Process Management (BPM) Software
     Data Analytics and Big Data Technologies
     Voice Recognition
     Emotion Recognition
     Cognitive Reasoning
     Blue Prism
     IBM Watson

    Our Strategy for Cognitive Business Automation


    01. Scope Defining

    Examining the project requirements and analyzing the sample data visualization needs to set the exact scope of the project.


    02. Data Conditioning

    Preparing for the solution's implementation and setting up the configuration stage for potential repeat deployment.


    03. Cognitive Solution Crafting

    Building the solution involving big data, RPA, and OCR components and modules by our proficient team.


    04. Quality Assurance

    Rigorously testing the solution with random data to verify the model's accuracy, and making necessary adjustments based on the results.


    05. Deployment and Maintenance

    Implementing the production-ready solution, performing handover activities, and offering support during the contracted timeframe.

    Industries We Serve

    • Information Technology

      Information Technology

      Automate software testing and bug tracking to improve software quality and delivery times.

    • Healthcare


      Automate processes like appointment scheduling and medication reminders to improve patient engagement and care.

    • Retail and E-commerce

      Retail and E-commerce

      Simplify order processing and improve customer support to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

    • Manufacturing


      Automate quality control and predictive maintenance to improve product quality and reduce downtime.

    • Insurance


      Streamline policy issuance and premium calculation, improving efficiency and customer service.

    • Telecommunications


      Automate network monitoring and incident management to improve network uptime and service quality.

    • Finance and Banking

      Finance and Banking

      Modernize loan processing and customer KYC, reducing processing times and improving compliance.

    • Human Resources

      Human Resources

      Track employee performance and payroll processing to improve employee management and compliance.

    • Legal


      Systematize legal research and case management, reducing manual effort and improving case outcomes.

    • Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

      Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

      Automate clinical trial data management and patient recruitment, speeding up clinical trials and improving patient safety.

    • Energy and Utilities

      Energy and Utilities

      Streamline energy usage analysis and demand forecasting to improve energy efficiency and customer service.

    • Transportation and Logistics

      Transportation and Logistics

      Automate fleet management and delivery scheduling to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    Why Should You Choose Our Cognitive Automation Company?

    Being a top provider of offshore cognitive process automation solutions to global clients, we have positively impacted the workforce arbitrage model in many companies worldwide. Some of the top benefits of choosing us as your outsourcing service provider include -

    • Test Automation Services

      We cover the entire range of requirements for your business, however mundane or small they might seem. This includes basic process automation, advanced automation, and intelligent process automation.

    • Reduced Errors

      Experience higher accuracy with our proprietary cognitive decision engines. These help you eliminate the manual validation of scanned documents, minimizing human errors and maximizing efficiency.

    • Improved Productivity

      Using CPA bots for your day-to-day tasks enables you to put most of these on autopilot, making your business more productive. This enables your resources to focus only on tasks that require greater cognitive abilities, helping you build a highly productive workforce.

    • Improved Process Efficiency

      Our CPA solutions seamlessly interface with your systems, taking care of everything from automating routine tasks to advanced robotic process automation (RPA). Our services help you reimagine your existing processes using various cognitive technologies and analytics.

    • Sharp Reduction in Costs

      Considerably decrease cycle times by automating most business processes with our custom solutions. This not only reduces your operational costs but also ensures you only pay based on your dynamic project needs.

    Additional Services You Can Benefit From

    Test Automation Services

    Boost your application's reliability and expedite time to market with our comprehensive test automation services.

    Data Engineering Services

    Transform your data into strategic assets and capitalize on opportunities with our data engineering services.

    Data Analytics Services

    Unlock the full potential of your data and outperform your competition with our data analytics services.

    Artificial Neural Networks Services

    Embrace the next level of AI to make predictions and data modeling more accurate with our artificial neural networks services.

    Outsource Cognitive Process Automation Services for a Smarter and More Efficient Future

    We offer more than just automation. Whether it's classifying unstructured data, automating email responses, detecting key values from free text, or generating insightful narratives, our solutions are at the forefront of cognitive intelligence. We recognize the challenges you face in terms of skill sets, data, and infrastructure, and are committed to helping you overcome these obstacles by democratizing RPA, OCR, NLP, and cognitive intelligence.

    Get the right implementation strategy and product ecosystem in place to propel your automation efforts to the next level.

    Ready to navigate the complexities of today's business environment and position your organization for future growth? Then don't wait to harness the potential of cognitive intelligence automation solutions - join us in shaping the future of your intelligent business operations.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How are workplaces evolving with cognitive automation?

    Cognitive automation is transforming the workplace by enabling intelligent automation of tasks that require human intelligence. It's using AI to allow systems to understand, learn, and improve over time. This leads to increased productivity and accuracy in diverse tasks such as data entry tasks, claim processing, report generation, and more.

    In what ways is cognitive automation integrated into various sectors?

    Cognitive automation finds applications in numerous industries. It's used in the insurance sector for claim processing, in banking for risk assessment, and in logistics for route optimization. Its adaptability makes it beneficial across industries.

    How does cognitive automation work?

    Cognitive automation works by simulating human thought processes in a computerized model. It utilizes technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing to interpret complex data, make decisions, and execute tasks.

    What are the difficulties faced when leveraging cognitive process automation?

    Challenges in implementing remote cognitive process automation include dealing with unstructured data, the need for significant investment in infrastructure, and the fear of job displacement among employees.

    How are security and data privacy considerations involved while implementing cognitive process automation?

    In online cognitive process automation, data privacy and security are ensured by using advanced data protection techniques, setting up strong firewalls, and adhering to data privacy laws like CCPA. Regular risk assessments are also conducted to ensure security.