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Technology can be compared to the ever-expanding property of the cosmos. Its inexorable strides are impossible to reverse. Innovations that go out with the ark make room for newer ones, and 2013 was no exception, and same will be the case with 2015 and beyond. In the previous year, we experienced goose bumps more than once as the well-known tech czars showcased their technological wizardry, be it a self-parking car or using a 3D printer to develop a body part in the lab. For now, let's step into the shoes of a tech seer and try to visualize the advanced technological trends that are going to have ramifications on a planetary scale in the near future.

Remove the sentence "An analysis undertaken by 451 Research anticipates that the magnitude of the global cloud computing market will touch USD 19.5 billion mark in year 2016."

Top 8 Technology Trends for the Future

  1. The "Internet of Everything" will overshadow the "Internet of Things"

    The existence of the internet through PCs, laptops, smartphones, or tablets will be passé. Everything that you can imagine, from people to places, will be digitized and networked. This transformation will pointedly reshuffle the workings of sectors like transportation, healthcare, retail, and analytics. In the opinion of IDC (International Data Corporation), 212 billion devices will be hooked up to the Internet by the year 2020.

  2. Wearable technology would be in reach

    Though Google Glass and the likes have already ushered in the body-hugging coup; wearable electronics will become the zeitgeist of the near future. According to statistics, by 2020, wearable technology will position itself as a $34 billion industry, and the leading sources from which revenues will flow from aural communication devices, fitness gears, automatic medical procedures, virtual reality, and athletic footwear.

  3. View everything in three dimensions

    3D printing is another area where a revolution is ready to roll. Gartner estimates that by the end of the year 2015, the sales of 3D printers will witness a leap of 75%. 3D printing is having a great impact on how research is done, prototypes are made, and designs are discovered. There is a lot more to come.

  4. Technology with Context

    Technology experts predict that by 2020 there will be a mind-blowing proliferation of contextually sensitive smart machines and personal assistants. Highly developed cognitive computing systems like IBM's Watson will produce replies to our queries in our natural language. Our physicians will be able to heal disorders by digging deep up to the DNA level. All these will impel individuals and enterprises to make investments, triggering the most chaotic era in the IT history.

  5. Cloud computing will surge at an unprecedented rate

    Personal cloud technologies will focus the spotlight on services rather than the devices. Hybrid cloud or syncing of personal and public clouds will be a burning issue for companies. With a greater degree of interoperability, the incidence of hacking will loom large. Cyber security giants like Symantec and Kaspersky have listed cloud services as one of the most vulnerable targets of hackers in 2015.

  6. Visible changes in the global IT hiring patterns

    In 2015, the IT hiring pattern for enterprises will take a major shift. Asia-based organizations will contribute the most, in hiring western IT professionals.

  7. Predictive analytics will come to the forefront

    By harnessing the power of intelligent sensors and predictive analytics, our cities will get a smart makeover. Programs such as, IBM's Smarter Cities will alert us about various imminent civic problems. Predictive analytics will be used for all types of businesses, and will define the future of retail.

  8. Big data will reach to unmanageable proportions

    Companies will be forced to contemplate on the basic objectives of mining big data. The possibilities of network infrastructures shuddering to a halt on the account of data overload can't be discounted. These are among the few top trends predicted for the years to come. Many technological innovations are happening daily around the world, and the way they will interact with other technologies and impact people and businesses will define the future. Get ready to embrace the changes that technology is about to bring in.

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